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“Ugh… I’m already sick of coconut.” Sally made a face as she looked down at the broken shell sitting on the rock in front of her. “Cal! Where is the fish you promised me?”

“I don’t have a fishing line or a hook. The plant fiber I find is either too short or too brittle.”

“Aren’t you a man? What good are you then?” She snapped angrily.

“Why don’t you eat the berries you pocketed?”  I snapped back, causing her to blink.

After a second, she looked away, mumbling under her breath. “It’s just more fruit. We can’t live on this stuff forever.”

“You’re doing fine.” I felt a pat on my shoulder as Mom used my shoulder to sit down next to the pool. “We were all just thinking we’d be rescued by now.”

 “I know…”

I was sitting there working on the fishing pole. It was just a stick with some grass tied to the end. I tried various ways to make a string, but I just didn’t know what I was doing, and nothing I had nearby worked. I could go looking all over the island, and possibly never find an appropriate item. Would that be considered bad luck, or divine intervention? As I looked up at the pole bitterly, Mom used a coconut shell to scoop some water out of the pool, then wet a piece of her dress she had torn off.

“How is she?” I asked, feeling my heart tighten.

“It’s just the flu.” Mom answered gently, “It’ll be fine.”

As we heard a hoarse-sounding cough, we both turned to see Cara near the fire, wrapped in a blanket. Her skin was pale and there was sweat on her forehead. Her eyes were closed, but they flickered rapidly as if she was having a rather unpleasant dream.

A day and two nights had passed since I had last spoken with the incest goddess. At the time, I had asked a particular question.

“If I fuck Lana, what will I get?”

She had looked at me, an amused expression on her face. “What do you want?”

“Fishing supplies,” I responded immediately. “Also, blankets for everyone. Ah, a tarp that won’t fall during a rain storm… oh! And a front door for the cavern.”

“Aren’t we getting greedy?” She raised an eyebrow.

“You’ve given me more for less! I’d be having sex… w-with a relative. Isn’t that what you want?”

“A cousin…” She scoffed. “Hardly exciting. Besides, isn’t her participation already almost assured? A certain thing is quite boring.”

“You’re not the pickup goddess, you’re the goddess of incest! What does it matter how easy she is?” I demanded angrily.

“You’re starting to get quite full of yourself.” Her expression darkened. “You forget your place. I’m only helping you for my amusement. When you put on a good show that honors my presence, I’ll be generous, but when you make me displeased… there will be consequences.”

“I just want what I’m owed!”

“Owed?” Her body seemed to suddenly resonate with strength, and for a second, I thought I had gone too far. “I only helped you as far as I did to meet your needs. Now, you speak of wants to me? How quickly you’ve been corrupted. Humans are truly a despicable lot.”

I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself as I spoke through gritted teeth. “I need those things.”

She let out a snort. “Alright. We’ll do things your way. I will give you everything you ‘want’. Just creampie any relative related to you by blood.”

I narrowed my eyes suspiciously. “Lana…”

She rolled her eyes. “She counts. She’s not an unknown unrelated relative. As if I would tolerate such pseudo-incest.”

I still waited for the catch, licking my lips. “A time limit?”

She gave an innocent look. “No time limit. However, until you complete this task, don’t expect any other help from me. Whatever needs may come your way, you must deal with them yourself.”

With that, she vanished, not even offering me a chance to accept her conditions. I didn’t know what her game was. I suppose it didn’t matter as long as I got what I asked for. Of course, I could have asked for more, like a generator and a space heater, a full house, or even a boat, but I didn’t think a cousin would be enough to sway her with that.

The next morning, Cara began to get the chills, and by the night, she was bedridden with the flu. I quickly realized it was from our night fucking under the rain. Being half-frozen and soaked for an entire night in filthy clothing, it was more of a miracle we weren’t all sick.

I could argue this must be the consequence that the incest goddess warned me about. She had either known this would happen all along or maybe she made it happen as soon as I displeased her. So I could pick. I did this by pushing Cara down in a rainstorm, or because I had talked back to the goddess. Either way, it was entirely my fault.

“What can we do for her?” I asked Mom quietly as I looked at the pale and sickly woman.

“We could use more blankets.” Mom sighed, standing up. “Some protein would help too. Other than that, she’s just going to have to pull through on her own.”

She walked over to Cara, and then put the wet cloth on the woman’s forehead. Her eyes only fluttered open for a second before closing again. Whether they exchanged any words, I was too far away to hear. The result was still the same. I needed the fishing pole and the blankets. That meant I had to follow the goddess’s request. After a moment, my eyes wandered to Lana. She was close to the fire, her arms wrapped around her knees as she seemingly stared at it.

We hadn’t spoken since I kissed her two nights ago. She had remained extremely distant and quiet from everyone else since then. Coming to a decision, I stood up and walked over to grab some of the sticks I had fetched from the forest the previous day. I walked over to the fire and made a point of carefully putting them into the flame while standing right next to Lana.

“Tonight,” I whispered, causing her to nearly jump. “Tonight, when everyone is asleep, meet me outside the cave. There is an area hidden behind the brush to your left. Be there.”

I finished throwing the rest of the sticks and then turned and walked away. Lana had opened her mouth, but she didn’t respond. It was probably better that way. Would she come? I had to believe she’d be there. I had always suspected she had a crush on me, and she all but admitted it two nights ago. I could get her to come to meet me at the rendezvous. That would lead to the more difficult part, convincing her to have sex. If I came on too strong, I’d scare her away. I didn’t want her running like last time. That’s also why I left my invitation so wide open.

I returned to my failed fishing rod. It seemed like I was no good at any of this survival crap. The only thing I seemed to be good at was molesting my family. I spent the rest of the daylight hours going over what I would say to Lana in my head over and over again. The night couldn’t arrive fast enough. When it did, I noticed that Lana chose to sleep farther away from the rest of the girls.

Without blankets, the girls had started taking to lying next to each other. Other than Cara, who was sick, the rest of the women remained in very close proximity. I was not allowed to be in that pile and had to brave the cold on my own, but I didn’t mind. I didn’t want to risk my hands feeling up the wrong girl again. I pretended to sleep deep into the night while keeping an eye on Lana’s blanket.

Finally, after what felt like forever, I saw her form slowly rise, and then she went out through the small entrance. My heart was thumping in my chest pretty hard. Was I honestly excited by the chance of getting to fuck my cousin? What the hell was wrong with me? No, this wasn’t that weird. We had been childhood friends. I had always wondered what it would be like to be with her. This wasn’t because she was related or anything. I was just curious.

I waited a few minutes, and then carefully left as well, pushing my way through the exit and then walking out into the moonlit night. On this tropical island, especially since the tropical storm blew through, the days had been hot and humid, while the nights were cold and muggy. I decided to play it safe, and rather than head straight to the spot, I moved into the forested brush., and worked my way around from the side. Just in case someone saw me go out, I didn’t want them to see me going the same way Lana went. I had already been caught once. I didn’t plan to be caught again. If anyone asked, we just both went to use the restroom in different directions.

I quickly made my way around, and as I approached the spot where we were going to meet, my eyes landed on a peculiar sight. It was a bear-naked butt, bent over. Lana had her pants and underwear pulled to the ground, and she was leaning over between two trees. Her head was shoved into a bush. I was confused for a moment, but then I remembered how embarrassed she could be. When she felt embarrassed to talk to someone, Lana would often cover herself in a blanket, and then mumble to them through it.

Was the idea of having sex with me so embarrassing that she just got into position and waited? Feeling a bit odd by this, I walked up behind her. My hands started to come out, hesitating a bit. Perhaps this was for the best. Did I want to come face-to-face with my cousin? When I got emotional before, Cara ended up in her current state. This way was much cleaner, more clinical.

I reached out and grabbed her butt. She jumped for a second.

“Ah!” I heard her muffled cry.

“Shhhh!” I hissed. “It’s me. I came.”

I let one of my hands wander between her legs, touching her clit. Her body shook again, and I heard another muffled sound.

“I said shhhh…” I whispered as my finger began to rub her clit. “I’ve always wanted to do this. I’ve wanted to fuck you since we were kids. I want this. Please?”

That wasn’t the original speech I had prepared, but she had met me this far and that was just what I ended up with on the spot. My finger continued to swirl around her clit as I waited for a second. There was a pause, but then she waggled her bottom, giving me some relief. I kneeled down and then spread her lips with both hands. Her smell was fragrant but distinctly different from my wife, or even Cara. I was a bit surprised to see she was shaved clean. Lana had prepared, although I couldn’t guess where she had gotten the blade. 

As I looked at her bare pussy, a bit darker and a bit more engorged than the pussy I was used to, I realized that this was the first other girl I would fuck. I had only ever been with my wife, and even though I had slept with Cara, she was my wife’s identical twin, so there were more similarities than differences. This was the first time I was going to fuck someone completely different. The fact that person ended up being my cousin didn’t seem to dampen my excitement but expand it.

My tongue darted out, pushing into her pussy as I ate it greedily. I didn’t know why I started here rather than just shoving it in. Something about the way she was bent over just made me what to eat her out. She was salty, but as her juices started to flow, I got a sweet aroma as well.

“Ahhh… haaah… ahhhn…” I heard her obscured moaning as my tongue darted in and out of her snatch.

As I continued to fuck her with my tongue, she remained in her position, taking it all freely. I attacked her clit, sucking on it with my lips, causing it to swell up. Her body shuddered for a moment, and I felt a splash of warmth against my face. It kept coming out, and it wasn’t until some got in my mouth that I realized she was peeing. I was so stunned I couldn’t react as she continued to shoot hot liquid into my face until it was done, leaking down her leg just a bit.

I wiped my face, feeling a bit complicated, but also a bit aroused. I had caused her to orgasm so good that she lost control. I supposed that was something to be excited about. However, yellow showers and cunnilingus wouldn’t cut it. The agreement had been a creampie. I reached into my pants and pulled out my cock, standing up.

“I’m going to fuck you now,” I told her, knowing she was more than wet enough now.

Her butt wagged again, and so I put my dick up against her lips, spreading them open with a thumb. I gave it a single rough push, and I was inside my cousin. While Cara’s pussy was tighter than Fara’s… they did have the same basic build. Lana’s pussy felt a bit different. It felt a bit fatter. Perhaps that was because I was going in from the back. I didn’t know.

Grabbing onto my cousin’s butt, I started to thrust into her. Her pussy felt good, and I made sure to get a little deeper with each thrust. I didn’t know if it was the position or what, but I found myself ready to climax quickly.

“I’m going to cum…” I moaned.

“Outside!” her voice suddenly cried in alarm, sounding different than I expected.

She tried to move up, causing my dick to slip out. However, if I didn’t creampie, then none of this would count. Without even thinking, I shoved her down and pushed myself deep into her. My balls began to swell, I immediately started to cum. I blasted hot gobs of cum into her womb. As I did it, I was surprised by my voice letting out a pleased groan. As I finished cumming, the voice I had heard started to resonate in my head. It hadn’t been Lana’s voice at all. It was the first time she had spoke loudly enough that I had been able to hear it closely. That voice… wasn’t that…

“Jeese, Cal… I can’t believe you came in me!” A girl shoved me back as she stood up and turned around, throwing back her curly red hair with a flip of her wrist.

“S-Sally…” I took a step back, my expression caught between horror and confusion. “Wh-what are you doing?”

“Well, I was out here taking a piss. Then, as I was getting ready, I noticed something hidden between those trees. When it leaned in to get a better look, the next thing I know, my brother is fondling my ass!

“I did… you did…” My mouth was having trouble working, so I gulped down hard and tried again. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“You told me to hush up.” She shrugged. “I mean, we don’t want to be caught out here, right?”

I blinked, shaking my head as my mind was still a confusing mush. “You’re okay with this?”

“You’re asking me that now?” She snobbishly raised an eyebrow before rolling her eyes. “It’s not like it’s my first time.”

“B-b-but… I’m your brother.”

She laughed. “Not my first time with my brother either.”

My mouth flapped a few times as realization started to hit me. “Jaiden?”

She yawned, stretching out, her breasts heaving up and then down. “I don’t know what it is about the men in this family wanting to fuck me. Honestly, I thought you had a thing with Callie.”

“Callie!” I made a grossed-out face.

“Oh, you two were so inseparable.” She glared. “Don’t try to tell me you two never fucked. Jaiden and I have been fucking since I turned fifteen.”

“I-” I rubbed my forehead, barely able to come to grips with what I was hearing. “He’s married.”

“So are you?” She gave a smug look. “Are you upset that he got me first? I don’t mind. You can fuck me too, well, as long as you treat me good.”

This was my family, and seemingly everything about them suddenly felt like a lie. My younger brother had been banging my younger sister behind everyone’s back for years. I had always known that he had treated her better than everyone else. No, he had downright spoiled her. Now, I knew why.

“Treat you…” Her last words suddenly struck me.

She smiled like a cat, suddenly pressing her chest against me, her hand moving down and grabbing my member before I could stop her. “As long as big brother treats me right, I’ll treat him right. Don’t worry, I don’t ask for much. You just have to do what I say, and give me what I want. As long as I get that, I’ll give you what you want too. You can use my body any way you want.”

As she spoke, her hand moved skillfully up and down my cock. It was already rock hard again. I had only cum once, so I was still rearing to go again with basically no stimulation, but my sister took this that I was excited by her words.

“Sally…” I tried to get out.

“You can even put it in my butt.” she whispered, standing up on her toes and kissing me half on the cheek, and half on the lips before leaning into my ear. “Of course, if you don’t do what I ask, I’ll just tell everyone you raped me.”


“It’s fine as long as you treat me as a big brother should.” She let go of my cock and then patted my cheek with the same hand. “Now, be a good brother and check between the tree for me. If it’s something I want, it’ll be our little secret.”

I ground my teeth as I pulled away from her and tucked my dick back into my pants. Even if I was still horny, I had no desire to fuck Sally. My mind was still reeling over everything. I felt like I was in a dream world as I stumbled over to the two trees and peeked into the bush. Since I was taller than her, it was easier for me to lean over and see it. When my eyes locked onto the site, reality came smashing home, and a coldness ran through my bones.

Sitting stashed just beyond this thick brush was an old, tattered tent. It was mostly ripped to shreds with only the front panel still in one piece, and the level of dirt and decay made the tent look like it could have been here– for years. However, the things that stood out were some things protected by the tarp over it. They were two fishing poles, a tackle box, and a bundle of blankets.

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