“You parasite! No, you’re not even a parasite. You’re a single-celled bacteria!”

I rubbed my cheek. “Come on, don’t be like that. It’s not that bad.”

“Not that bad! You slept with my sister. How is it not bad?”

I chuckled as I looked over at her sister. When my girlfriend stormed into the room, she backed into the corner clutching the blankets over herself as she hid in embarrassment. This had pulled back the blanket to the point that very little of it was covering me. I was sitting in the bed at the moment with just the edge covering my groin. That was probably for the best because I was still hard and wet after dipping it in her sister before being so rudely interrupted.

Looking back at my girlfriend, her hands on her hips glaring at me furiously from the foot of the bed, I gave a helpless shrug. “Isn’t she a lot like you? If your sister didn’t remind me of you so much, how could I have even thought of being interested in her?”

My girlfriend’s expression softened for a moment. Women were all like that. Even when they were angry, they liked to be complimented. It only lasted for a moment though, as her sister shifted the blanket and the last piece of material slid off. My erection came into full view. My girlfriend looked away in embarrassment for a moment, but then looked right back, her eyes narrowing. It wasn’t just that my dick was wet, but there was a distinct tinge of red.

“She’s only sixteen.” My girlfriend growled through clenched teeth.

“That’s legal in this state.” I declared boldly. “She’s her own woman. She can choose what she wants.”

“Woman? She’s just a little girl!” She shouted.

“I’m not!” That girl responded. “I’m only six years younger than you! Stop acting like you are my mother.”

My girlfriend shot a look at her sister, her expression surprised and hurt. “I’m still your guardian.”

“And I don’t need you anymore! Ryan says he loves me! We’re going to be together.” She looked at me with adoring eyes.

My girlfriend shot me a hard look, and I could only lift my hands helplessly. “Ah, young girls. They always overreact and take everything so seriously.”

“O-overreact?” The teenager next to me blinked.

“You’re a piece of work, Ryan.” My girlfriend glowered.

“Look, let’s all relax and see this as a learning opportunity.”

“What?” My girlfriend asked, but both girls were looking at me hard.

“I don’t want to come between two sisters. You both are incredible, and it would be a real shame if this relationship we have gets destroyed by such a small thing.” ‘

“S-small?” The girl on the bed asked.

Why did both of their eyes go to that? It wasn’t small at all!

“Ahem… not that thing. I mean, our relationship with each other.”

My girlfriend’s face turned incredulous. “Are you suggesting that I overlook this?”

“Overlook it?” I laughed. “I’m saying you should join in!”

She had a stunned look on her face, and even her sister looked at me incredulously.

I turned to her and smiled. “Why do you think you’re in this bed?”

The girl blinked, and then looked away bashfully, “B-because… we were… you know…”

“No, I mean, why were you even interested in me?” I asked.

“I-I don’t know. I thought you were cute?”

“Wrong! It was because you love your sister!”

“What?” My girlfriend crossed her arms in front of her chest, but she looked more confused than angry.

“Can’t you see that this is a cry for attention? You were supposed to be her older sister, but ever since your parents died and you legally became her guardian, a schism formed between the pair of you. When you started to date me and ended up giving her less attention, she grew jealous. The reason she came onto me was that she wanted to be closer to you!”

A hint of doubt flashed in my girlfriend’s eyes, and she glanced over at her sister. “Is this true?”

Her sister looked down, just as confused as herself. “I-I don’t know. Ah!”

I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her over to me. “Of course, it’s true.”

The act caused the blanket to fall, revealing her pert breasts. I fought the temptation to fondle them right there. She didn’t resist, and let me pull her against me. Of course, what I was saying was crap, but it was effective crap. Her sister was just a young and easily impressionable girl. She’d believe what I told her to believe. Meanwhile, my girlfriend had long told me about her insecurities regarding her sister.

In short,I was playing with her hopes and insecurities. It seemed like a dangerous game, but it was one I was exceptionally familiar with. Winning over women and stealing their hearts was easy. The girl was currently only one of six of my current girlfriends, and that list didn’t include various lovers, booty calls, and friends with benefits. Most of them weren’t included because they had boyfriends, fiancées, or husbands of their own.

However, this would be my first time with sisters at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, I had banged sisters, but not as a threesome. What could I say, I was still young and learning. I’d be graduating college in a month, and then the landscape of sexy and vulnerable college coeds would give way to the professional women and MILFs of the real world. I looked forward to it. In the meantime, I had been working on this dream of two sisters in bed for six months now, and it’d be a perfect nightcap to end my successful college life.

“I don’t know what to say…” I could see the walls in my girlfriend’s heartbreaking down.

“You don’t have to say anything.” I gave a charming smile. “Be with your sister. Actions speak louder than words.”

This girl had lost her parents when she was fifteen. She had to make numerous sacrifices to become the guardian of her younger sister by the age of sixteen. She had experienced too much and was near the breaking point. Having her boyfriend be unfaithful was a blow she couldn’t handle at the moment. Then, there was the betrayal of her sister. The emotional stress of breaking up with me, destroying her relationship with her sister, and still being stuck in this situation was too much for anyone to bare. It was far easier to just accept what I proposed. It didn’t matter if it was a lie, it was too comfortable to reject.

She uneasily sat on the bed. Her younger sister was also uneasy. How could the pair of them be instantly comfortable with this arrangement? Thankfully, the teenager was impressionable. She was too afraid to express her discomfort, and would thus do things she wasn’t even interested in. As long as she got to still be with me, what did it matter if her sister was involved? Meanwhile, her older sister was right where I wanted her. She wouldn’t say anything either, as she was afraid of shattering the illusion.

They were right where I wanted them. This first time would be awkward, but they’d quickly become used to it. Soon, they wouldn’t hesitate to share me. I had used techniques like this numerous times to seduce close friends. It looked like it worked just as well with my sisters.

My girlfriend’s hand cautiously moved out and then her fingers wrapped around the shaft. As if feeling competitive at my girlfriend touching the man in her arms, her sister quickly reached out and grabbed it a bit higher. I let out a soft moan. I had rarely been this aroused before. When I found her sister alone and decided to get her in bed, I could have only hoped it would go this far. I had honestly planned to have a sexual relationship with both of them a few weeks before finally bringing them together, but this worked too.

“Si-sister… you just did it for the first time.” My girlfriend spoke uncertainly. “Have you ever… sucked it before?”

The younger girl blushed. “That… I haven’t…”

“Then… um… then… I’ll show you.”

“I-it’s dirty.” The younger girl grew a bit embarrassed, seeing as it was her pussy that had dirtied it.

“I-it’s just a little blood.” Eager to strengthen her relationship with her younger sister, she didn’t want to accidentally shame her. “Ahhh…”

She opened her mouth.

Ring! Ring!

At that moment, there was a ringing in my pants. My girlfriend, who was being pushed out of her comfort zone, used that moment to stop and gain a breath. I frowned. I wanted to just ignore it, but I set rings based on the person, and the ring going was for an emergency call.

“J-just one minute,” I spoke through my clenched teeth, scooting the end of the bed and pushing the two sisters’ hands away.

I found my pants swung over a chair and reached in the pocket to pull out my phone. I frowned when I saw the number. It was someone I had never expected to hear from again. They were someone that only would call me if there was truly an emergency. I picked up the phone.

“How may I help you?” I asked politely, trying to keep my voice from sounding irritated more for the girls behind me than the guy on the phone.”

“Yo, Ryan. It’s been a while.”

“I’m a bit busy right now. Can we talk later?” I asked, feeling the heat of the two girls behind me.

“Hey, hey… why so rushed? Didn’t we use to crew together? Stealing cars, selling drugs, fucking sluts…”

“I don’t do that kind of stuff anymore. I’m straight.” I frowned.

“Yeah, yeah, I heard. You got yourself in college. I bet you still fucking sluts though.”

Although he wasn’t wrong, I felt a bit annoyed that he was saying it. “If that’s all…”

“Wait! Wait… geese man. I’m doing you a favor. It’s your family.”

I froze for a moment. “What about her?”

“You said when you got out that we should look out for your family. Well, we were looking, and we’ve seen a thing.”

My expression turned to a glower. “What thing?”

“You know your mom got you a daddy, right?”

“He’s no father of mine, that abusive asshole.” I cursed rudely, already forgetting about the girls behind me. “No matter what I said to mom, she kept him around even while he slapped her around. He didn’t start hitting sis, right? The only reason I left is that he never touched her.”

“Yeah, well, he’s touching her now… and in public.”

My hand tightened on the phone until just before the plastic cracked. “That bastard is hitting her in public?”

“Naw, man… he ain’t hitting her… more like he’s hitting that.”


“Dawg, he’s traded mother for daughter. Got the younger model, you dig?”


“Yeah, so-”


I hung up the phone and then shoved it back into my pocket. However, I was already shoving my pants back on too. I already had them on and was grabbing my shirt while heading to the door when I heard a voice behind me.

“What is going on?”

I stopped, looking back at the girl who used to be my girlfriend, still sitting next to her naked and recently deflowered sister. However, my mind was flooded with thoughts of my sister. I had come from a shitty home life. That probably didn’t sound too surprising, but with my mother barely able to keep herself together, I had spent most of my teenage years looking after her. Then, my mom married my stepdad. He was a drunk, abusive piece of shit. He had hit me more times than I could count, and I hated him for it.

That’s why, as soon as I turned sixteen, I left the house. I joined a gang for a while, and when I turned nineteen and went straight. I went to college and put my life together. I abandoned my family.

My mom put up with abuse and let him beat me, so my thought was fuck her. When it came to my sister though, he treated her alright and never hit her, so I thought it would be okay. I was planning to reconnect with her after I graduated. I’d help her out and be her big brother once again. Now I thought about it, she actually would be about the same age as the naked girl in the bed right now. I never thought my piece of shit stepdad would go so far as to molest and rape his daughter.

Suddenly, my actions with these girls left me feeling unhappy. I sneered and my expression grew cruel.

“You’re a fucking dumbass.” I snapped.

“Wh-what?” My former girlfriend look confused.

“She’s your sister. She just got taken advantage of by a piece of shit like me, and the first thing you’re going to do is show her how to give head? Do you claim to be her guardian? Do you even care about her at all?”

“That…” At first, she was still shocked, but then rage started to form on her face. “You…”

“If you gave a shit about her, then maybe try protecting her next time, rather than only caring about yourself. Pathetic.”

I turned and stormed out the door. I wasn’t really angry at her. I was angry at myself. Yet, I couldn’t stop myself from lashing out.

As I walked out the door, I heard a screech coming from the upstairs window. “Get fucked!”

A small wad of cloth came flying at my head. I caught it and then entered my car. It was my underwear that I had forgotten to put on. If my former girlfriend had anything else to say, I didn’t hear as I pulled out of the driveway and raced off in the direction of my home.

I lived about an hour away, so the drive wasn’t instantaneous. Rather than give me time to relax and cool down, it only made me increasingly frustrated and angry. As I skidded to a stop in front of the old house, I couldn’t help but feel a flood of emotions. I recalled the times I spent with my sister. There were far too few of those. Then, there were the times I ran away or avoided responsibility. There were too many of those.

I got out of the car and walked up the walkway. Without stopping, I shoved open the front door. The lock never really worked right anyway. A single hard push would cause it to open up. It wasn’t like my stepdad would have fixed it in all these years. Walking through the house, I looked around with narrowed eyes.

“Ryan?” A voice came from the kitchen, and I turned to see my mother standing there in a bathrobe.

She looked like she had aged two decades since I had the last scene. Her lips had various lines caused by the cigarettes she smoked. The entire house smelled like smoke. I still was surprised to feel my heart stop. I was even more surprised to see my mother’s eyes well up with tears. I shook my head. I couldn’t get lost in some latent form of sentimentality. I didn’t care about her. It was my sister I was concerned about. It wouldn’t be easy, but I could probably take care of her until I graduated.

“Where is he?” I demanded.

“Who?” She asked after a moment.

“You know who… do you know what that bastard has done?”

She looked at me for a moment and then sighed. “You heard.”

“Heard… she’s your daughter!” I snarled. “I knew you never cared about me, but I thought you gave at least a little damn about her!”

“I always cared about you.” She shot back with a hurt expression. “As for her…”

“Bullshit.” I shook my head. “You let that man molest her. I’m going to kill him!”

She gave an incredulous look. “You don’t even know what you’re talking about.”

The back door opened leading into the kitchen. The way the house was set up, the driveway went up to the side. I came in the front door, but there was a backdoor for those who lived there. The familiar face of that bastard appeared. Unlike my mother, he didn’t seem to age a day. He was the same piece of shit he always was. Life didn’t seem fair.

“Hey, woman, some car is parked in my way. What did I tell you about-” the man stopped as he looked over mom’s shoulder at me. “Well, look what the trashman brought in.”

“Shut up, you fuck! I’m here for my sister.”

His eyes widened for a second, and then narrowed and he grinned. “You want to fuck your sister?”

My arms trembled slightly. “You think you’re funny? I’m going to report this. I’m going to destroy you.”

He chuckled. “A scrawny shit like you can’t do anything. Why don’t you go back to wherever you fucked off?”

“Shut it! You don’t call the shots anymore.”

“Oh, I don’t…” He tried to take a step forward, but mom put out her hands and touched his shoulders.

“Let’s all calm down,” Mom spoke up. “I’ll get some tea and-“

He shoved her, and mom flew back, hitting and chair and collapsing to the ground. Seeing her on the floor injured caused it all to come back. The beatings, the abuse, the drinking… I remembered all of it. Things were different this time. I wasn’t some little kid anymore. I hadn’t just learned to fight in a gang, but I had also practiced martial arts throughout college. I was a district champion. Yet, if it came to my skills, my sensei would have been embarrassed. In that moment of rage, all skill went out the window as I lunged at him.

My stepdad through a punch, but he was a fat old man, and I dodged it with ease. I gave him an uppercut, and it was enough to put him on the ground. Then, I jumped on top of him and started wailing. I punched his hideous face over and over again. I punched him for every punch he gave me. I punched him every time he hurt mom. I punched him over and over.

“Stop! Please, Ryan, stop!” I heard mom begging me, trying to pull my arms away, but I could barely hear her voice.

All I could feel was rage. I wanted him to stop existing. I wanted his face to no longer be there. Every punch was intended to deform him until he was no longer a person. However, my anger stopped all of a sudden. I felt a cold sharp prick, and then my body seemed to stop responding to commands. I wanted to still punch him, but my body slid back and fell to the side instead. It took me a few moments more to realize I had been stabbed.

It hadn’t been my stepdad. I was struck in the back. I knew it had hit my spine. It might have gotten a lung too because I was having trouble breathing. Well, what the fuck was that? My mother had stabbed me in the back. I never should have turned my back on her.

“Ryan!” I could hear an echoey sound, it was my mother wailing and crying.

I realized my head was being coddled in her lap. Hot, wet drops were falling on my face. Tears? Come on, mom. Don’t be a hypocrite. You stabbed me in the back. You can’t cry about it now.

That’s when I saw another shape move. It was a girl I barely recognized. She was young and vibrant. She was a beauty like mom had been before all of the abuse. Her hands were covered in blood as she walked by, but she didn’t look in my direction at all. Instead, she kneeled and picked up the head of my stepdad. He coughed a bit. Fuck, he was still alive.

The girl was tearful, but she looked down at my stepdad lovingly, even lowering her head and kissing his forehead. The scene left me confused. Mom was with me. Who was this young woman? It was when our eyes met that I realized who she was. She was my sister. Her eyes were filled with coldness and apathy. They looked through me rather than at me. They were a stranger’s eyes.

They say the truth is revealed at the moment of death. Maybe they were right. I realized the truth. Mom didn’t stab me in the back. My sister did. She wasn’t being molested and raped by my stepdad, she was in the relationship willingly. She was having an affair, having sex with him while my mother could do nothing. Mom had been right. I hadn’t understood the situation. Now, all I had was death.

Fuck this world. Fuck everything. I welcome the end. It’s better to have nothing and no one than to deal with assholes and bastards. That’s what I think. My heart stopped beating, and darkness followed. The last thing I saw was my mother’s teary-eyed face.