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It was late in the night. The campfire had burnt through the majority of the fuel and was now a simmer that produced a bit of heat, but very little light. Around the campfire were a group of women, all sleeping on the beach in blankets scavenged from the wreck. A few of them had cuddled together, trying to maintain warmth in the chilly night.

One girl had ended up on her own. She shivered as she was the most distant from the fire. She was the youngest one there, and perhaps the one who needed to conserve her body heat the most, but she had been abandoned. This wasn’t anyone’s fault in particular. The problem was simply that she thrashed a lot in her sleep, and even if the others accepted being kicked and punched various times in the night, her body seemed to worm its way away from them one way or another.

I looked down at the younger girl, my breath coming out in white puffs in the cool night. I was freezing cold too, but I didn’t dare throw any more wood on the fire. In fact, I barely could move. I was lost in indecision. We were out of food. What did it matter what I did? We were likely all going to die. Here, on the island, there were no rules. I could act however I wanted.

I was the only man who survived the wreck, so if I had the strength. No one could stop me from doing what I wanted. I really could do anything. Steeling my resolve with this pep talk, I finally tiptoed over to her as quietly as I could manage, not daring to wake anyone else up. Doing whatever you wanted and doing whatever you wanted blatantly in front of others were two different things.

I could see the girl better now. She was wearing a t-shirt and small, loose-fitting shorts. It was hardly the type of clothing for a girl to be wearing on a cold night outdoors, but it was all she had on her when the crash happened. In her thrashing, she had kicked her blanket off mostly. Her torn, dirty shirt had raised up exposing her stomach. Her skin was white under the moonlight, almost appearing blue. The goosebumps on her delicate, perfect skin mixed with the blue tinge and made it appear almost like she was an ocean spirit, and not a person at all.

She really was pretty, and even as she shivered with her eyes moving under her lids in dissatisfaction as she tried to find rest, she was the picture of innocence and youthfulness. She was even younger than my daughter. Of course, I had Cassie far too young, but one could say my mother had Valerie here way too late. Actually, my mother wasn’t much older to me than I was to my youngest sister here.

I gulped, and then slowly lay down in the sand next to her. I carefully pulled her blanket out from where it was stuck wrapped in her feet. She made a few mutters, causing me to stop for a moment, but when she settled down, I continued. I placed the blanket over the pair of us to hide anything from sight, and then gently put my arms around her.

Just as I pressed her against me, her body jerked, and her eyes opened wide. She was staring right at me. My hand was on her stomach, and my body was pressed against her. She was a pretty girl, with green eyes and blonde hair. She had small B-cupped breasts, and smooth, untampered skin.

“Cal?” She asked groggily.

“Shhhh!” I pushed a finger against her soft lips. “Val, you’re cold. I’m making sure you don’t freeze. Just go back to sleep.”

Although I said this, her eyes didn’t stop looking at me. They were eyes filled with the trust and openness of a little sister to her big brother. She didn’t even suspect a thing. I really didn’t want her looking at me while I did this, but I had to continue. I just had to!

My hand began to rub her body. I did her stomach for a bit, then her arms. She seemed to accept the touch of my hand rubbing up and down her skin, and she finally relaxed slightly, turning away and curling up against me to find warmth. She did so in a way that put her back to me, her butt even pushing itself back against my groin. Even though her body was chilly, it started for feel hot against mine. It had to be my imagination, or maybe I was colder than I thought.

I watched her pant as each breath created a puff of mist. Those breaths grew quicker as my hands moved down to her stomach and started rubbing there.

“Ahn!” She made a noise as my fingers touched her.

“Shhhh…” I hissed again. “You don’t want to wake the others.”

“I-it’s ticklish.” She said in a faint voice.

“S-sorry…” I used the opportunity to make my touch gentler.

Rather than rubbing her for warmth, my fingertips now stroked her small, flat stomach in slow, gentle strokes. She made another noise, but she didn’t make me stop. It was probably too embarrassing to ask me to stop after I had already changed my method because of her words. At least, that was what I was hoping. As I went farther and farther, I prayed not to get a hardon. I was extremely aware of her tiny buttocks pushed up against me.

If she felt poking below, would she know what I was doing? Of course, she would know! She wasn’t a child. Teenagers knew all about these kinds of things. I had started masturbating when I turned thirteen. Wait… did my little sister already have experience masturbating? These kinds of thoughts weren’t helping me keep my arousal in check at all!

As I carefully stroked her, her breath started to grow more ragged. I could see the physical effect I was having on her. Her heart was beating so fast. Every breath was quick now. Damn, it was starting to get hard. How could I do this? I raised my hand from her stomach, stopped it from shaking, and then lowered it down to her leg.


I had been expecting this, which was why I had positioned my free hand around her head, and covered her mouth as soon as I touched her. She turned her head to look up at me, her eyes wide with confusion while my hand kept her from asking any questions. Even then, she wasn’t afraid. Her eyes were completely innocent, unaware of my true intentions. She could only sense that something was off.

“It’s okay…” I whispered in her ear. “Just stay quiet and I’ll keep you warm. Okay?”

Our eyes met, and ever so slowly, she nodded. I let out a breath of relief, and then slowly removed my hand from her mouth. Since it was wrapped around the back of her neck and under her, I left my hand just above her chest, being very careful I didn’t touch it. At this point, my cock was hard. I had pushed my hips back as much as possible to keep from poking her. Even so, the tip seemed to press between her cheeks. I could feel the curvature of her crack through her loose-fitting shorts. I could only hope she didn’t have as much sensitivity, or hadn’t put it together.

I started to stroke her legs. I didn’t do it roughly like I was warming her up. My touch was even lighter than when I did her stomach. She shivered in my grip, but she didn’t say anything as I stroked her outer thigh. My cock had become a beast, wanting to explode out of my pants. I had never been this intimate with any girl but my wife, and now I had Val in my grasp. Even if she was my sister, I felt my reasoning leaving me.

My hand slowly twisted around and reached for her inner thigh. She jumped, but this time she managed to keep her voice low.

“Wh-what are you doing?” her voice was a bit high.

“Relax, I’m warming you up. Just trust me,” I said such untrustworthy words.

I wouldn’t even trust myself, so I was shocked when she settled down. She didn’t spread her legs, keeping them tightly closed, but she didn’t shove my hand away either. I stroked up and down the inner front of her legs, as close to the inside of her thigh as I could get. I worked extremely slowly, not wanting her to grow any more flustered. I had already almost lost her once, so I couldn’t afford another mistake.

Slowly, very slowly, my hand went up her thigh. I started to stroke the hip area. Then, I moved over, and my hand was directly over her crotch. I was stroking her through the clothing. I had gotten to the point of no return. Actually, I had reached the point of no return since we ended up on this island. I just didn’t know it until now. My fingers started to push down hard, and grow more firm. I didn’t notice, but my hand had also gripped her throat, not choking her, but holding her head where I could block her mouth at any second.

“B-brother… you’re touching…” She panted, and then held back what she was going to say.

I didn’t hold back. I rubbed the fabric between her legs aggressively, trying to pleasure her as much as I could. I had only been with one woman, but my wife had never complained. Then again, we hadn’t had much of a sex life in recent years. When it came to leaving on this trip, she had decided to focus on her job instead of taking the time off. She was the lucky one, it turned out. I look one last breath, and then lifted my hand up and pushed it down the top of her pants. My fingers ran through her thin public hair. There wasn’t a lot of it, and I quickly found the clitoris.

“Ahhn!” She cried, and I grabbed her mouth and held her tight.

I started to rub her clit hard. This pushed our hips together, and now as I rubbed her, my erect cock was clearing jamming into her buttocks.

“Mmm! Mmmm!” She made noises and struggled, but I continued to move my fingers around.

“Stop!” I hissed in her ear. “I’m warming you up! Just trust me!”

I wanted to kick my own ass. My words were hollow and empty. I felt like scum. However, I had to do this. To my surprise, she calmed down immediately. She went limp for a second, and I was afraid she passed out. Actually, it would be best if she wasn’t conscious for this. Just when I was going to find out if she was knocked out, she suddenly lifted her leg, spreading them apart and giving me access. I slowly lifted my hand, but I kept it a centimeter from her mouth, ready to silence her again if I had to.

“Please… be gentle.” She whispered.

I had been rubbing too hard before. I realized that now. This time, I slowly put my fingers on her. I moved much slower, using techniques I had seen from porn. Actually, I hadn’t done something like this with my wife in years. It was usually extremely vanilla. Being able to do something exciting with a young beauty only made my own excitement grow.

“Ahhh… Haaah… Haaahhh… Ahhh…” Val panted as I rubbed her clit, the sounds getting louder and louder.

I went to cover her mouth again, but it was open, and two of my fingers went in her mouth. Just as I was about to pull them out, she closed her mouth and started sucking on them. My own rubbing stopped for a second as I felt her tiny tongue lick my fingers and suck on them. I had never expected her to do that, and it felt really weird. However, it made it harder and harder, and I realized I had been grinding my dick against her butt.

I began to rub her clit again, moving in circles, growing faster and faster. Her hands reached out and grabbed my arms, holding onto them tightly. She sucked harder and harder on my fingers, but sudden her mouth opened and she started gasping for air. Her hands squeezed on my arms, and her legs tighted closed around my hand. She was being too loud, so I covered her mouth again with my palm. I went faster and faster, trying to finish this quickly.

“Mmm! Mmm!” Her body started to spasm against mine.

The feel of her body cumming, in conjunction with her sucking on my fingers, was too much, and I started to cum, filling my pants as she spasmed against me. It had just been too long since I had last done anything. I bit her shoulder to keep from moaning out loud. We both ended up shuddering together for several minutes. I no longer felt cold, but impossibly warm. In fact, I was a bit sweaty. I finally collapsed, letting my hand fall from her mouth, and pulling my other hand out of her shorts. I wrapped that arm around her stomach and hugged her.

“It’s over.” I breathed, speaking to myself as much as her. “Are… are you warm?”

There was silence for a moment, and then. “I am…”

I closed my eyes bitterly. What kind of question was that? I had just done this to my little sister. This had to be the worst week of our lives, and now I had to add molestation to my little sister’s day.

“Thank you…” She said.

I blinked after I heard those words. However, my sister didn’t say anything else. I didn’t know how long I held her like that. It had to be an hour or two. Val surprised me again when she actually fell back asleep like that. As for me, after what happened, there was no way I could go back to sleep. Besides, there was something I had to do before I could sleep. Once I was certain she was out, I slowly unwrapped myself from her and stood up.

“Brother…” She murmured.

I jerked for a bit, but then I realized she spoke in her sleep. I also noticed that she was no longer thrashing. In my grip, it was the most peaceful sleep I had ever seen from her. I picked up the blanket and then gently placed it on top of her. Then, I turned away and snuck away from the beach and into the forest. If anyone saw me doing it, they’d say it was dangerous and try to stop me, but they were all asleep. Besides, I knew where I was going.

The walk didn’t take long either. It was just a short five-minute walk. I came out in front of a large mound. There was a statue in front of the mound, half buried. One could only make out the figure had once been that of a woman. All of her distinct features had been scoured away with countless time.

“It’s done… are you happy?” I called out, my voice shuddering with emotion.

“It’s a start.” A voice came a few moments later.

From behind the rock mound a woman appeared. She was absolutely beautiful, with a sensual body, a long black robe, and long purple eyes and hair. She lightly fell back, landing on one of the rocky outcrops like it was a lounge chair, relaxedly stretching there.

“We had a deal!”

“Yes…” She smirked. “And I provide.”

She casually gestured, and that’s when I noticed a cooler laying at the base of the statue. It hadn’t been there the last time I had come, and it had no business being this far in the island and in this overgrown and abandoned shrine. As far as how it had arrived here, it was anyone guess. After all, it was completely modern. I raced toward it and opened the cooler up.

“This… this is our cooler!” I cried out as I saw the food inside.

“It is… you might have lost it at sea, but I fetched it. Removing the seawater is free of charge.” She responded lazily.

I looked through the cooler, but rather than feel excited, I felt even more bitterness. We had only prepared for a single day of travel. This cooler had an eight pack of water, a handful of snacks, and meals to feed us for a single day.

“This… this will only last until tomorrow!” I cursed. “You promised me food and water!”

“And I provided food and water.” She raised an eyebrow.

“This isn’t enough!”

“It’s all you get for what you provided me.”

“What are you saying… I did… all of that with her. You must give me more!” I stood up.

“Must?” She only glanced at me and I felt cold, her expression growing dangerous. “Watch it, Cal. I like you. That’s why I agreed to help, but don’t push me.”

I instantly knew I had gone too far. I lowered my head, biting my lips. I had to swallow my pride. After all, I had failed to provide for my family. That’s how I ended up here.

“I’m… sorry… I’m just worried… about my family.” I admitted.

“Yes… you love your family.” Her expression brightened like her previous anger had been a lie. “That’s what I like about you. I’m the goddess of incest, after all. You prayed on my altar for food and water. I told you that if you commit incest in my name, I would grant you everything you desire. Your display was a nice appetizer, but if you want more, you’ll have to do more.”

“That… I’m not sure… I… it’s wrong!”

“Why?” She was amused. “Your own creation tales, Adam and Eve, Noah and his family… clearly, their children had sex for creation to have occurred. Incest is perfectly acceptable.”

“G-genetics…” I muttered weakly.

“Oh, please. Humanity is plenty diverse. A woman over 45 has a high risk of having a down syndrome baby. Do you restrict her from giving birth? Besides, I told you to fuck them, not knock them up! Although, if you did, the rewards would be much grander.” Her eyes brightened thoughtfully.

“Like… a way off this island?”

“Possibly…” she grinned. “But, are you willing to do it?”

Knock up someone in my family? How could I? Even if we aborted it immediately after, which I’m not saying I’d do, it’d be something else.

“Do you know why I picked you Caleb?”

“Because I’m the only man on this island?”

“Heh… besides that. I picked you, because I can see your heart. I know, deep down, you want to fuck your family. I’m just giving you rewards for doing what you already want.”

“That’s not true!”

“Oh? Then, tell me Cal, why did you pick your little sister to start?”

I blinked. “Wh-why? I mean… she’s younger. She’s smaller. She’s less likely to fight back, and less likely to tell anyone anything…”

The goddess shook her head. “You could have picked your cousin. She’s not only your own age, but you’ve been close friends since childhood. You even suspect she’s was into you before you married, and had only held back because you are cousins.”

“That… even if you say it…” I didn’t know how to respond.

It was true, I had spent a lot of time with my cousin Lana, and we even bathed naked together when we little kids. However, if I went after her, there was a chance she’d reject me. More than that, there was still some bitterness from when I married my wife. She had stopped talking to me after. This disastrous vacation idea of mine had been the first time we had talked in years.

“What about your sister-in-law? Although it is not by blood, it is still a relation. You could have played with her.”

“How could I… my wife… it’d ruin our relationship.”

“What relationship? You married your wife because you got her pregnant in high school. You haven’t had sex in almost a year. She stopped doing anything exciting years ago. Now, she works and even makes more money than you, while barely wanting anything to do with you.”


I felt anger at her words, but I had no response. From the moment I met this goddess, she had seemingly known everything about me. There was nothing in my past I could hide form her.

“I suspect that you went for your little sister because deep down, you always wanted to. This was your chance to enact a dark fantasy, and you took it.”

“That’s not true!”

She shrugged. “True or not, our arrangement is concluded.”

“Wait… what?” I blinked. “No, don’t go!”

Although I cried out, she hadn’t actually made a move to leave. She remained in her spot, that knowing smile on her face.

“What is it?” She asked teasingly.

“I need… this won’t be enough. I need more. We could be trapped here for weeks or longer. I need stuff. I need a water source, at least. And something that allows me to get food. Like… fishing equipment!”

“I’ve already said, Cal, I will get you anything you want, but you have to give me what I want too.”

“You mean… incest…”

“Mm… your family is very beautiful. Your mother, your three sisters, your nieces, your cousin, your sister-in-law, or even your daughter. Take your pick. You can have one, you can have them all. The farther you get with them, the more I’ll offer you.”

“Like, what for what?” I demanded.

“You really want me to make a list?” She made a face. “Hmm… I’ll have to think about that. In the meantime, I’ll set the conditions for your current request. Let’s see… I want you to succeed too. It would be a shame if you died from dehydration because you won’t stick it in. So, I won’t make the demands too great this time. For a water source and fishing supplies… you must get a girl to suck your cock and swallow your cum.”

“What?” My face turned pale.

“Don’t try to argue, I’ve decided. One of your family members must give you a blowjob. That’s the condition I’ve set.”

I opened my mouth to argue anyway, but a moment later she was gone. I was alone in the small ruins of a shrine, and I had a feeling she wouldn’t show up again until I had fulfilled my task. Staring down at the cooler with a day’s worth of food, maybe two if we stretched it out, I shook. I had to protect my family, whatever it took.

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