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I wasn’t so foolish as to believe Callie had discovered such items through chance. It had to be the incest goddess acting in obscure and mysterious ways. She must have understood that if I magically found everything constantly, that the girls would grow suspicious of me, and may even guess some things. Guessing that I had an agreement with a goddess was probably on the extreme side, but it was still probably best if everyone had a few victories.

Callie couldn’t stop talking about how incredible her find was, which mostly just sounded like she wandered across it while getting lost, but I wasn’t in the mindset of listening to her at the moment. Instead, my thoughts are locked on what I had just done to Cara. While she was trying to save my life, I had suddenly taken advantage of her alone in the jungle, forcing her to give me fellatio. Since she had swallowed down my seed, we hadn’t said a word to each other.

She walked a half dozen steps behind my back, with her head down and her expression unreadable, not that I made any attempt to glance her way. I was mortified. I had targeted Valerie because I knew she wouldn’t comment on it. However, now I was deathly afraid of what Cara would say. With a single word, she could ruin my life.

Since I didn’t want to dwell on what I had done, I decided to focus instead on what was next. Callie brought us out into a clearing that was smaller than the one we had stopped in before, but it was punctuated by a rock wall at the very end, and in that rock wall was a very obvious crevice. Even from here, someone could hear the sound of water dripping.

“This is the place?” I asked.

Callie nodded excitedly. “Come in!”

I had to crouch to enter the cave. I found it hard to believe that Callie would have just climbed into this without knowing what was on the other side. There could be spiders, snakes, or anything else inside. Yet, she did, perhaps with the help of a certain goddess. It turned out the cave was extremely short and opened out into a small ravine.

There was the sky overhead, partially obscured by the sun. The walls went up to a rocky hill that was otherwise completely obscured by forest. The ravine narrowed to the point a human couldn’t walk through after only about twenty feet. What we ended up with was a small room about 20 by 6. On one wall was a small trickle of water running down into a small puddle on the ground. The other wall was overgrown with little red berries.

I couldn’t help but let out a small sigh. It was both everything I had asked for and nothing at all. There was barely enough room in it for all of us to fit, and those berries would be eaten in a day, maybe two. The water source was such a drizzle that it looked at a threat of running out any moment. Just filling a single canteen would take half a day. I found a rock nearby and slowly sat down on it.

Callie was still laughing, even taking a sip of water without testing to make sure it was even safe. I wasn’t worried though. This was provided by the goddess. Of course, the food and water would be safe. She wouldn’t want us growing sick and unable to commit more incest in her name, right?

“So, what do you think?” Callie asked, but when she looked down at me with a serious expression on my face, she finally snapped out of her giddy joy. “I know it’s not going to solve our problems, but it’s better than nothing, right?”

“Yeah…” I responded, my voice echoing through the cavern. “It’s better than nothing…”

“Callie, let’s go back and get everyone. This place at least gives some protection from the elements and the sun. Plus, we’ll need to be close to that water source.” Cara suddenly spoke up for the first time. “We’ll relocate everyone here for the time being.”

“Hmm? What about brother?”

“Someone should stay here, just in case. It’ll make finding it easier.” Cara declared.

I glanced up at Cara, and then she looked away. Callie was glancing back and forth between the two of us, only now seeming to notice that there was some tension between us. I didn’t know why Cara opted to leave with Callie. I feared that she was going to tell her everything. However, at that moment, I had wanted some alone time, so I didn’t argue.

“Go, Callie,” I spoke up. “I’ll try to get a fire going and find some way to cover this ravine. It’ll be like our own comfy little home.”

Callie slowly nodded, and then turned and left. She probably wanted to be the one who led them anyway. That way, she could take all of the credit. I didn’t move from my spot until I noticed that Cara was still standing there. She was watching me. I looked up at her, but I made sure to avoid her eyes this time. Her mouth was open like she wanted to say something, but after a moment, she decided not to. Turning around, she disappeared into the cave.

I remained sitting in the shady ravine for a few more minutes before speaking up. “This isn’t enough.”

“You would target the in-law, wouldn’t you… that’s barely incest at all!” A somewhat petulant voice came from behind me, even though I was pressed against a wall.

Two arms came out and wrapped around me, hugging me from behind. Her beautiful form slowly floated out of the wall before landing right next to me. She looked down at me with a mischievous gleam in her eyes.

“I’ve likely destroyed my relationship with my brother. When my wife finds out…”

“If… if she finds out.” The goddess put her finger to her lips and winked. “It’s not as bad as you make it seem. Truth has a way of bubbling to the surface.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of!”

“You misunderstand… I’m not talking about what you to did, I’m talking about the feelings you repress deep down inside.”

“What feelings? My wife is the one I love. Just because she looks similar to my wife doesn’t mean anything.”

“You want to know something interesting about humans?”

“Can I answer no?”

“Humor me.” She chuckled. “The idea of human beauty tends to coincide with human expectation. To a human, the most beautiful thing is the most familiar. This is why men marry women similar to their mothers, and women marry men similar to their fathers. Ever wonder what drives those interested in the same sex? It’s that same familiarity. They want something comfortable… something familiar.”


“You don’t see the beauty of it?” She asked, raising an eyebrow. “Who are you more familiar with than your own family? You don’t want to date someone like your mother, you want your mother. However, we repress these wants and desires. We’re programmed to. That doesn’t mean they aren’t still there. Your family lives like you live, had seen what you’ve seen, and knows you better than anyone else. That’s why I’m so important.”

“You don’t say…” My voice came out dryly.

“All I’m saying is that deep down inside you, you want to bang those closest to you. You want a taste of the familiar. It’s comforting; it’s refreshing; it’s home.”

I wasn’t there to argue semantics with her. Rather, I didn’t care about the glory of incest or the deep dark feelings down within. I just wanted my family to survive. I just wanted to live and be rescued and return to the life I once had.

“The only thing I want is enough food and water to hold out until we’re rescued,” I spoke slowly.

She leaned back, and a small smile formed on her face. “That will require more, much more.”

“How much more?” I asked. “Weren’t you going to get me a list?”

“I’m not sure you’re ready for a list. Besides, do you want me to pick and choose who and what? However, if you want more food and water, I’m going to need penetration at least.”

“Sex?” I turned white.

“Maybe that Cara girl will be willing?” She offered, making a distasteful face. “She’s not related, but I suppose you still need to be eased into it, huh?”

“I-if… I have sex… I’ll have enough food and water? Permanently?” I licked my lips nervously.

“You wish to push it.” She chuckled. “Not that I don’t mind being forced now and then, but don’t push me too far. I will accept your terms. Enough food and water that you won’t need to worry about starvation. Is that acceptable?”

“Yes,” I responded. “And that will be the last time I plan to give you anything.”

She smirked. “You’re far too hasty. Needs pile up quickly. For example, how do you plan to get the fire started?”

“We had th-” I stopped, realizing we had started the fire because of a matchbox that Sally had on her.

This was one of the reasons that Sally had been so full of herself because she had been the one that had allowed us to make the fire. She had also used the last of the matches lighting up her cigarettes, which she smoked through the first day before we realized how serious this all was. Without those matchsticks, I didn’t know how to start a fire.

“What about that cover you promised? Oh, boy… it looks like it’ll rain tonight. How many will you fit in that cave? Three? At least half of you are going to have to sit in the rain. That won’t be good at all.”

“Y-you…” I stood up, glaring at her, but she had floated up to the point she was out of my reach, sitting on the ledge at the top of the ravine.  

She chucked something down, which landed at my feet. I instinctively crouched down and picked it up. I fumbled in my hands as I felt some kind of box with a metal stick on a string attached to it. Wasn’t this one of those flint strikers used to start fires? With amazed eyes, I looked up at her.

“I’ll consider that on loan. If you do what I ask by tomorrow morning, I won’t take it back. As for the cover, the plants have long, wide leaves, and you can reach the tops easily up here. A little to the side the hill has a flat enough incline you can climb up. Then, you can just create a roof with leaves. I’m feeling generous, so I’ll give you that advice for free.”

“Tomorrow morning!” I looked up to complain, but seeing her dark look, I could only look back down in shame. “I understand.”

There was no way I’d be able to have sex by tomorrow morning with anyone. I would only have this fire striker for tonight. That meant I couldn’t let the next fire go out. I held it tightly in my hand, reminding myself that I couldn’t make any more mistakes.

“Just remember, needs become wants, and wants become needs. I’m not far away.”

I looked up, but she had already disappeared. Shaking my head, I finally stood up and left the small little place that would become our home for the foreseeable future. I couldn’t put the fire in the ravine. There just wasn’t enough space and I didn’t want to risk carbon monoxide build-up. Thus, we’d create a camp. Hopefully, the fire would keep away predators and make it easier to find this place.

Looking up in the sky, I could see dark clouds gathering. There was going to be a storm tonight. We were lucky to find this shelter just in time. Had we been on the beach when this hit, it would have been a disaster. I was especially worried about my mother. Getting caught out in a storm could cause her to fall sick at her age, and maybe even die of pneumonia.

I needed to find some way to protect everything too through the storm. However, I wasn’t going to work on covering the ceiling until everyone was back and the fire was going. That smoke rising would be my marker so I could get back. The forest was so thick I worried that they might not be able to find this place. That was all the more reason I needed to get the fire going quickly. I had been so thick before. I didn’t even think for a moment about how I was going to make the fire before they left.

That said, even with the striker box, I was not an experienced wilderness expert. I gathered some wood and what looked like it’d make good kindling, and I got to work. Even with the strike, I struggled to get anything going. It only made little sparks, and no matter how many sparks I made, nothing would catch. A lot of the wood this deep in the jungle was wet. I should have grabbed some of the dryer wood from the beach.

I heard some thundering in the distance. The storm was coming, and the sun was setting. I started to feel even more desperate, especially since they hadn’t arrived at camp yet. I finally gut the fire going. As flames caught and I desperately tried to get more and more to catch, I heard some rustling from the woods. As their face busted through, and Cara let out a breath of relief. Callie shoved past her and let out a cry of happiness.

“See! I knew I could find it!”

More and more of the girls pushed their way through from the brush, and I couldn’t help but feel a hand that was squeezing my heart loose. They had all made it, and the fire was starting to grow. It turned out they didn’t need its light or smoke to find me.

“We called for you.” Cara frowned, looking at me for the first time since earlier this morning.

“I… didn’t hear you,” I responded.

I didn’t hear them. Was the forest so thick that the sound was all caught up, or had I been so focused on getting the fire started that I hadn’t noticed? Neither answer made me feel better.

“Where did you find that?” Her eyes flashed to the striker still in my hand.

“The beach…” I spoke before I realized the suspiciousness of those words. “Um… earlier. I was just lucky, I guess.”

There was no easy way to explain away such a useful tool. I threw it in my pocket, even though she was still looking at me.

“Dad!” Cassie had been in the rear, and as soon as she broke into the clearing she let out a cry and ran to me, throwing her arms around me.

“Yeah… what’s up?” I was a little surprised at her sudden enthusiasm.

“Auntie Callie was saying you were bit by a snake. I was worried.” She sniffed.

I shot Callie a look, who was completely unabashed.

“You are okay, right?” Mom asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine. We… um… took care of… the snake…” My eyes couldn’t help but dart to Cara next to me, who suddenly went rigid, her face turning red.

She turned around and retreated, but no one noticed because a second later someone let out a loud irritated sound. Sally hadn’t bothered to check on me and instead went straight to the cage, only to come out a moment later while complaining loudly.

“This is it? That’s all the food? Caleb probably stayed behind so he could eat half of it.”

“I didn’t,” I responded defensively.

Sally, that’s how much food there was.” Callie got defensive. “Maybe it’s not enough to feed your fat ass.”

“What did you say?” Sally’s face changed.

Sally and Callie didn’t like each other, and I could feel another fight brewing. However, as if nature was doing us a favor, there was a sudden crack of thunder that was loud enough everyone jumped. Eve and Maya grabbed each other, while Cassie threw her arms around me. I was surprised to feel someone grab me from the other side, and I looked to see it was Valerie. After what I had done to her a night before, I was shocked that she’d come to me for safety. After the roaring of the thunder, there was a silence that followed the group.

“The rain is coming.” Lana declared, shooting me a strange look as she saw the two youngest girl’s party clinging to me.

“I haven’t gotten a roof on that ravine yet.” My face turned white.

The fire had taken far longer than I had anticipated. As if to punctuate that point, I felt a drop on my cheek, and then another. The fire sizzled as water began to fall on it.

“You didn’t cover the ravine?” Callie cried out. “We’ll be washed out for sure.”

I pulled my arms out of the girl’s grips and stood up. “Everyone get into the cave the best you can. I’m going to put the cover on now.”

“Bro…” Callie seemed a bit surprised at the tone of my voice.

“I said go!”

I turned away from them and then headed to the side, walking around the hill as the goddess had asked. I moved quickly, stumbling as I went, all while cursing myself. All of my work to start a fire, and the rain would take it out in minutes. Yet, the thing I should have been focused on, making a shelter, I had neglected. At the time, I had been worried about signaling them, but now I realized I had messed up again and I was furious with myself.

The rain had already reached a drizzle, and my shirt was slowly but assuredly getting wet. Every few minutes there was a flash and rumble in the distance. This was going to be a bad rainfall, and already the girls would be sleeping in a damp ravine with no fire, all because of me. I found the hill and desperately climbed up it. I needed to move on all fours because it was barely enough for me to climb. I had to use vines to grab, and they’d occasionally break, causing me to slip.

However, I didn’t act remotely cautious, and I scrambled to the top of the hill. I then looked around and began plucking off leaves from trees. The trees were ground level, and the hill was just tall enough to be under their leaves, so really the leaves were as tall as the hill and easy to grab. This was an excellent vantage point. I could get a view over the jungle from here, that was if it wasn’t dark already with a storm coming.

Every moment, the rain was getting harder, and a wind had come in as well. I struggled to put the leaves down, hastily blocking the crack. At this point, I was already soaked, but I had managed to stem off the water flow. I wasn’t sure if this would last the entire rainstorm though. I’d add another layer to be certain. I ran back to get more leaves, but my foot was too close to the edge of the hill. The wet sod gave way and I slipped. Just as I went to do a side tumble down the hill, two hands reached out and grabbed me. They pulled me back and righted me. I turned in surprise to see Cara there.

She was completely wet, and her white shirt shown completely through. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and I was almost able to see everything.

“Why… did you do it?” She suddenly demanded.

I didn’t ask her what she meant. I knew exactly what she meant. I had been waiting for this question since the moment I had grabbed her head. The rain was falling so hard now I could only just see her. It was loud, and she had nearly needed to yell it out to be heard.


“I’m married to your brother. You’re married to my sister. Did you just want Fara and figured I looked close enough?” She asked incredulously.

“That’s not it.” I tried to pull away from her grip.

“Then what is it?” She pulled me closer, not letting me look away.

“I wanted you!” I declared. “I’ve always wanted you!”

There, I had said it. The goddess had been right. I had always lusted after Cara. That’s why I had picked her. Why wouldn’t I? She was fit, capable, smart, and selfless. She was all of the things my wife wasn’t. I was stuck with Fara because I met her first? It wasn’t fair!

Cara was stunned, her eyes wide, her mouth open. An impulse flowed through me that I couldn’t control. I grabbed her and kissed her. She didn’t resist as my tongue entered her mouth. Then, we fell to the muddy ground, and in the rain and on that hilltop, our clothing started to come off.

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