Dear Supporters, 

For those who don’t check the public patreon posts, I felt this needed to be posted here too. The reason for the site being down yesterday was that it was infected with malware from a malware-infected PC (not mine). My poor tech help had to completely restore the site from scratch to remove the infection. 

It seems there may have been a data leak. This will not affect anyone who signs in through patreon. However, if you’ve ever signed into my site with a username and password such as for FFA or Woocommerce, there is a chance they were leaked. If you use a common username and password for all of your stuff, might be a good time to change it. I deeply apologize for this. 

I must be clear, your financial information has NOT been leaked. I do not even have that information. That is done through paypal and patreon, who both have their own security far better than my own. The only thing that “may” have been compromised would be any information you left on my site. Since I don’t require information to sign up, it’s really just the username, email, and password and whatever else you decided to add. This problem was actually caught pretty quickly relatively speaking, so we don’t think there was too much of  a leak. 

We have added more security and I’ve revoked administrative rights to the hand full I had given it to and don’t plan to hand it out again easily. The suspected offending account has been removed. 

Thanks, and once again, I am very sorry for this. It seems like Decembers are just my bad month. (For those of you who are new… last Christmas my website was kicked off the server and shut down and we had to rebuild it from scratch at the exact same time). Anyway, Happy Holidays. I hope you can forgive me missing a few chapters this month.