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“DEMON KING! It is time you perish! Die for your sins you evil bastard!!!”

What a cunt. Yes. I’m talking about that hero from another world. What the hell is his problem anyway? He’s got perfect blond hair, perfect blue eyes, and those chiseled abs? Screw that guy! He is such a self-righteous prick, it really makes me want to punch him in the face! How dare he break into my home and point a weapon at me. Now, he’s calling me the sinful bastard?

Did I come to his world and start killing all his friends? Did I come to his world and seduce his demoness general? Did I come to his world and attack his country and home? No! I did none of those things! It was too bad he looked really strong. In a fist fight, it was clear which one of us would win. I was a straggly dude with pale skin and dark sunken-in eyes. It wasn’t my fault I was born with a dreary atmosphere! Wasn’t that the fate of the gods? How was it my problem how I looked?

Perhaps, a fireball would do? I chuck a fireball at him. It races forth, gaining size every meter it goes. By the time it reaches the hero and his party, it grew to the size of a small carriage. The heat was so intense that even the stone underneath was turning red as it traveled. I hadn’t expected the spell to go that well. Actually, overall, combat wasn’t my forte. That’s why there were generals! What king fights his own battles? I didn’t see that old fogey King Britain coming over here. That’s why he summoned this self-righteous piece-of-shit hero!

“Ieeeee! He’s attacking, hero!”

“I got it!” The hero roared.

The hero glowed with a golden light. Who the hell does that? Suddenly, his blond hair looks even blonder. How was that even possible? That jerk was so damn charming it was criminal. With a single slash of his holy sword, something given to him by the goddess herself, the fireball split in two. By pure chance, the mage in his group just managed to get a shield up. The fireballs struck the shield, saving the rest of his party from certain death.

“Thank you, hero!” The big-breasted mage purred. “If you hadn’t have weakened that fireball in half, my shield would have failed and we would have surely died.”

“Hero… to think about us…” A beautiful girl with short hair wearing a princess dress looked at him lovingly.

She wasn’t just wearing a princess dress for kicks either. This was the daughter of that King Britain. Wouldn’t that make her Princess Britain? Apparently, that wasn’t the case in this stupid world. She’s named Princess Dahlia, probably because it just sounds pretty. That’s about all she has going for her, as well as a massive amount of healing magic that borders on the obscene. Does she use her magic to heal the soldiers going out to war? Has she ever healed an enemy demon? No. Of course not. She has the power to nearly stop death, and she uses that power to follow the hero around and heal his cuts and booboos.

“Demon King! To think you’d be so shameless as to attack women!” The hero cried out.

The three women around him swooned. No, seriously, they actually swooned looking up at him. The beautiful princess, the slutty mage, and the tough Knight. They rounded off the hero’s party… wait, what did that big-breasted bitch say? He cut my fireball in half, which made two fireballs. Even if each fireball was cut in half in power, there were twice as many of them! Two in half is one, but one plus one still equals two! Her shield was hit with the force that it would have been hit by anyway! All the hero did was dodge the attack and send it spiraling towards his friends. Now they’re thanking him for it, and blaming me! Oh… this is bullshit!

“This is my castle, and you’re trying to kill me!” I shouted, “Do you really think that I’d hold back just because of the women?”

“Spoken like a true Demon King…” the hero waved his locks of silky hair.

What shampoo does this bastard use? Nevermind that! I had more important things to do! I pulled out three magical totems I had carved beforehand. In a single motion, I smashed them. Instantly, the room was filled with three massive creatures. One of these was a dragon, one was a giant, and the last was a metal slime! It was do or die time, I couldn’t spare any effort. The human army was literally knocking on my door, and all of my family were on the verge of perishing!

“To summon three monsters at once?” The hero said scornfully. “Only someone as vile as you would sink so low and be so unfair.”

First off, you bastards came into my castle four on one. Exactly how was that fair at all? Did they think I would fight them all at once? Second, I summoned three, so now there was four of us. That made this completely equal! This was the fairest match in the history of matches! Besides, I didn’t intend to stay around and fight beside these guys. If anything, it was three on four on their side. If they’re not confident in this battle, doesn’t that speak more to their own weaknesses than who I choose to fight beside?

“Hold them off!” I shouted, turning with a swish of my cloak.

I started as a slow walk, but once his party was out of sight, I definitely booked it down the stairway. Of course, I had to put on a bit of a show. If they knew how scared I was right now, I’d be killed in an instant! I could hear my magical guardian servants roaring about as the hero got to work murdering my pets. Of course, it hurt to know that they were dying, but I was determined to live.

Those animals were no different than a man’s horse, his cat, and his dog. My dragon was my mount, that giant used to love to play fetch and retrieve the ball, and that slime was the so soft and such a cuddler! None of them were any better fighters than I was, but they had sent me a message, telling me to let them fight. A tear ran down my cheek but I obeyed their desires. The hero had killed my generals and warriors, so I had no doubt that these pets of mine wouldn’t last much longer.

Thus, I quickly made it to my secret chamber. Throwing open a cabinet, I pulled out a stack of magazines. Someone from the hero’s world probably would have recognized these, because they were all full of picture drawings of young teens with big eyes and nondescript noses. They depicted images of an evil Demon King and some kind of hero as they battled it out. I had summoned these magazines myself from that other world to this one. Okay, it’s borrowing, alright? I planned to send them back when I was done reading them!

Before I could, however, the war was already on my doorstep! I flipped to the end of a certain magazine. It depicted the hero slicing the Demon King’s head off and presenting it to the King.


I picked up another one and went to the end. In this one, the hero impaled the Demon King on his sword of light. The Demon King exploded into a fountain of blood and light. I chucked it aside with disdain. I grabbed another one. My eye’s widened. In this one, the Demon King was a female. She too was impaled on his sword of light, but in an entirely different meaning. I put that book in my robes for later reading.

“Shit! Do none of these stories involve the Demon King winning?” I cursed.

I flipped through story after story, and each one depicted the Demon King dying in a horrific fashion under the righteous hero. What? You’re wondering why I’m looking this stuff up? You’re wondering what my big plan was? Well, I didn’t have a plan! I didn’t have an idea of what it meant to be a Demon King. The reason for that was particularly simple. I was not a Demon King! I was just a human being! This entire damn situation was a lie!

“Demon King!” A scream from the hero came from above. “I’m coming for you!”

Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Why did this have to happen to me? Why did I have to be destroyed by this fucking pretty boy player hero and his goddamn harem! I don’t mean to sound xenophobic, but this guy came from another world and he planned to murder me just cause some King bastard wants to have his name go down in history? I wasn’t even called a Demon King until the hero came. It was the hero that put that name and that fear into the hearts of the people. The human world liked the name Demon King so much, they stopped calling me by my own name!

Over the last two years since he was summoned, that hero has ravaged my people, killed those in charge, and grown in power, until now it was all coming to an end. The sad thing was that I never had done a thing to offend this guy. Admittedly, I may have offended the goddess, but that was my only crime!

Perhaps, I should go back and explain myself. I grew up just like any other boy. At the time, there were no demons. This was hundreds of years ago. Yeah, I’m old, I get it. How did I stay that old? Easy… clean living. Healthy food. Regular exercise. No sex. That’s right! I was a virgin too! A five-hundred-year-old virgin. Either way, that and my powerful magic has allowed me to live up until now. I don’t regret it at all.

What am I saying? I regret all of it! What I wouldn’t have given to bone my next door neighbor! She was a girl my age and she was totally into me! However, they said that the longer you kept your V-card, the stronger you’d become in magic! At the time, I convinced myself I’d get all the sex I wanted later after I had reached the peak of magical theory. Eventually, my village sweetheart moved on, and I became that weird magic guy on the edge of town.

The townsfolk were weary of me, and I had few friends, but my life was generally happy. It was when the plague came that everything changed. A massive plague spread through the kingdom. At that time, I had built my wizard’s tower, and I had few visitors. I watched the grandson of my now aged sweetheart grow ill, and I realized I had to do something. That something was to delve into the magic between life and death. I became adept at the magic of the flesh, necromancy, and healing.

The healers had been completely unable to stop this magical plague from spreading. It was growing rapidly, and the death toll was only starting to climb. I could see villagers, people I knew, dying all around me. So, I needed to speed up my research, and that meant human subjects. No, I didn’t kidnap or force people to be experiments. All of them were voluntary.

When word spread that an old wizard was working on a way to cure the plague, people practically handed me their ill children hoping for a cure. So… I tried. A hundred children died. Then, a thousand. I tried every theory I could think of, and finally, one of them worked. I came out of my wizard tower, finally delivering the cure onto a beaten populace. At this point, only 20% of the human population had died. Had I not done anything, it would have assuredly hit 90% or more.

I didn’t receive the recognition and love I expected. Instead, a thousand parents whose children never left my tower grew enraged. They created a mob, and they burned my tower to the ground. I still didn’t resent them. I was mostly just confused. I grew the reputation of being a child murderer.

After that, I attempted to publish my findings with the mage guild, showing them everything I had learned about the fleshly body. They shut their doors on me. They said no one wanted to read about some madman torturing and murdering children. I tried to tell them that my research could expand our knowledge of healing beyond the capacity of the white mages. The white mage division did not like their pedagogy being questioned, and once again, I was driven out by an angry mob incited by the jealous white mages.

It was at this point that I was propositioned by a king. He was getting old, and heard that I had done much research on life and death. He offered to fund my research, as long as that research focused on immortality. I had my doubts, but after rejection after rejection, I felt like the king was my last chance to leave my mark on the world. Therefore, I started research.

The King got me my research subjects. They were mostly criminals and madmen. Even though I was doing the world a favor by furthering magic while properly punishing the wicked, this only served to tarnish my reputation even more. Not only was I a child killer, but also a torturer, and a sadist. The people hated me, but the king kept me safe. Thus, I worked diligently, trying to develop a means of obtaining immortality. I succeeded.

I was just a few days too late. The king was assassinated by his own son. His son had been converted to a growing religion that followed the beautiful goddess Asana. The local priest who also had it out for me declared immortality a sin, and the son declared his father an evil man. Of course, I was right next on this list, and once the throne was usurped, they went for my head next. My experiment wasn’t finished yet, but there was no time to do anything about it as I fled. Who was my first experiment? He would be the first demon.

Demons were immortal humans. They could die, but only by being killed by external factors. They’d never age, and could theoretically live a million years as long as they remained healthy. They just had one setback. In order to live, they needed to feast on the life energy of a similar being. That being was humans. Demons needed to eat humans to live. My first demon was an interesting bloke who liked to sneak into couple’s homes, tie up the husband, rape the wife in front of him, murder the husband in front of her, and then slowly torture her until she went insane. Yeah, this was not a guy you wanted free, let alone free as an immortal cannibal demon.

Yet, when they attacked my tower, he was released. They say I released him. I say they released him. It doesn’t really matter, he got out and started a reign of terror on the human world. Eventually, he found me and forced me to turn the women he made insane into demons as well. It took me ten years to finally get the opportunity to poison and kill that madman and regain my freedom. At that point, he had already created a harem of one thousand pregnant demonesses. It also turned out, demonesses had six to seven children per liter. Good to know. Even though the mothers were partially insane and their dad was a serial rapist and murderer didn’t mean the children were bad though. I took the women in and tried to care for them.

I continued to research fleshly magic, and then by the time most of the babies were born, they no longer required human flesh like their mothers. As for the mothers, they came to me one after another, begging for me to bring them death from their torment. They only had one request, that I look after their demon children. I did so, and thus the demon race was born. As the demon race grew, we carved out a piece of land. It was in the desert, a place no one wanted, so I was happy to remain out of humanity’s way and remain with the family I had created.

Then, human’s discovered that oil had value in the recently developed thing called engines and that 90% of the world’s oil reserves happened to exist within our desert. I offered to negotiate a trade agreement, but they decided that since there were a billion humans and only about 20,000 demons, they would just kill us all. Thus, the war began, and the war continued for the last one hundred years. Almost all the demons are dead now. All of my children are gone.

However, I never realized how much the human race had hated me. I never commanded the armies. I never ordered the invasions. That was the demons who did that. When they came home, I would use my fleshly magic to reattach limbs and repair shattered organs, however, I was never their master. I was their friend. Their family. However, the humans saw me as the demon’s leader and lay every evil thing they had done in the war at my feet. Of course, every evil thing the humans had done was fair game, because the goddess called us evil.

I had created an immortal being, the demons. The goddess wouldn’t stand for anything less than their complete and utter annihilation. That annihilation wouldn’t be complete until I died, the last and only person who knew how to create them. The humans were too afraid of my magic, which had grown to a level that made even the archmage scared. So, two years ago, they summoned a hero from another world, and 2 minutes ago he burst into my castle after blasting through the last remnants of the demon guard, honor guards really, who had a soft spot for me for having taken care of them all these years.

Piles and piles of comics and manga were strewn across the floor. Then I reached one. It didn’t end with the Demon King being destroyed, it started that way. The Demon King was chased into a corner, and then he used a spell to escape, promising to come back once he had regained his power.

“Start? A fresh start?” I muttered, my eyes brightening. “Yes… that’s what I need, I need to leave this world, and gain a fresh start!”

At that moment, the door exploded open, and four people burst into my private chamber. The hero was at the lead. Meanwhile, the busty mage seemed to be covered in something silvery. I looked her up and down as I realized that it was the remains of my metal slime.

“You pervert!” The girl crossed her arms over her chest.

My face turned furious for a second. Pervert? She was wearing the remains of my pet, and she thinks I’d find this sexy? I noticed the hero was deliberately not looking over at her as silvery stuff dripped down her chest. Was the blood and guts of my family what turned these humans on? This was seriously sick. I felt like throwing up!

“We have you cornered now.” The hero declared, pointing his holy sword at me.

I sighed. “So… it ends… but I must warn you, hero… with each ending, creates a new beginning. You may strike me down, but I will only rise back ever more powerful.”

“Star Wars?” The guy raised an eyebrow.

“Star what?” I looked on in confusion.

In reality, I was just stalling for time. My hands were inside my robe and were inscribing the spell with a knife directly into my hand. First off, I don’t recommend it. It hurts like hell! Secondly, I just needed a few more seconds.

The boy cocked his head, noticing all the manga lying around my feet. “You’re not from Earth, are you?”

I stared at him for a moment, “Earth? Um… yes… Earth! For you see, I was a transmigrator just like you! We are like brothers! Kindred souls! How could you kill a guy just like you?”

The girls around him all made surprised noises. As for me, I was willing to say anything if it just gave me a few more moments to finish my magical inscription. I was shocked at how much effect my words had on the hero. His sword started to shake a bit, and he looked like he might genuinely be loosening his grip. I finished my transcription. As I began to put magic into it, I held out my free hand.

“See, brother? You and I are the same. Let us join together and talk about the old times.”

The motion caused my robe to shift, and a second later the magazine I had stashed in it fell down and slid right up to their feet. At that point, it fell open. The page it fell open to depict a scene of a girl who was being raped by a demon. Wait, wasn’t that girl kind of young? As we all looked down at the picture, I realize she was a freaking little girl! What the hell kind of stuff do these people from Earth read? When my eyes looked back up, I saw the girls giving me disgusted, hateful glares. Meanwhile, the hero’s expression became flat.

“Oh… so you’re one of those guys.” He said, his voice flat.

“Th-those guys?” I started to sweat, come on magic, take effect!

“You’re nothing like Akio!” the knight shouted.

“It’s true… I, Higa Akio am but a man…” The hero said self-righteously, “I too have been tempted by darkness. However, I have persevered! It is clear to me now, you have gone too far! You’ve broken the most fundamental rule of Otakus.”

“Of what now?”

“Yes loli, no touch!” He cried, raising his sword.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Just at that moment, my magic triggered. “And I don’t care!”

I lifted up my magical infused bloody palm just as his sword came down. I went to execute the transmigration magic, and then his sword struck. It glowed so brightly, that it hurt my eyes. A moment later, I looked on in dread as the sword kept going. It cut open my palm, then started heading down my arm. Finally, I saw myself being chopped in two. My last vision was my upper half going upside down to take a look at my lower half. Did those pants always make my ass look that big?

The world went white, the next thing I could hear was some talking. When I opened up my senses, I realized I was in a strange white room. I was lying on the floor. It was then I noticed that the hero was standing nearby. Across from him was an absolutely beautiful woman. Actually, I recognized this woman! Wasn’t she Asana, that supposed goddess? Shit? Why was I in a room with Asana and the hero? This couldn’t be good!

“My goddess!” The hero struck his chest. “I’ve done it! I’ve defeated the Demon King as you requested.”

Asana nodded and smiled. “I’m glad to see that sending you on to this world was the right choice. You have done well, my hero. Now that the agreement is met, I will send you back.”

“B-back?” The hero asked nervously.

Asana raised an eyebrow. “Do you not remember? Higa Akio died in your world. I made an agreement with the god of your world. You resolve my problem, and you will be granted life again.”

“Ah… as to that….” The hero scratched the back of his head. “I was actually a bit of a loser in my old world. My sisters hate me. My dad’s dead. My mom… well, she tries but… she’s never there. My next-door neighbor has a crush on me, but she was really ugly. I was sort of a joke at school. I wore glasses, had acne… read manga all day… my life sort of sucked.”

“Of course, you will have all the knowledge from this world. The magic you learned can be used in your old world too.”

“Magics! All I know how to do is summon holy and blow shit up! Believe me, my abilities in my own world would only make me a villain!”

I could only snort wryly. This guy was a total wimp. He was saying he didn’t want to go back to Earth because things might be hard. I spent ten years catering to a psychopath just to survive, and this guy worried about some acne!

“What are you proposing?” The goddess asked finally.

“The thing is… I really like this world. Not only am I powerful and respected, but the princess really has a thing for me, and I think I might even take it all the way with her. Can’t I stay in your world?”

Asana tapped her lips thoughtfully, “Is this truly what you want?”

“Y-yes!” the hero bowed. “Please, more than anything, let me stay here. This world is like a dream for me.”

I could only shake my head in disgust. He didn’t know these humans as I did. They were good at speaking sweet words when they wanted something, but as soon as you stopped being useful, they’d turn on you. Those girls that looked at him so lovingly would turn away as soon as they no longer needed a meatshield. That king who promised him all those riches probably never planned to deliver them, hoping he died while killing me.

“Very well…” The goddess finally said. “But this decision is final. I must send a soul to your place. Do you understand? As you will become a permanent part of this worlds cycle of reincarnation, another must become a part of your world. You will not be able to undo it.”

“I understand, I agree!” The hero nodded again excitedly.

The goddess gave one last smile and then nodded. “Very well, go! Enjoy your life… hero…”

“Thank you, goddess!” He cried as his body disappeared.

A moment later, the only two people in the room were the goddess and me. That was when she turned to me. Her smile grew even more, and suddenly it looked less peaceful and more sinister.

“Well, well, well…,” The goddess snorted in a way that wasn’t elegant. “You managed to successfully cast a spell to protect yourself through transmigration. Even if I wanted to crush your puny soul, I can’t.”

As if to punctuate that, she reached down and grabbed me, picking me up. It was at that point I realized I wasn’t lying on the ground, rather, my entire being was just a little globe sphere. I was essentially a glowing soul encased in the magic of my own making. She squeezed it roughly, and I could feel the space slightly compress. It certainly had the feeling of a goddess trying to crush something. In the end, the magic won out, and I could only sigh in relief as my soul wasn’t crushed in her hands.

“No worries!” Her smile immediately returned. “Since I can’t control you, I’ll simply get rid of you. Normal transmigration would have sent you to one of my other worlds, but given your obnoxious tendency to disrupt the flow of souls, I’ll just make you someone else’s problem. I can solve two problems at once. Are I not a magnificent goddess?”

“Eh? What does that mean?” I asked, only to realize she didn’t seem to be able to hear me in soul form.

She lifted me up and suddenly threw me. I left the white space and suddenly was in starry blackness. My senses tumbled around until I felt like I would have thrown up if I had a mouth to do that with. I seemed to be moving faster and faster, the stars swirling around and around. It was only then that my soul seemed to slip into unconsciousness.

“Gah!” I took in a breath and sat up.

I was in a white room with walls, sitting in a bed that was raised in the back. There were white sheets over my legs and I appeared to be wearing a dress. No, there didn’t feel like there was anything behind me. Half a dress?

“Aiko!” A woman suddenly threw her arms around me.

I felt two large, soft things press against me, and I could feel wetness as tears dropped onto my chest.

“You’re alive?” Another girl said, taking a step toward me.

I blinked, trying to get some focus. I was in a brightly lit room. There was some kind of needle in my arm. There was a beeping noise coming from a machine by my bedside. The woman who hugged me was a middle-aged and while she wasn’t unfortunate looking, she wasn’t a beaty either.

There were two other people in the room, who appeared to be young women in their teens. The one who had spoke had blue hair. She had a lot of acne, and she wore her hair over her face to hide it. The other was a bit older, but she had no chest and looked a bit mannish.

“Please… please… give him some space. Aiko has just been through a major ordeal!” A man in a white coat holding some papers said as he walked in. “I’ve never seen an illness sweep through someone so aggressively.”

“Aiko… Higa Aiko?” I forced the words out.

The strangers looked at each other. The man in the coat, who I presumed was some kind of healer, reached over and grabbed a mirror, handing it to me. I looked into a mirror and saw a reflection I only dimly recognized. It wasn’t my own reflection. Rather, it looked like the hero. Well, sort of.

The hero was an attractive man with blonde hair, blue eyes, tan, perfect skin. This face was pale, pimply, and thin. The hair and eyes were brown. He looked like an ugly cousin to the hero. So… this was the real hero… the hero from another world? He still looked slightly better looking than I did, I had to admit.

“After an ordeal like that, his memory might be fuzzy. Keep things slow, just show him reminders and he’ll pick things back up in due time. Congratulations young man, you’ve pulled through. It must be an act of God that let you make it. Count your blessings.”

“Act of God, huh?” My eyes brightened.

I now had a second chance. I was in the body of the man who killed my family. Now, I was right here with his. More-so I was living the life he was supposed to. I smiled softly. This… I can work with this.  

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