This was stated in my newsletter, but it’s been pointed out to me that many readers likely do not look at them, so here we go.

Man of the House and The Last Dreadpirate are two series you’ve been seeing a lot of chapters lately. These stories were not picked up, and they are not apart of any schedule. They exist because a few donators went ahead and sponsored a ton of chapters. They hoped they’d get popular and then see a potential for being picked up in the future.

This wasn’t the only reason so many chapters were ordered. I also had some issues regarding credit theft and so these guys wanted to help me out on a personal level too by ordering more stuff.

In general, I can only write so many books at any time, and I hear plenty of people complaining I write too many as is. That said, I won’t be picking these books up officially just for the heck of it. I have the distinct feeling that everyone who wants to donate does, and adding another book on top of what I have, or even writing more of any given book I already write, won’t result in people donating more.

Furthermore, every month, my website has been on a natural rise as more people find me and become interested in my work. So, it’d suck to set a goal of increasing my work load, and then reaching that goal not because people wanted it, but just because the natural rise of my Patreon eventually met it. So… it’s not that I’m not willing to work harder, it’s that I don’t see an advantage in pushing myself. You wouldn’t want to work overtime on a salary… and I don’t want to produce extra books if I’m not getting paid for them.

So… I put a goal out on Patreon. If this goal is reached, I’ll pick up Dreadpirate and Man of the House both. My “wildcard” day that used to be for Enslaved will be tossed out, and I’ll write and release Dread Pirate and Man of the House each once a week, which is 8 extra chapters a month. To put it in terms you can follow, I normally write 18,500 words a week as part of my schedule. I’m talking about adding 5,000 words to my work load. That’s a 21% increase in my workload. Right now, I bring in roughly $3300. So, if I was going to increase my workload by 21% I’d also want my salary to increase by 21%. That turns out to roughly be $700… so, for me to pick up these two novels, I’d be looking at $4000 a month.

So, that is the current goal set in Patreon. If you wish for these novels to exist and be written, you can donate and see if you can reach the goal to make these novels picked up.

How does being “picked up” differ from not. First… I guarantee I will finish it. The story will come to an end. 2nd… I will be willing to fund images for it. Book covers, portraits, that kind of thing. Finally, it will be on a schedule. I don’t always meet the schedule, but I do try and I think only the most anal-retentive people and Enslaved fans would take issue with my ability to meet the schedule.

So… you got three options if you want these novels:

  1. Donate to Patreon and try to get it picked up.
  2. Leave it the way it is and hope people keep paying for chapters.
  3. Wait. When I finish up current series, I can have time for other series. However, if these novels aren’t shown to be popular… there is a good chance I’ll end up coming out with something else.

A few things you should consider… first, I wouldn’t depend on people to keep paying for chapters indefinitely. Like I said, the vast majority of these were supported by two people, and they did it in part to help me, so do not expect your wealthier readers to just keep buying indefinitely.

This does not factor in FFA money. FFA money is mostly recycled back into the site, buying images, paying the editor, and other such items. The more FFA money I get, the more I can order noneauthor content. As for Patreon, that is what I take home, and is thus reflective of the work I put out. This was not done intentionally; this is just how things turned out. If you have some moral issue with me buying images, then donate to Patreon, and if you want more image content but somehow don’t want me to be supported as an author, donate to FFA.

Finally, both MOTH and ESPECIALLY Dreadpirate were both beaten out in previous surveys. Even though they make good money as sponsor chapters, how my Patreon raises this month is going to tell me a lot on whether they are worth picking up when NTR finishes. If offering to pick up these chapters doesn’t bring anyone into donating, then my assumption has to be that they’re not worth it. They might be popular… and even popular among people who are donating, but if you’re already donating for MDL, and Dreadpirate doesn’t change a thing and you’ll still donate for MDL, then me releasing Dreadpirate wouldn’t make sense. A lot of people SAY they’ll donate more if I write more, and then don’t when it actually comes to practice.

I’m saying all this because, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m an author who believes in 100% transparency. For those of you thinking I’m just sounding greedy, understand this is how life works, and I’m simply having an open discussion that most people are too cowardly or too conditioned to not have. As my supporter, I’m letting you see the nitty and gritty that I have to consider in every decision I make.

Oh… and for anyone interested and thinking about “how rich” I am, know this…

For 2019, I made $40,000. $7,500 was spent on the site. $6,000 was owed in taxes. So, my take home was $26,500. This does not include insurance, sick days, or any benefits that come with even the most basic job. The poverty level in the US for 2019 for a family my size is $25,750. Jesus Christ… that’s depressing thinking about it. I didn’t think it was that bad until I just looked up the numbers. Congratulations to me, I barely avoided destitution. ? Livin’ the dream!



P.S. It’s not that bad because my wife also works… sometimes… when she’s not out of work for 8 months of the year… Point being, I’m not living on foodstamps, but anyone who doesn’t math thinking I’m like super rich cause all they see are big numbers, there is some perspective on how lucrative this job is.