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“Good mornin’” A smooth voice that sounded like brass wrapped in velvet brought the nurse’s eyes up from her screen.

Her breath was instantly taken away by the sight of an extremely attractive man. He was older, perhaps in his fifties, with thick grey hair, and a long grey mustache. He had aged like the finest wine, and it’d be hard to determine what was sexier his deep and pleasing voice, or his manly facial features. Although the nurse was engaged, the sight of this man-made her wonder if she was truly ready to get married. He had become a test, and she still wasn’t sure if she’d pass.

“Did you need something?” she finally managed to find the breath to ask.

“Yeah…” He responded, speaking in a slow drawl like he had all the patience in the world. “My son was in an accident. He was admitted here recently to get some tests done. I’ve come in to check on him.”

“Your son?” The nurse didn’t know why, but the thought of this beautiful man having a son kind of excited her.

If he was this attractive, what did his son look like?

“Henry!” A voice cried out, and the nurse glanced over to see a woman running toward the man.

She could only sigh. “Figures.”

This woman looked a little younger than him, but she was also very beautiful. She had a big chest, perfect skin, and caramel hair. She had a surprisingly well-rounded ass and looked to be someone who took care of herself. Her skin had no wrinkles, and despite her maturity, it was hard to pin her exact age. She walked up to the sexy man and they exchanged a kiss. Why couldn’t his wife just be dead? Then again, if any woman was attractive enough to deserve him, it was probably her.

“Where is Alex? Where’s my husband?” She asked, looking anxious.

“Now, calm down, Carol. I’m finding out right now.”

The nurse looked between the two of them, not sure she heard them right. The woman asked for her husband, who was the patient? The nurse could have sworn they were together. That kiss seemed intimate. Then again, she could be younger than the nurse had assumed. She decided it made sense that this was his daughter-in-law, not his wife.

That’s when the nurse realized that the pair were staring at her. With a jerk, she took his name, Fetter, and looked for a match. There was a new patient with that name, but she hadn’t been in their room yet. She told them the room number, and the woman immediately ran off in that direction. The old man seemed content standing where he was.

“Did you need anything else?” The nurse asked.

“No, ma’am. I’m just waiting for one more.” He responded, and she couldn’t help but shudder.

Her willpower waned a bit, and she leaned toward him. “If you need a hand, I’m willing to help.”

He smiled, his eyes twinkling. “If this was ten years ago, I might let you give me a hand.”

The nurse’s face turned red. The way he said that he was implying… her heart was beating so fast.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” A girl suddenly came from the stairway, marching over to the old man.

The nurse was still trying to recover, and she dismissed this girl. The girl was beautiful, with fiery red hair and a perfect body. If the previous woman had been maturity exotified, then this girl showed youthfulness. It wasn’t in the same way as a teenager. She was a mature adult woman, but she had an energy to her that made someone think she must be quite vigorous. Either way, the nurse assumed she must be his daughter.

“Donna, I said if I was ten years younger.” He defended.

“Yeah, and what happen ten years ago?” She demanded with a pout.

“Why, isn’t that when I found you?” He smirked, reaching out and grabbing her ass.

She immediately melted into his arms, and the pair gave each other an aggressive kiss right in the middle of the waiting area. She let out little moans as he kissed her thoroughly.

The nurse’s face turned white. They were a couple? She was half his age! They were both hot, but this still felt a bit strange. That mature woman seemed much more suited for him. He finally let go of her, and she rested her head against his chest, out of breath. Such a display made the nurse a bit thirsty.

“Let’s go check on your dad, shall we?” He said, holding her as he guided her in the direction of the room the nurse had indicated earlier.

The girl giggled, and then followed him. The nurse felt like she had heard something wrong, and decided she must have misheard. She looked over at the clock and then cursed, realizing she was late doing rounds. She got up from the station and immediately headed for the first room. This turned out to be the room she had sent those three strange people to. As she entered, she realized a doctor was already there. The old man and the two women were standing to the side. Both women were holding him and weeping while there was a man in bed, who was being talked to by the doctor as he showed various x-rays.

“So, as you can see, the accident caused damage to your lower spine.”

“Stop using medical mumbo jumbo and just tell me what it is.” The man in bed asked.

He was extremely handsome too, although while the old man had an old-world charm, this guy felt more like a suave businessman. He had slick black hair and a smoothly shaved face. His chin was strong and his eyes were an intense blue. He was hot, but for a completely different reason than his father.

“I’m sorry, you’re paralyzed from the waist down.”

“Permanently?” He remained surprisingly calm, even as both women clung and wept on the old man.

“We don’t know. It won’t come back soon. It could be a year. Could be never.”

“I see…” He looked down, and then back up. “And my Johnson?”

“Alex!” His wife, the mature woman, admonished him, sounding almost like his mom.

“Well? That’s important to more than just me!” he gave her a look, and she blushed.

“Your… up… genitalia… you’ll still pee, although you won’t be able to control well. Might need to wear a condom catheter. As for sex, I don’t believe that will be possible.”

He lowered his head, his fist tightening, and for the first time, he looked emotional. “I see…”

“It’s okay!” His wife shouted, “I don’t need it anyway. And about your satisfaction… I’ll massage your prostate!”

The nurse’s fingers slipped and she nearly dropped the IV bag. The doctor raised an eyebrow as the girl blushed.

“Mom!” The younger girl shot her a glare. “Jeez, don’t say that in front of your dad.”

“Why?” The older man asked, grinning, “Do you think I’ll get jealous and want one from you?”

He kissed her neck and wrapped his arms around her, and she let out a shrill cry, squirming in his grip. The mature woman rolled her eyes as if this was expected.

“I’m sorry…” The doctor asked. “I thought you were married to him, and you were his mom?”

The doctor was pointing to the older woman as the mom and the younger as his wife, which the nurse already knew was incorrect.

“I’m his wife.” The older woman raised her hand.

“And I’m his mom!” The younger woman added, smirking.


“This is my biological daughter, Donna,” The mature woman spoke. “I met and fell in love with Alex. That was a decade ago. We got married. That’s how my daughter met his father, and then they fell in love and got married. That’s all there is to it.”

The old man, Henry, held his younger wife, while her mom went over and held her younger husband who was currently in the hospital bed. It was a strange scene, but that was all the doctor needed. He apologized for his confusion and continued his explanation. Everyone wept, holding and kissing each other, and sharing an intimacy that made the nurse and the doctor question whether things were as simple as the woman named Carol had suggested.

When they finally recovered, the doctor asked if they needed anything else, and then informed them Alex would be allowed to leave after a night of observation. The nurse asked them if they needed anything else, and then the pair left the room, feeling like there was something off about that family, but unable to put their fingers on it.

When the doctor and the nurse left, Henry made a grunting nose. “Agh… my throat is parched.”

“I’ll go get you something!” His wife immediately announced, running out of the room.

“Honey, you better help your daughter. You know how lost she can get.” Alex said after exchanging a look with his father.

Carol looked between the two men and gave a knowing smirk and nod. “Yeah, it’s fine. I’ll see you two in a bit.”

She followed her daughter out the door, and Henry moved close to his son. “Do you think she suspects something?”

“Probably.” Alex chuckled. “My wife isn’t as naïve as yours.”

“Hehe… but she’s not as bouncy either.” He grinned.

“She bounces plenty when she wants to, and she’s got experience too,” Alex replied, but then winced, looking down at his legs with a sad expression. “I won’t be able to satisfy her anymore. Is that why… we’re having this conversation again?”

“You know the kind of women we married, Alex.”

“I know… a bunch of nymphos.” He couldn’t help but smirk about it. “I’ve never met a hornier pair of sluts.”

“Slutty, maybe, but they are fiercely loyal. Somehow, we’re both the two luckiest and unluckiest men alive. We have two beautiful women who love us unconditionally, and yet we cannot give them what they need. You and I both know those ladies need it daily. If they aren’t getting satisfied regularly, they may not say anything, but they’ll be miserable.”

“Is there something you’re not telling me, dad?”

“I was waiting for the right time to say something.” Henry’s lips tightened. “I’ve been having chest pain lately. I went to the doctor. My heart is arrhythmic. If I can’t get this condition under control, I’ll likely die from a heart attack.”

“Does that mean…”

“Yeah… no more help from the little blue pill, doctor’s orders.” He sighed. “I knew when I married Donna I wouldn’t be able to keep up with her forever. Never thought an ED would show up so quickly, but I was still able to get medication and keep up with that vivacious woman. That gave me a few years, but that time ended. My heart can’t handle her energy anymore, it’s truly sad.”

The other man lowered his head. “I’m not sure which is sadder, you or me.”

“I had always planned for you to take care of Donna after I left this world. I knew she and her mom already had a sexual relationship and were prone to sharing men, and that she wanted to share you with her mom, but feared she’d be stealing her mom’s happiness and didn’t want to risk ruining their relationship. That’s why I stepped in and seduced her.”

“Is that the reason?” Alex smirked.

Henry blew out his mustache, grinning slightly. “Well, it was one of the reasons. I’m certainly not complaining about getting the chance to nail your daughter. I never expected to fall in love again, especially not after your biological mom passed on.”

“She’s married to you, so she’s technically my mom.”

“Yeah, but you married her mom, which makes her your daughter.”

“I think when it comes to family relations, the highest level is the correct one.”

“Bah… “ Henry put his hands to his ears. “I don’t want to hear that pseudo-intellectual mumbo jumbo from you, especially since you’ve been sleeping with my wife too.”

“Hey! You say that, but I know you banged my wife as well. She says you give the best mustache rides!”

“Hehe… blue pill or not, I’m still going to be giving those.” Henry chuckled.

“Dad…” Alex rolled his eyes.

Henry shook his head and then put a hand on his son’s. “That’s the point I’m trying to make. I pushed for us to experiment and swap partners. Donna is just as much attuned to your body as mine, and when I go, the plan was for you to keep both ladies happy, a mother-and-daughter combo. No one could wish for more from their son.”

“I’m sorry I’m a disappointment,” Alex spoke wryly.

“Son, you are not, and will never be, a disappointment to me.” Henry declared. “This was a horrible tragedy, and I am so sorry for your loss… our loss.”

“But…” Alex raised an eyebrow, a mischievous smirk on his face.

Henry pulled back and straightened himself “We need to make sure our wives are properly taken care of, and on that note, that daughter of mine is getting a bit rambunctious too. She needs a man to put her in her proper place. I was going to have you settle your sister-in-law, but it will have to be her nephew instead.”

“So, it is about Ethan after all.” Alex made an exasperated noise. “He left this family. He only ever loved Donna and Carol as family. He never loved them as women as we do. I’m not even sure he can.”

“But who would be better? You know he’s got the right equipment. Who else would you trust? Think of it this way. He isn’t the best choice, he’s the only choice.”

“I don’t know… how do you plan to do it? Both girls have propositioned him a dozen times. His little aunt is practically in love with him. She gave him every sign she was interested and he didn’t even pop her cherry before he left. She’s still saving it for him.” Alex spoke in exasperation.

“Every man has a weakness,” Henry responded, feeling at his pocket. “I know of a few ways to break a man’s willpower. We’ll have to use a bit of force, but I think once he’s gotten a taste, he won’t be able to refuse anymore. He does have our genes, after all.”

“I don’t want to break my son…”

“Don’t worry about that. You worry about getting him to return home. I’ll worry about how we’re going to get him to see our side of things. Deal?”


“Deal?” Henry asked in a more serious voice.

Alex threw up his hands. “Deal.”

At that moment, the door opened and Donna entered, nearly skipping in excitement. “I found you something good!”

She presented her item to Henry excitedly, her hands outstretched, an accomplished look on her face. Her mom came in behind her, a small smile and a look of amusement on her face.

“Is that cranberry juice?” Henry looked down at the little hospital cup in her hands.

“It’s healthy!” Donna pushed it into his hands. “It helps your peepee.”

“Oh?” Her husband smirked, looking back at Carol. “You told her that?”

“I said it helps you pee, I didn’t say that!” Carol spoke defensively as her phone rang and she pulled it out of her pocket. “Ah, I got to take this.”

She picked up the phone and moved to the corner. Her husband was naturally curious, but she turned her back to him and spoke in a low voice. Henry was curious too, but a certain spicy redhead put on a pouty face.

“Drink. You’re thirsty.” She reminded him stubbornly. “It’s full of vitamin C, and it helps your immune system, and also free radicals!”

“What about free radicals?” He asked, unable to help himself from smirking.

“I don’t know. It has them… or gets rid of them.” She stroked her cheek. “My man needs to stay healthy. I expect us to die together in our old age.”

“Together!” His eyes widened. “How long is that… 50 years?”

“Yes, you’ll be 110. I’ll be 80. It’s perfectly possible. The math checks out as long as my man stays healthy!”

“Oh, well, who am I to argue with the younger generation.” He chuckled, taking the cup and downing it before she broke into tears, and it turned his mustache red, which was the reason he had hesitated in the first place.

“Good news!” Carol had ended her phone call conversation, and she spun back with bright eyes.

“What is it, honey?” Alex asked.

“It’s Ethan!” Carol declared, causing Donna to perk up.

The two men exchanged a look, having just talked about their son and grandson. “What about him?”

“I told him you were injured and convinced him to return home! He’s going to stay the week with us.”

“A week?” Alex’s eyes widened. “How did you manage that?”

She smirked, shifting slyly in front of him. “A mother has her ways.”

“I’m so happy. I missed my grandson so much.” Donna spoke excitedly. “He used to be so cute when we were younger. He loved to give me hugs.”

“That’s because whenever you hugged him, you shoved his face in your cleavage.”

“Ah, is that so? That must have been why I felt something poking below.” Donna responded thoughtfully.

“Not like he could hide it.” Carol giggled. “Have you ever seen him naked? That thing was massive. Even I was tempted to beg.”

“What do you mean, tempted?” Donna asked. “You did beg him! I saw you sneak into his room one night wearing skimpy lingerie.”

“Like you were any better! You kept accidentally walking out naked in front of him.”

“Ah! It was an accident! I swear?”

“Uh, huh.” Carol chuckled. “I’m not even sure how these two hornballs ended up with such a prude for a son. They both don’t seem to mind tricking us both into their beds.”

“You’re right, mom! They’ll even take us at the same time!”

The men had been watching their ladies with amusement, but both ladies suddenly turned on them an instant, their arms crossed and accusing looks in their eyes. It had happened so fast that neither could have been prepared. However, Henry had a lot of experience and held up his hands.

“Girls… girls… since our child is coming home for a week, then you’ll both have plenty of time to get comfortable with him.” He changed the subject skillfully. “He may have loosened up since college. I hear university is very liberal when it comes to sex, so for all you know, he may devour you both.”

“I wish…” Donna looked on wistfully.

“That doesn’t seem likely to happen.” Carol sighed.

“Why not?” Alex asked, genuinely confused.

“Ah, that’s the part I didn’t tell you. He’s not coming alone.” Carol responded, giving a tearful smile filled with happiness, but also a bit of melancholy at the lost opportunity. “He’s bringing his wife-to-be. He has a fiancée!”

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