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I had never even imagined half of the things I ended up doing since I had come to this island, and sleeping with my youngest sister, a woman younger than my daughter, was definitely on the list of things I would have considered impossible. It was more than just having my way with her. Val seemed to be interested and encouraged me to reach this point. I had touched her a few nights before, and somehow, as if by fate, she had chosen this night when I needed a virgin to finally give herself to me.

Her legs were spread under the blanket, and I could feel the warmth and wetness of her sex against my fingertips. I hadn’t moved my hand, still stunned by this development. I had known deep down that it would have to happen, but I never expected it to happen like this. Val seemed to notice my hesitation, and rather than be determined, she used her grip on my chest to pull up and gently kiss my lips. They were soft and warm despite the cold night. Her entire body was warm. It was almost like the chilliness only existed to force us together, as if even the cold air was trying to make this happen.

As her lips pulled away, she let out a long breath, and I could smell the sweet scent of her breath tickling my nose. The smell contained a fruity coconut scent, mostly. That’s when I remembered something her mother had told me several days before when we were preparing. She had said that Val was a vegetarian and didn’t eat meat. I remember I had to make sure to prepare a vegetarian option for her. That also meant she hadn’t eaten any of the fish earlier. The only thing she had consumed was the coconuts.

If that was the case, then why did she go fishing with me earlier? Had she done it just to get closer to me? I supposed if she didn’t eat any fish, she was still a vegetarian. Was it something like that? Coconut had a lot of fat, but it didn’t have very much protein. Valerie wouldn’t be able to subsist on that forever. Then again, I had something that could give her protein. I shook my head, the kind of thoughts I had to avoid dwelling on the current situation.

My hand began to move, and as soon as it did, she let out a little gasp, her hand that was still holding my wrist tightening. It was like she wanted it, but at the same time, her body instinctively was trying to reject it.

“S-sorry… continue.” She responded shakily, her face turning red.

I pushed my rough fingers into the soft tissue of her pussy. The skin was soft and so fresh that moisture seemed to rise out of it as I pushed into her fleshy region. Her mouth opened and her eyes closed tightly.

“Ahh… ahhh… ahhh…” She let out light moans into the night air.

It was soft and sweet near my ear, but considering where we were, it sounded as loud as thunder.  Every time I’d move my fingers inside her, she’d let out sweet erotic noises, and any one of them could potentially be heard by the women sleeping on the other side of the camp. Unlike the rainstorm from a few nights prior, the only thing that could cover up the sound was the buzz of insects, the swaying of leaves, and the crackle of the fire. Given the danger of what we were doing at that moment, all of those things seemed insufficient.

“Haah… ahhh…” She gasped, her body shuddering with every touch.

She wasn’t this noisy the previous night, but we also didn’t have direct skin contact, and I had covered her mouth. In my current position, one arm was between her leg and the other was under her and around her back. I couldn’t reach her mouth. Desperate to quiet her down, I shoved my lips against hers, trying to stifle her moans with my mouth.

“Mmm… mmm…” The sounds sounded only slightly quieter than the throbbing of blood in my ears.

As I kissed her, she mistook it for intimacy, and her little tongue came out and entered past my lips, probing my mouth. Her eyes were closed and she looked at every part lost in her lust, completely oblivious to her environment. That’s when I started hearing a wet slopping sound, and I realized my hand was thrusting in and out of her at an alarming rate. I had been so focused on her and eager to get this over with, my hand had seemingly acted on its own, two fingers sliding in and out of her pussy at a rapid rate.

No sooner did I stop than her hand wrap around my neck and she push her lips against me painfully. Her tongue began to attack me aggressively as she let out whining noises. Her thighs clamped together so tightly around my hand that I could no longer move it. The best I could do was wiggle the finger a little deep within her. Of course, she was already past that point as her body began to shudder to ecstasy. My little sister was having an orgasm with my hands. It was much stronger and more real than that first time.

The smells, the scent, and the feeling were all extremely vivid. I began to realize my heart was beating incredibly fast and I was rock hard. I didn’t think I had been that turned on in quite some time. Although my time with Cara had been intense, it had also been sudden and unexpected. We were on a rocky platform, cold, and wet. The visibility was low, and it was done out of desperation. I was desperate now too, but it felt different.

That’s when I started to come to a realization I wanted to fuck Valerie. That’s why I had picked her that first day, and that’s why I went to her now. I hadn’t been around much when she grew up. She was only three when I managed to get my place with Fara. I had only ever seen pictures of her from afar, and as I had seen her bud into her sexuality, I had always felt some kind of desire to have her. Maybe my family was cursed.

“Ah!” Valerie’s body was only just starting to calm down when I broke the kiss and then pulled my hand from between her legs.

I grabbed both of her wrists and then shoved them at the sides of her head. Before I realized it, I was on top of her. I could see her ragged breath coming in foggy puffs, and she was looking up at me with wide, innocent eyes that seemed to say that no matter what, I could do whatever I wanted. My hands left her wrist, moving down her slim body, past her shirt, and down to her thighs. Her thighs were wet with lust, and as I spread her open, I got a strong whiff of her erotic desire.

Her breath quickened slightly, but she still only watched, like a frightened bunny staring at a wolf that was ready to pounce. The blanket had been shoved aside, and we were in the open now. Her pussy glistened in the starlight, and I knew that in this suggestive position if any of my family merely woke up and glanced this way, they’d see me mounting my little sister. I let go of her thighs and then unzipped my pants, pulling out my dick with her for the first time. Her eyes darted to it, seeming transfixed.

I brought it up to her pussy, and began to rub the head of my cock against her wet slit. A bit of precum had formed and then smeared and mixed with her liquids. Her body shivered once again, although whether it was the cold from being half-naked or just excited with anticipation, I didn’t know. I hesitated for just a moment as my hands reached out to her hips. A single shove, and it’d be done. I’d be able to save the girls and undo the mistakes I had made. However, I knew I wouldn’t stop there. I would keep going until I came. Just like with Sally, I’d cum in Valerie. My hesitation seemed to have given her the impression I was having doubts.

“Don’t worry… you can just shove it in.” She panted. “I’m not a virgin.”

I nearly did shove it, reaching out and grabbing her hips, barely even hearing what she said. However, the words seemed to linger in the air, and every second I hesitated, they grew louder and louder in my head. Finally, her words hit home, and my body shook violently.

“Wh-what did you say?” I asked.

I didn’t know how the expression on my face looked, but it seemed to startle her.

“N-nothing…” She quickly responded.

“You’re not a virgin.”

Her face turned slightly pink. “I-is that a bad thing?”

“You’re only sixteen.” I couldn’t come out with a better response.

Her face flushed red. “Why does that matter? You and mom had sex earlier!”

She wasn’t wrong. Mom got pregnant with my older brother at 15. I had sex with Fara when I was only 15 and Cassie was born when I was 16. I also now knew Sally and Jaiden were having sex younger too, so such early interest seemed to run in the family. My daughter was more of an abnormality that she hadn’t had sex yet. My hands tightened on her hips for a few moments, and then I let go and sat up.

Every impulse in my body wanted to take her right now. I wanted to bang Valerie and take out all of my sexual frustration on her. I wanted to cum inside her and feel her pussy twitch on my cock. I wanted to make her scream, and moan, and squirm. It was because I could feel those dark tendencies swirling inside of me that I realized I couldn’t continue. This was supposed to be about protecting my family. There was no gain in doing this now, other than to satisfy me.

“Who was it?” I asked.

“What?” She frowned.

“Who took it?”

“That’s none of your business.” She seemed to be growing unhappy at my sudden change in attitude and was growing spiteful.

“Was it Jaiden?” I demanded.

Did he not only molest Sally but go after Valerie too? I understood the hypocrisy of that anger given my realization, but at that moment, I didn’t care.

“I said it’s none of your business!” Anger flashed on her face, and with that, she started to fight to get out from under me.

I couldn’t get off her fast enough, and her legs ended up kicking me in the groin. Any sexual desire I had left me instantly with the pain. I grabbed my dick, still half-erect, and then fell to the ground. She hastily pulled her pants up and stood. She gave me one last look, part anger, partly worried, and then turn and fled. She didn’t go far. She just relocated closer to the fire, and near the other women. Of all people, she ended up picking a spot next to Sally, sliding into her blanket while she was still asleep, and leaving me on the ground in the cold, holding my throbbing nuts.

I supposed that was only to be expected. She was only a child. That was right. I nearly pushed myself down on a young girl. I closed my eyes tightly for a moment, letting out a long-drawn breath. I then put my dick away and stood up. I left the hidden clearing, crawling through the hole until I was in the ravine part which once contained the berries. I was alone now, isolated away from the girls.

I wanted to call out to the goddess, but I had a feeling that she wouldn’t come. She had already given me her conditions. I had failed to reach them. She had even warned me. I had thought I had been on top of everything, and in the end, I almost went all the way with a girl younger than my daughter. After pacing back and forth for a bit, I sat down on the rock and closed my eyes. I must not have realized how tired I had been, as I quickly fell into sleep.

“Stop it! Give it back!” Fara cried tearfully.

“Maybe I will if you give me a kiss,” Jaiden responded with a mocking smile, holding her purse up over his head.

Jaiden was 17 years old, and quite a bit taller than the 14-year-old Fara. She tried to reach up and grab it, but he’d let it get close to her fingertips and then pull it away before she could get it.

“Jaiden, give it to her,” I said. “It’s not funny.”

“Shut up, Cal. Why don’t you go play with your other vag.”

That’s what he called Callie when he spoke to me. He called her my other vag. He was implying she was me with a vagina. We didn’t even look that alike, and I hated that. I suddenly grew extremely angry, and then raced at him, charging him in the stomach. I wasn’t as tall as him, only 14, but he keeled over and I was able to get the purse from his hand. I threw it to Fara just as he recovered. I felt myself being shoved to the ground.

Jaiden’s face was filled with rage. He took several steps toward me, and he raised his foot. I knew he was going to kick my ass again. He liked to do that. However, just as he raised his foot, a shoe hit him in the side of the head. A girl suddenly stepped in front of me, putting her arms out defensively. He tossed the shoe away, shooting his attacker with rage, but that rage quickly left when he saw Cara. That look on his face, one filled with want and desire, was a look I never forgot.

He backed off, but it was more because the commotion had caught the attention of some adults, and he didn’t want to be caught bullying two girls and a young boy.

“This isn’t over,” he said, shooting me a dangerous look before taking off.

When Cara turned around and I saw her face, identical to Fara but different, I immediately fell in love. She brought out her hand and I reached out and took it.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

“Y-yeah… my brother is just an ass.”

“He’s your brother?”

“I’m Cara!” Cara nearly pushed her sister aside to put her hand out too. “Thank you for saving me.”

“Y-yeah…” I shook her hand too, but Cara didn’t immediately let go of it.

After that, I had hung around the girls regularly. We’d frequently go to the park. Being older, Jaiden didn’t have much interest in the park, so we thankfully avoided him. I hung out with both Cara and Fara, but it was Cara that I fancied. Fara was more feminine, but she was also more emotional and complained a lot more. Compared to her a rather tough sister, I just preferred Cara more.

Yet, Fara always seemed to appear when Cara was there. Even Cara seemed annoyed by it. Callie usually got lost when I went to play with Cara. I didn’t understand why Fara was different. I was desperate to see Cara without her sister around. I wanted some alone time with her. Mostly, I wanted to kiss her.

“You want to come to my house after school?” I managed to find a time to ask while her sister was in the bathroom.

“Yeah, sure.” She responded.

We made plans that Friday. I was nearly certain no one would be home. That meant it’d just be me and her. I’d like to say I wasn’t thinking about sex, but I was thinking about having sex with her. Well, we’d start with a kiss. Who knew what would come after. The day came, and I was extremely excited. I had even managed to swipe some condoms from my brother’s nightstand.

“Brother! Help!”

On my way home, I saw Callie and her friend were being propositioned by two guys twice their age. They had been heading for her friend’s house, and two young, pretty girls had caught the interest of others. Remembering what Cara had done, I threw my shoes at them. They were not happy about that, and unlike my brother, they gave chase.

“Run!” I yelled to the girls and then took off in the opposite direction.

I was chased for nearly an hour, jumping fences and getting cut up on sticks and twigs. Worse, it had all been in my bare feet. I had lost my socks pretty early on in a bush. I finally managed to lose them and then double back, but it was an hour later by the time I had finally reached my house. Cara wasn’t there waiting for me. I had blown it.

I went inside to find a phone and call her, but when I entered the house, I could hear squeaking and grunting noises. My young brain didn’t realize what I was listening to. I followed the noises to my brother’s room, and when I looked inside, it was a sight I could barely grasp. Cara was naked and under Jaiden, and he was thrusting into her.

“Caleb.” My name being called caused me to nearly fall over.

A soreness in my butt and back and a throbbing headache hit me all at once. It was daylight now.

“Wha-” I looked up to see Callie with her hands on my shoulder.

“Are you okay?” She asked hesitantly. “When we woke up, you were missing, and we got worried.

I shook slightly and then nodded. “I just… had a bad dream.”

It wasn’t a dream. It was a memory from long ago. I had almost completely forgotten about it. It happened as I remembered. Cara had come to my house, but Jaiden had been home, having dropped out of the sport he was supposed to be in without telling anyone. I don’t know what he said to her, but she had ended up having sex with him, which I walked in on. I don’t think they realized I saw, as I immediately took off after.

I always wanted to find out what happened, but shortly after she ended up pregnant and I couldn’t bring myself to add more to her burden. Part of me always thought the reason they hadn’t used condoms was that I had taken them and so my brother went bareback instead. After getting pregnant, mom forced him to take responsibility and he eventually married Cara. Of course, he didn’t take responsibility. It turned out he started banging Sally shortly after his daughters were born.

As for me, Fara seemed to have a crush on me, and whether it was my feelings of hurt, betrayal, or simply teenage horniness, I went far too fast with Fara, and a year later she was pregnant with Cassie. Thus, that sealed my fate for the next 17 years to come.

“Do you need… I don’t know… anything?” Callie asked awkwardly.

“No…” I responded woodenly as I finished waking up to a new day on the island.

Some memories were better kept in the past.

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