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“Aiko, open up the door this instant!” Kio hissed, her voice sounding distressed.

She wasn’t yelling enough to catch mom’s interest, but she was angry about something. I frowned as I looked at the door. Hina gasped as she sat up, her arms covering her body with the sheet on top of her.

“Sh-she can’t catch me in here like this?” Hina cried.

“Why?” I raised an eyebrow.

“She’ll tell Mom everything!” She responded in a panicked voice.

I didn’t think there was very much to tell. However, I did agree that my Mother might be angry that I was experimenting on my sister. She probably wouldn’t like that very much. It was best not to get into magic or any of that either. I was well aware it had negative connotations even in this world where few followed the craft. With a sigh, I got up as I heard Kio pounding again.

“In a moment,” I replied to buy myself precious time.

“What do I do? What do I do?” Hina looked like she was about to break down.

“Relax, be quiet, and get in my closet.”

I was lucky that just as I had organized the workplace, I had also organized the closet. The former Aiko had been disordered and messy, but now everything had a place and there was enough room to include a sister too. I shoved her in the closet and closed it before she could make a move. Then, I walked over, unlocked the door, and opened it only to see Kio glaring at me.

“Why did you lock your door?”

“Why would you lock your door?” I responded.

Her eyes popped open, and for some reason, she looked down at my pants. “G-gross.”


“Nevermind!” She pushed her way into my room despite my effort, and then closed the door behind her and locked it.

Despite this body would one day be the hero that felled demons and monsters, Aiko wasn’t much stronger than I had been in my old body, and as much as it annoyed me, Kio was much stronger. Thus, I could only bear with her attitude at the moment. Unlike Hina, I worried a rough hand would only cause a violent retaliation. That’s why my revenge had been subversive, but that shouldn’t have been what she was there about.

However, as I looked her up and down, her body seemed to be spasming. Her skin was a bit red, and her face appeared to be pained. She turned to me and gave me a furious expression.

“What did you do to me?” She demanded.

“What do you mean?” I tried to pretend I was clueless.

“Don’t act innocent!” She shot back. “You put something in that acne cream you gave me!”

“I did not,” I responded, although I was sweating on the inside.

Had I made a miscalculation? She should have not even noticed anything until the morning. However, by her current behavior, it seemed like she was being irritated. The punishment I had given her wasn’t all that complicated. I had made the acne cream she had requested, but I had only changed one part of it. The cream already made the skin a bit sensitive after application. I made the sensitivity greater.

Had the cream worked the way it was supposed to, her sensitivity would have gradually increased over the next twenty-four hours. Any part of her skin that she put it on would be extremely uncomfortable. That was where I would bring Hina into it. Her job would be to inadvertently antagonize her sensitivity. How she did it would be entirely up to Hina, but even a light breath would cause Kio some distress.

“You absolutely did it!” She insisted, her body suddenly convulsing, bending over like her stomach hurt.

“You have to explain to me what you think I did wrong?” I continued to play ignorant.

“It… feels… weird…” She said shakily.

I gave a nonchalant shrug. “The cream does give some sensitivity. This was to be expected. I would have explained it to you, but you shoved the door in my face before I could.”

“S-sensitivity! Y-you pervert!” Her voice seemed abnormally high.

I realized she also seemed out of breath, panting, and her face was flushed and sweaty. Even if the sensitivity was high, this seemed a bit extreme.

“You shouldn’t be reacting this way.” I frowned. “Where did you put the cream?”

She took a step back. “Wh-where there was acne?”

“Where was there acne?”

“Th-that’s private… you don’t need to know-aaaaaahnnn…” She suddenly grabbed my shoulder as her body shook. “No… no…”

My eyes widened, and I looked down. “You put it on there?”

“Sh-shut up!” Her hands were squeezing my arms tightly. “You said to put it where I had acne!”

 Why did my sisters have so much acne in strange places? She put it on an area that was already extremely sensitive! It was no wonder she was acting this way. That’s when something Hina said suddenly struck home.

“Why would you put it down there? It could have jacked off into it?”

Her face suddenly turned white. “Y-you… you jacked off into it? I don’t want to get pregnant with your baby!”

“I didn’t do it!” I cried out.

“You bastard! You need to fix this!” She snapped back, her hands on my shoulder squeezing tighter and tighter.

I tried to back up, but she pushed forward and the next thing I knew I was on the bed, and Kio was on top of me. She pinned me to the bed, her face hanging over mine as she panted. Her legs were straddling my hips.

“What are you doing?” I asked, looking up at her calmly.

“Brother… hah… hah…” Her hips started gyrating slightly. “I can’t, please…”

Her eyes started to tear up, but she didn’t seem to have the power to stop. It wasn’t just the sensitivity I didn’t account for, but the hormonal swings of an adolescent girl. It seemed to have given her some dark ideas that she wasn’t fighting.

Thankfully, I had experience with this as well. What? Do you recall me mentioning I was a thousand-year virgin? How could someone like me have experience being pinned down by a woman?

The answer to that was simple. I lived with the demonesses, after all. They had been driven to insanity thanks to that serial rapist. They were also sometimes overcome by lust and as the closest male, I had been pinned down by women far more powerful than me many times. If I could maintain my chastity while facing down a demoness, then surely my older sister had no chance.

The method was simple. Whether it was the physical body or the nerves within the body, it was all just flesh. I was a flesh mage, and in that respect, I could manipulate flesh as I saw fit. As my sister continued to pin me down, her gyrations slowly growing as her senses were lost, my hand moved to the side where I found the ingredients, I had been using to work on Hina that was thankfully still in reach. I grabbed what I needed, and then I attacked. My legs wrapped around her body, and my hands grabbed her arms.

“Wh-what are you doing?” She gasped as I suddenly grabbed her.

“You told me to fix it. I will do that now.”

I rolled suddenly, and the unexpecting Kio could only let out a squeak as she was rolled to the bed, and I was on top. I straddled her, forcing her hands up over her head. She was still breathing hard, looking up at me with red cheeks. After a moment, she lowered her eyes.

“B-be gentle.”

“No. I won’t be able to hold back.” I reached out and began.

Kio let out many cries and moans as went about my method of relieving her nerves. At one point, I had to cover her mouth, or else those sounds would be heard by Mother. It lasted only fifteen minutes, but when I was finished, we were both covered in sweat. I was breathing as hard as she was. Finally, I fell to the side.

She slowly stood up, holding her shirt closed. “This…”

“There… are you better now?” I asked.

She turned back to me, and then she burst into tears. “I hate you!”

I was expecting her to kick me, but instead, she turned and fled the room. The door slammed as she was outside of it. I heard mom yelling from her room to stop making a racket, and Kio hastily yelling back an apology before her door closed as well.

I lifted my fingers and sighed. “Yeah, that’s what the demonesses used to say too.”

After a moment of silence, I heard a squeaky hinge, and my eyes darted to the closet. It was open just enough that someone could peek through. In my haste to resolve the situation, I had completely forgotten about Hina. She had been in my closet and witnessed the whole thing! Even for me, that was a little bit embarrassing. I rose and then stiffly walked to the closet door, opening it.

Hina was still standing there, but the expression on her face had become strangely serious. She was looking down at her feet, not meeting my eyes.

“Was that Kio’s punishment?” She asked quietly.

“I think…given the circumstances… we should leave it at that,” I admitted.

“I didn’t know that big brother had these kinds of desires.” She continued.

“What desires? Don’t be ridicule-“ My voice froze as she lifted a manga.

While in my closet, she had rummaged through and found the collection of manga. As much as I wanted to blame the former Aiko for it, this had been one that I purchased. Most of my understanding of this world had come from a reading manga I had summoned from the other world. Thus, I had a proclivity to go to manga as learning material. I had picked up this manga so I could understand my family better.

I had never had a family, so I thought a few mangas that explained how sisters and brothers got along might help me navigate Kio and Hina better. This particular manga was called “I love my sister.” It had seemed harmless enough.

However, the love the protagonist had for his sister wasn’t the love a brother should have for a sister, but a different kind of love. That love quickly snowballed into something much deeper, and by that, I meant that they performed the acts that I had only just managed to avoid with Kio.

“Is it Kio that you want, or me?” Hina demanded.

“Hina…” I began.

She inhaled her breath and then nodded. “I see…”


I had just been saying her name to try to calm her down, did she think I meant her?

“P-pervert.” She responded very quietly.

She pushed past me out of the closet, her arms hugging her chest, pushing the manga against her as she fled my room. Hina called me a pervert, but she didn’t try to slap me or hit me. Rather, she just left. I didn’t know if I should call that a victory or not.

I scratched my head and sighed. It didn’t matter what world I came from. People were difficult to deal with. It didn’t matter if it was my sister or the girl next door. I’d also need to wait to make sure the modifications I made to Hina and Kio worked. Yes, while I had Kio down and I was fixing her nerve problem, I also did a bit of physical reconstruction too. Neither Hina nor Kio were finished, but I had made several improvements.

I decided to put aside tonight’s events. Whatever came from them, I would handle it then. I ultimately had something far more important to worry about now. I would be starting school again on Monday!

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