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If I tried to grasp the driving force running through my mind as we stood on top of that hill, only a few dozen meters from the crack where my daughter, her daughters, and the rest of our family were waiting, huddled up in the dark, worried about us, I wouldn’t be able to tell you anything. I just felt an intense desire to ravish my wife’s sister. I didn’t know if it was some latent desire for my wife. No, I didn’t think it was that. I wanted Cara specifically. I had always wanted Cara.

Days on this island where I wasn’t able to obtain any release combined with the little bit of pleasure I had obtained earlier exploded into a feral desire. I ripped off Cara’s clothing, moving so recklessly that I even tore off two buttons and ripped the shirt. On this island where our clothing couldn’t be replaced, this wouldn’t do, but I couldn’t stop myself as I pulled off her clothing. The rain was pouring down on us now. The light was out, and there was barely enough I could see here.

If there wasn’t a thunderstorm, then there was no way we could do this so close to home. Every noise would be heard clearly. Yet with the thudding of the rain and the occasional roar of thunder, we could be as loud as we wanted and no one would hear. Was this also a plan of the incest goddess? Had she sent this thunderstorm to cover up my naughty deeds and allow me to ravish Cara, the very assignment she had given me?

I looked down at Cara, having stripped her upper body free of clothing. She stared up at me wordlessly, seemingly waiting for my next move. Even if she had spoken, I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself from continuing. My hands immediately went to her breasts.

When it came to my wife, shortly after she had gotten pregnant, she had made her breasts off-limits. At first, she claimed they were sore, and then she claimed she didn’t want the milk to leak out of them since it was embarrassing. This lasted until our daughter was two. After that, it was a long list of excuses. They eventually settled on her being self-conscious as she got older and they started to sag. She usually wore a shirt during sex. I didn’t even remember the last time I saw her completely naked.

I didn’t know how comparable the two women’s breasts were, but Cara’s were pert and sexy. They had a good size to them, causing them to sag slightly, but with her, on her back, they looked completely delectable. They were pale in the low lighting, with flawless, smooth skin that was covered in goosebumps and water droplets from the rain. Her breasts had perfect pink little nubs, and small areoles that were a lighter color than the nipples, which were hard thanks to the cold.

I first put my palms on each breast, enjoying the feel of her nipples poking into my palms. My fingers slowly tightened, grasping her tits, one in each hand, and squeezing them with my calloused fingers.

“Nnn…” She clenched her teeth together as she made a gentle moan, but it was impossible to tell whether it was from pleasure or pain.

Even though I couldn’t make out her expression in the dark, my passions were only increasing as I looked down at her. I adjusted my grip on her right breast and then lowered my head, immediately taking it into my mouth. I started to roughly suck on her boob, my tongue rapidly flicking over the nipple as my hand massaged the base. I didn’t act gently or refined. Years of restraining myself around my wife had seemingly drawn out the beast in me. I sunk my teeth into her breast.

“Ahhhn… ahhh…” Her voice came out louder, her back shifting slightly and her hand touching my face and pushing slightly.

I pulled back, my teeth grazing along the soft skin of her bosom until it reached the nipple. Then, I snapped down and pulled the nipple with me as I bit it, stretching her breast. She let out another cry, but she stopped pushing my face away. As I let go and allowed her nipple to snap back, I could see the nipple was redder and her areola was more pronounced. I attack her other breast while I took my thumb and pointer finger and pinched her free nipple.

My fingers began to manipulate the nipple, twisting it and pulling it while my tongue flicked over the other nipple aggressively. When I needed breath, I opened my mouth against her breast and let out long hot bouts of air. My tongue remained out, flicking her nipple in every direction.

“Haaah… Nnnhaaaa…” Cara panted as her hand ended up on the back of my head. “Please…”

That was the first word she uttered, although it wasn’t clear what she was asking for. If she was asking me to please stop, I didn’t think I could do that. I was rock hard now. One would think that it hadn’t only been twelve hours ago when she had given me a blowjob. Rather, I had never been the kind of guy to be satisfied once. I wasn’t satisfied with sex until I came at least three times. A single cum only left me frustrated and horny.  

When I was in high school, I had once told this to my friends. Most of them didn’t believe me. Those that did said it must have been because I was a twin. I had inherited a feminine trait, which they made fun of, calling me girly. It had become a trait I was somewhat ashamed of. When I started a relationship with my wife, she had found it weird, thinking I should be done after I came. As time progressed, she got more annoyed by it, claiming sex took too long and I sort of got used to never being satisfied.

That only helped build the sexual frustration that had lead to this moment. My hand left her breast and began to unbuckle her jean pants. As soon as the front was unzipped, I plunged my hand down her panties, pushing past her hairy pubic fat pouch and down to her cunt. My fingers quickly found her hole and plunged inside. I was delighted to feel that she was wet, but we were in the hot sun and now the soaking rain, so I thought nothing of it as my fingers began to push their way in and out of her, two at a time.

“Ahhh… ahhh..” She reached out and grabbed my wrist, but she didn’t pull it away.

She merely held onto my wrist, as if she just needed some support, as my wrist began to twist, sending my fingers in and out of her. While I was doing this, I was still sucking and licking her breasts. They would have likely been slimy and red if not for the rain constantly falling on us. With her pussy being roughly fingered, the expression on Cara’s face had finally changed. Her brow was creased and her eyes were closed. Her mouth was open in an appearance of agony. Once again, I couldn’t tell if it was pain or pleasure, and I wasn’t sure if I cared.

“Hah… Hah… Hah… ahhh….” She let out moans.

Could those down below hear us? The rain was like a drum on the rocks around us, and the thunderstorm caused a roar every minute or so. I could only hear her because her mouth was a mere foot from my ears. Her legs squeezed together suddenly as her back arched. She let out a particularly loud wail. Thankfully, the thunder boomed at the same time, hiding the sound. Was that also the incest goddess. Was she watching even now?

What I was doing wasn’t enough for her, right? She had said it herself. If I wanted to keep the fire starter, I had to penetrate a woman with my penis by morning. She had given me everything I needed to make that possible. There was a half-naked woman under me who didn’t resist, and a thunderstorm that covered every noise. Since it had to be this way, then it would be this way. I pulled away so quickly, that the orgasming Cara was caught by surprise, her eyes widening in confusion.

I reached down and grabbed her jeans and underwear with my hands, grabbing just behind her hips, and then pulling forcefully. Her body slid down a few inches, but the pants pulled down, making Cara completely naked on that hill. She tried to twist her body, hiding, but I grabbed her legs and yanked them apart, jumping on top of her. I fumbled with my pants like I was in a race, which caused my hands to keep slipping thanks to the wet zipper. I finally pulled my dick out and brought it up to Cara.

When I had it pressed against her, my eyes ended up looking up, where I could see her face. She was staring at me, her expression still hidden. The rain trickled down her cheeks, making it look like she was crying. Was I hurting Cara? Was I making her cry? Why couldn’t she understand I was saving her. I was saving all of them!

Deep down, I knew these thoughts were rather nonsensical. Perhaps I had a bit too much exposure.  Perhaps it was the freezing rain. Perhaps it was the goddess. I didn’t know what, but my anger seemed to ignite my lust even more. As I shoved myself into Cara, for a moment I didn’t see her, but my wife. All of my anger, sexual frustration, and unhappiness were unleashed on her. I grabbed Cara roughly by the hips, and I began to pound her with my dick. She was already wet enough, and my dick slid in.

“I-it’s big!” I heard her gasp.

It was the feeling of Cara’s cunt wrapped around my dick that seemed to bring me back. She was tight. My wife wasn’t as tight as Cara. I didn’t know if it was because my brother’s dick was smaller or if it was because Cara exercised more. She had two babies while Fara had one… but while Fara had done nothing to restore her body after, Cara had worked out a lot.

I recalled my wife used to mock her behind closed doors, saying that Cara was too vain and that all her work would amount to nothing because her body was only going to get older. I had agreed with my wife at the time, all while secretly coveting her sister’s body. At present, I was inside of Cara. I was on top of her. That body that I had lusted after all of those years was finally mine to enjoy. This wasn’t Fara, but another woman who felt completely different.

The thought of it was enough to bring me to the edge. I didn’t slow down at all, continued to pound into her, our parts making loud wet slaps. Every time my cock slid into her pussy, rain would start to puddle between us, and when I pulled away, it fell, rolling down her butt crack.

“Ahhhn… Ahhh!” She was moaning wildly now, her hands trying and failing to grasp anything around her.

As soon as her pussy began to contract, my cock could no longer take it. Her pussy was like a suction cup, desperately wanting my cum. My balls were happy to abide. It was like our sexual organs had a mind of their own and made an agreement without our consent. I began to cum, and it was sucked down by her pussy, filling her up from the inside.

“Ahh… ahhh… y-yeah…” She panted, her body starting to calm down.

However, my body didn’t calm down at all. I only felt a more intense desire. Not able to help myself, I reached down and grabbed Cara. She let out a cry of surprise as I wrapped my arms around her from behind. I pressed her naked chest against me, my arms grabbing her shoulders. I started to thrust into her again. This time, my speed was much slower, but rougher. I made hard thrusts into her, my dick squelching into her wet, spoiled pussy, pushing out cum that washed away in the rain. My thrusts were hard, rhythmic, and well-paced.

I felt Cara grab onto me, her arms wrapping around my shoulders and holding onto the back of my neck while her legs wrapped around my hips. The look she was giving me now was no longer expressionless. Rather, there was a look I had only seen on my wife, and I hadn’t seen such a look in a long time. It was a look of affection. I couldn’t look away. Even as my hips continued to take her, my eyes looked into her eyes, and her eyes looked into mine.

It gave me an extremely complicated feeling. The anger I had felt earlier was gone. For all intents and purposes, I had already done the deed, so if I pulled off of her this second, I had done what the goddess wanted. However, I couldn’t pull away. I didn’t want to stop. I wanted to continue to be with Cara. I didn’t know who made the first move. Did I feel pressure as she push down on my head, or did I just start lowering my head? Either way, our mouths met, and we started to kiss.

I couldn’t even feel the rain anymore. It was like I had fallen into my little world. Cara’s body was warm under me, and it was more than enough that I could ignore any level of discomfort just to stay like this. The feel of her pussy expanding every time my cock thrust forward was incredible. The feel of her little pink tongue trying to battle against my own was wonderful. I got so enamored in these motions, that when she suddenly pulled her lips away and let out a cry, her brow furrowing, I was surprised.


“What’s wrong?” I asked like an idiot.

“I-I’m cumming again…” She moaned, her legs tightening as I could feel her abdomen spasming. “Ahh… ahhh… hah…”

This seemed to snap me out of my daze, and I realized I was about to cum too. I sped up my thrusts a bit faster, causing her voice to rise an octave. My cock pushed deep into her, her legs trying to help me push in deeply.

“Yes… yes… I want it deep.” Her voice was quiet but forceful. “Please…

I used my hips even harder, lifting her butt slightly so I could reach into her deepest parts.

“C-Cal?” She asked suddenly.

“What?” I asked a bit strained, getting very close to orgasming.

“Can you tell me you love me?” She asked.

My thrusting stopped for a moment. “Huh?’

She blushed, turning her eyes down. “It doesn’t have to be true. I just… want to hear it.”

Seeing her like that, I realized my heart was beating fast. Of course, after ten minutes of such strenuous activity, it’d be weird if my heart wasn’t beating fast, but for some reason, it felt like something more. I reached out my hand and cupped her cheek. I lifted her face, my thumb wiping across her lips. My eyes met her eyes directly.

“Cara… I love you.” I declared and then began to thrust into her again while maintaining eye contact.

I barely made a few thrusts when her legs tightened again. Her lips wrapped around my thumb as she began to orgasm yet again, her moans muffled against my thumb. That was enough, and I also began to cum. I pushed myself as deep as I could, shooting white-hot matter deep into her womb. Neither of our eyes closed. As the pair came, we maintained eye contact the entire time.

As soon as I finished, there was a sudden lightning strike. It struck right next to us, and I heard a boom. Cara jumped in my arms as a sound came that was loud enough that my ears rang. The entire hill we were on shook. It hit around the crevice where our family was staying, and it seemed to snap me out of the moment. When I looked over at the makeshift tarp, I realized the heavy rain had caused it to collapse, meaning my family had no cover.

This awakening call made me aware of other things too. I could feel a burning against my back. I realized my back was going numb from the cold rain. I started to feel pain in my knees, and a bone-chilling cold run through my body. I quickly pulled myself off of her in a panic, my dick flopping out of her. There was a gush of white that fell out, immediately mixing with the rain. She looked just as fearful, getting up as she hastily used her fingers to quickly rinse the area.

She found her drenched clothing and began to throw them on, while I was already making my way down the hill. What the hell was I doing? We were in the middle of a severe thunderstorm having sex. We could have been struck at any moment. If that lightning hurt my family, I didn’t know if I could ever forgive myself. I ended up slipping, falling halfway down the hill, and hitting a tree to stop myself. By that point, Cara was dressed and coming down. I did force myself to stop at the bottom and then put out a hand, helping her come down.

The pair of us looked to be a mess. We were covered in dirt, our clothing a mess. Our hair was drenched. Our skin was red with cold, and our outfits had various tears. Yet, neither of us thought about the optics as we sped around the hill and finally barged into the cave.

“Oh, Cal! You’re alright!” It was Mother who spoke first. “Thank goodness!”

I desperately looked around to see that everyone was in the cave. They were huddled together in sitting positions, barely enough room to fit all of them.

“You’re all here?” I asked.

“We were waiting for you to finish and give the go-ahead,” Callie spoke up. “When you didn’t come, everyone got worried.”

I felt my face going hot. Thankfully, it was already red with the cold. They had been worrying for fifteen minutes, and I had been doing that with Cara. I made sure to not look her way, and from the corner of my eye, I could see her doing the same.

“What happened to you guys anyway?” Callie demanded.

“Uh… we… um…”

“We fell.” Cara declared.

“Yeah.” I nodded. “We fell and got stuck… but we got out, no problem.”

“Well, did you run into Lana?” Mom asked. “She left to look for you.”

“Lana?” I cried out.

“I’m fine.” Lana’s voice suddenly came from behind, causing me to spin around.

A drenched-looking Lana was standing there. She also had some dirt on her, but she wasn’t nearly as filthy as us.

“L-Lana?” I asked as realization slammed into my mind. “D-did you see anything?”  

Lana looked between me and Cara, and I could hear the blood thumping in my ears.

“I saw you returning to the cave.” She finally said.

I let out a long breath.

“Honey, get in here before you get sick. Ah… I found this blanket on the beach. You can all wrap yourselves around it.” Mom had gotten up, and at that point, we couldn’t even protest. “Do as I say… we’re all just going to have to make do. No one can lie down until this storm passes. We’ll stay in here where it is safe. No arguments!”

I found myself shoved on the ground right next to Lana and Cara, and a blanket was thrown over all three of us. As the three wet people, no one else wanted to touch us, but to stay warm, we had to hold each other. I wrapped my arm around Cara. She didn’t react, but she did rest her head on my chest in a way that was more intimate than I expected. At the moment, she likely still had my cum leaking from her, and now I had to hold her in front of everyone.

That’s when I felt Lana push against me from the other side. She grabbed onto me tightly for some reason. I looked down to see that she wasn’t looking in my direction at all. Her head was turned away. However, her cheek was red, and little trickles of water were falling down it. That was just the cold and the rain, right?

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