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The morning came, although I hadn’t gotten very much sleep the previous night. I was sitting on the cooler that I had received from the goddess shrine. To receive it, I had to molest my youngest sister, Val. Rather, I had to give her an orgasm. That was the condition the goddess had set for me. I had to make one of the women I was on this island with have an orgasm.

Val was sixteen, and for all I knew this was her first sexual experience. That experience had been taken by me. As for why I picked her, it was naturally because she was the youngest, and I felt like she might be the least likely to speak up over such a thing. It still made me feel like shit, and I was terrified she’d say something come morning. A single word and everyone on the island would turn on me in a second, food or no food.

“There are a few conditions…” The goddess declared. “Condition one. They must be related to you. I’ll accept your sister-in-law, but I prefer relations by blood! Condition two. You cannot tell them about me or my shrine. If you reveal my existence to try to get them to sympathize with you, then you can forget getting a single thing from me! Now, if you wish for food and water to feed your family, you must draw first blood. I want you to bring one of the women on this island to climax. How you achieve this is completely up to you.”

That’s what she had said, and she had fulfilled her side of the bargain. I had accidentally stumbled onto the shrine while I was going to take a piss, and feeling despair, I had prayed to god. It was this goddess who answered. I spent the rest of the day trying to find some way to make someone orgasm. I had even offered piggyback rides, to which all of the girls gave me bad looks. Finally, I came to my last option, attacking one of the girls while they were all asleep.

This was the second morning since the accident. We were out on a yacht tour, trying to enjoy a family vacation when a sudden storm struck and the ship sank. I suppose we could consider ourselves very lucky. While the captain and crew of the yacht didn’t make it, every member of my family did. I originally thought it a miracle, but now I knew it was divine intervention. It was this incest goddess who had made sure my entire family made it, all so she could begin this game of hers.

Other than myself, there were nine women on this island. There was my mother Crystal, who had started having kids when she was only fifteen, so she was rather youthful to be my mother. I was 32 years old, and my mother was only 47. I had three sisters. Valerie was the youngest, only 16 years old. There was Sally, who was 26, and then there was Callie, who was my identical twin sister.

Of course, my daughter Cassie was 17. I had her young as well. I had gone to great lengths to maintain her chastity so she didn’t end up like her mother and grandmother. There was my cousin Lana, who was my age, and a childhood friend. Then, there was my sister-in-law Cara and her kids Eve and Mya. Her kids were a pair of eighteen-year-old twins, and their mom was also an identical twin to my wife. What could I say? Identical twins ran in the family.

To say they were identical was off. Cara had slightly larger breasts and remained in much better shape than my wife. My wife Fara was the smart one, and Cara was the athletic one. As a result, Fara got a great job, while Cara had a rocking bod. As for whom I wish I had ended up with, the answer was pretty clear.

However, I was avoiding the question. This box of food would be gone before the day was out, and then we’d be right back where we started. The only chance we’d have at survival is if I got the next item from the goddess. That required a sacrifice, and that sacrifice was a blowjob.

While it seemed like a natural extension of what I had done last night, this time I needed the girl to participate. I couldn’t just stick my dick in someone’s mouth while they were sleeping and expect it to count. I’d have to convince someone to suck my dick, and I couldn’t tell them about the shrine at all. The goddess had made it clear that I couldn’t beat around the bush by saying something like, “I can’t tell you why, but if you suck my dick, I can get us water. Just trust me.”

Well, I didn’t think anyone would trust me if I said it, but it didn’t matter because I couldn’t say it. The goddess knew everything, and there was no way I could cheat my way out of the situation. I’d have to commit incest, or my family would starve.

So, who was the girl I should pursue? I recalled the incest goddess’s words about Lana the previous night. Could I see my cousin doing this? She wasn’t married, but she was in a serious relationship with a guy the last time I checked. No matter how close we were, or what we might have shared in the past, I just didn’t feel like I could dump on her more. My middle sister and sister-in-law were also married. My father had passed away last year, but there was no way I’d touch my mother. As for my twin Callie, how could I touch someone that looked like me? That only left the younger girls, and the twins were always together and my daughter was clearly off-limits.

I didn’t care what the goddess said about my intent. I had chosen Val for a very particular reason. She was the only choice that would have worked. So, why was I hesitating to push her to the next step? I had already fingered her to orgasm the previous night and even came in the process of feeling up her youthful body. However, that wasn’t the same thing. I had molested her, but I hadn’t committed any crimes. If I put it in her, that would be the end of me having any right to rejoin polite society.

If we did manage to someday escape this island, I didn’t want to live my life with the experience of committing a taboo. Yes, sixteen was legal in plenty of places, and on this unnamed island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, there was no age limit I had to abide by. That didn’t mean I didn’t want to retain some semblance of normalcy. That meant that Val was out. She’d be confused for a while, but hopefully, she just remembered it as a strange dream.

“Dad? What are you sitting on?”

It seemed like my chance to think this through had all come to an end. The light had come up over the horizon, and the girls were starting to get up. It was my daughter who had noticed me first.

“Good news,” I announced in a voice that probably should have sounded more excited. “I noticed this washing up on shore last night. It must have floated here.”

“Is that… that’s the food from our yacht!” Lana cried out.

“Thank goodness, I’m starving,” Mom added.

Everyone started talking excitedly amongst each other. I noticed there was one person who wasn’t saying anything though. It was Val. Instead, her eyes were looking at me. I couldn’t meet her eyes. I wish I could explain to her what last night was about, but it was impossible now. Instead, I stood up and flipped open the lid. The girls immediately started to move forward. As I reached into the cooler to pull out the food, a person stepped in front of me, blocking me from passing out the food.

I looked up to see my sister Callie’s ass right in my face. We had nearly identical faces and body types. Naturally, she was a woman and I was a man. Other than Lana, there was no one I had ever been closer to than Callie. We had showered together even up to our teens and sneaked into each other’s beds at night. Mom caught us in the shower together at thirteen, and that was when she put a stop to our closeness. She had sent Callie away to live with my grandparents for a year, and when she returned, she had seemingly changed, becoming rather bossy and cold.

Like with Lana, our relationship had once been stronger, but now we barely knew each other. As she moved in front of me, I found myself wondering idly if my butt was as nice as hers. She was a pretty girl, so I wondered why she had never found a guy.

“We can’t just hand out food. This is limited. We need to ration.” She declared in her typically snappy voice.

The younger girls looked upset, while the older ones looked taken aback. Callie shot me a look. It seemed to say that I needed to handle this. I was the one who had opened the cooler without establishing ground rules. Leave it to Callie to cause me trouble and then expect me to fix it.

I snapped the lid shut and nodded. “She’s right. There were only enough meals for lunch and dinner.”

“But we haven’t eaten in two days!” Eve cried out.

“There was just that pool of muddy water.” Maya nodded.

After the storm, there had been various puddles of water that weren’t saltwater. Attempting to drink from it was the only reason we had survived. However, the puddle was quickly evaporating, and the closer it reached the sediment, the more undrinkable it had become. It reaffirmed the need for a clean drinking source. That would mean… I cleared my throat.

“We’ll do half rations. One meal today. One meal tomorrow.”

“Then in two days, we’ll be right back where we started!” Callie shot me a glare.

“It’s okay. We’ll be rescued by then.” Mother smiled gently, trying to keep the peace.

Callie stared at me a moment before snorting and turning away. That was about as much of an acceptance as she would ever give. I opened the cooler again and then pulled out a single meal and a bottle of water for each person. Everyone could only drink half of a bottle, or we wouldn’t have enough for the next day. I made sure to remind everyone that this was all they had for the day, and to not eat it too fast. Not everyone listened to me.

As I handed Callie her portion, I held onto it when she tried to take it.

“Callie, if you wish to eat it less to make it last four days, no one will take what is yours.”

She yanked the meal from my hand. “Whatever.”

Just like that, our food supply was cut in half. As I closed the cooler back up, I could only feel a bit of bitterness. I had mentally prepared myself knowing it wouldn’t last, but knowing it and seeing it were two different things.

“Dad… I think my portion is a bit larger.” Hearing my daughter say this, I jumped slightly.

I wanted to hush her, but it was already too late. Everyone had heard.

“Are you giving your daughter extra food?” The person who snapped this time was Sally. “How dare you! Can’t you see we’re all starving?”

Sally had been one of those who had devoured her food as soon as she got it. She had even drunk 3/4th of the bottle, leaving only 1/4th left for Mother who was the person she shared with. Now, she was glaring with her hands on her hips. Even if everyone else was going to leave it alone, since she was making a scene, all of their eyes were on me.

If Val was quiet and introverted, and Callie was bossy and cold, Sally was the sister who had ended up extremely spoiled. Although she seemed like the middle child, she shared that role with my younger brother Jaiden, although they weren’t identical twins like me and Callie. He hadn’t been on the boat and didn’t end up in this situation. However, growing up, he had always doted on Sally, causing her to become quite a pest. Even though she was 26 and married, she still had this attitude that she could do and say whatever she wanted, and she deserved everything. Other than Jaiden, we older siblings mostly ignored her unless we were pushed into a situation like this.

With a sigh, I lifted my hands. “I gave her my share.”

Clearly, of everyone there, I was the only one that didn’t have a portion. Everyone made noises of surprise, but it wasn’t much. The only one whose expression didn’t change was Sally. I could practically hear the words running through that brat’s head.

“I’m your little sister. Don’t you think I’d need extra food too?”

That was probably what she was thinking. However, even she had enough sense not to say such a line in front of everyone there.

“D-dad… I can’t accept this. I don’t want to eat more than anyone else. It’s not fair.”

I smiled and gently stroked Cassie’s hair. I wanted to say that her kindness was learned by me, but that would be untrue. It didn’t come from my wife either. That didn’t mean that I didn’t appreciate how good-natured and fair she was. Although, it probably made it harder than both Eve and Maya were looking longingly at the food in her hands. They had also ignored my advice and quickly devour their portions.

I gently put my hand on the food she was trying to hand back to me and pushed it toward her. “I’ve given it away. If you don’t want to eat it, then you’re welcome to do what you want with it.”

Cassie looked uncertain for a second, but then she nodded. “I’ll split it, with the younger girls.”

There was a flash of desire in Sally’s eyes, but it quickly turned unhappy when it became clear she wasn’t part of the younger girls. Cassie split her portions into four, handing one to each of the twins, and then handing the other to Val. When she moved to Val, Val tensed up.

“N-no! I won’t take it.”

“Val…” Cassie looked down at her younger aunt awkwardly.

“You must eat my share, okay!”

Although she was shy, her expression was decided. Cassie reluctantly took the food back. Val hung her head down, and maybe no one else noticed, but she looked guilty. Of course, I understood why. I didn’t give Cassie my entire portion. I had split my portion in two and given it to both Cassie and Val. They were the two youngest there. The twins were adults, and besides, they had a parent there to take care of them. Of course, there was another reason I had chosen her. It was because of last night. I was still guilty about it. Since she had helped earn this food, in some weird way I felt like giving her this portion paid her back.

As for why she was guilty, it was because she hadn’t said a thing when she got more food than anyone else. Just like the twins and Sally, she was the other person who had eaten her food immediately. Perhaps, she hadn’t even noticed she had more food than anyone else until Cassie had said something. She had shot me a slightly confused look, but when I didn’t glance her way, she had seemingly figured it out. It wasn’t my intention to make her feel bad, but Cassie’s seeming kindness, even toward her, had clearly affected Val. Even when I tried to make things better, it seemed I only caused more problems.

The problems unfortunately weren’t over. As my daughter went to sit down so she could eat her portion of the food, someone cleared their throat rudely.

“Since some people don’t want extra, perhaps you shouldn’t be greedy and take more.” Sally didn’t sound like she was speaking to anyone but just announcing a fact.

Of course, she was speaking to my daughter, who after splitting up my portion and giving half of it away, still ended up with the other half. Sally expected the portion that Val refused to go to her. After all, she was the next youngest sister. I felt anger, while Cassie became flustered. I was just about to blow up on Sally, telling her that under no condition would she be allowed a piece of my rations. I knew it went back on what I had said that they were Cassie’s to do with what she wanted, but someone needed to put their foot down with Sally.

Before I could say something, I felt a tug on my shirt. I turned to see Cara standing there. She looked so much like my wife that it was stunning. No, she was a lot more beautiful than my wife, with toned skin, a shapely body, and a teasing smile. Well, I couldn’t prove her smile was teasing, but sometimes I imagined what it’d be like to kiss her. There was just one problem. She was married, and not just married, but married to my brother.

That was right. After I married Fara, my brother Jaiden ended up marrying Cara. So, there was a lot to lose by doing anything with her. I still gave my sister-in-law the respect she deserved. She pulled me to the side out of the reach of the others. I could only look on in dismay as my daughter gave up the larger portion of her extras to the smug-looking Sally. In the end, my daughter had only gotten 1/8th more than anyone else.

“Cal, this is bad,” Cara whispered.

I turned away from the scene and over to her. “I know.”

“There is no reason to believe a rescue will come in the next two days. If we don’t do something, we’ll starve.”

“I… I know.” I lowered my eyes.

“We need to go inward.”


“We need to go into the jungle.”

“It’s dangerous. There could be poisonous snakes and insects.”

“I know.” She sighed. “We promised ourselves we’d stay on the beach. However, I’m telling you that is impossible now. We need to look for food and we need to build a shelter, or we will all die.”

I closed my eyes, took a breath, and then opened them. “Okay, I will go into the jungle today and look for… anything.”

“Okay, but you’re not doing it alone.” Cara grabbed my shoulder. “I’m coming with you.”

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