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While I fished and the sun passed the zenith, another round of coconuts was pulled off the tree. Cassie and Valerie were tasked with painstakingly opening them up, using sharp stones to slowly bore a hole in them. Once the milk was removed, they did their best to crack them open. Then, they scraped out the inside meat. It usually took close to an hour per coconut. The first coconuts split open were brought out to the sick, which seemed to irritate Sally.

“They’re asleep. They won’t care when they get fed. I’m hungry now.” She snapped angrily as she saw the halves being handed to Mom to give to Cara and Lana.

Everyone was pretty used to her comments, and so they ignored her. The next coconut was going to be given to Mom, but she shook her head and said she’d eat last. Thus, the halves were given to me and Callie as the next oldest in the group. I was going to refuse, but then I remembered passing out earlier and decided to force myself to drink the liquid and eat the coconut meat.

“Seriously?” Sally stomped up to me while I was in the process of eating and held out her hand angrily. “Give me some. I’m hungry.”

Before I could open my mouth, Callie appeared next to her. “Why don’t you wait for your damned turn?”

“Excuse me?” Sally made an indignant face.

“You heard me. You already took all the damn berries and ate them all. I also know you’ve been sneaking portions out of the cooler while no one was paying attention. We should have had enough to last two days, but it was gone after one. Why don’t you stop being such a selfish twat just once in your life?”

Up until that point, no one had mentioned Sally’s behavior. Rather, we had all been used to the way she acted. Sally had always acted spoiled. Now, I knew part of the reason why too.

“Selfish?” She scowled. “Who was the one who found the blankets, huh?”

Of everyone present, Callie was the only one who wouldn’t feel even remotely moved by that. There were enough blankets for everyone, but two of them were too moldy and torn to use, and so two people had to go without blankets at night. That ended up being Callie and me. Sally had already taken her blanket, so the only choices were to take blankets away from the sick, my mom, or the kids, and that wasn’t an option in my mind.

“What were you going to do with all of the blankets anyway?” Callie asked. “Leaving everyone else your scraps doesn’t make you less selfish! You’re eating so much; you’re starting to look fat.”

“I’m not fat! I have a condition. If I didn’t take those berries, they would have just been destroyed by the storm anyway. Besides, I have a blood sugar condition and I need to eat regularly. You wouldn’t want me to die, would you? You’re the selfish one!”

As their voices were getting louder, everyone started looking our way. Valerie had sunken into herself so much she looked like she wanted to jump into the pool and disappear. As for catching fish, that seemed incredibly unlikely with these two girls startling any fish.

“How am I the selfish one?” Callie gave a look of disbelief.

“You have more money than any of us, yet you never help out financially.” Sally declared. “You didn’t pay a dime to help with dad’s funeral, and showed up the day of the funeral and left that night. I’m the one who sat and consoled mom while you were eager to just leave. You always avoid family gatherings. When was the last Christmas that you spent with us?”

“I have more money because I didn’t marry a deadbeat husband like you!”

From what I knew, Sally’s husband was a bit of a slob. She had married him because he was a wealthy contractor, but he threw out his back a year into their marriage and had been on painkillers and cycled from job to job ever since. Of course, Sally didn’t work, so they didn’t have a lot of money. As Sally had said, Callie was the richest of us. It wasn’t like she had a great job. She was just a District Manager for a chain restaurant, but considering she had only herself to worry about, she went on a lot of vacations to exotic locations, wore nicer clothing, and had a better car.

Then there was Cara and Jaiden. They both worked, but Jaiden tended to spend a lot of money. The one who made the most money was my wife, but she didn’t share her finances with me, and wouldn’t accept me giving her money to my family. I worked as well, but after paying bills and putting money away for my daughter’s college and retirement, I didn’t have much left.

“At least I have a husband!” Sally shot back.

“Girls, please. It’s okay…” Mom tried to speak up.

When Sally and Callie fought, it was usually mom who tried to keep the peace. However, this wasn’t the kind of situation where one of them could just storm out of the house, drive away, and then not talk to each other for a year while complaining to everyone else about it on the phone. We were all stuck together, for better or worse.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Callie narrowed her eyes.

“You heard me.” Sally crossed her arms triumphantly. “You’re just bitter because you’re getting too old to find a man. You put your career first. Can you even get pregnant at this point?”

“Oh, fuck you! You’re not that much younger than I am, and you haven’t had a baby!”

“You’re right about one thing, at least. I am younger than you.” She shot back.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Callie snapped.

“What do you think it means, you idiot!”

“She’s pregnant?” Mom gasped.

Callie opened her mouth, but when the revelation was revealed, her mouth could only flap. Sally gave a smug look. Callie had been right. Sally was looking a bit pudgy around the waist, her butt, and her breasts. However, her appetite, as well as her body changes, would all be explained if she was pregnant.

“How far along?” I asked, turning to look at her.

She looked down at me, her lips tightening for a moment. “Two months. I was going to tell everyone on this trip, but after the accident, I thought it was better not to worry everyone.”

Her words were like lightning through my body. I had gone through Fara’s pregnancy, but I hadn’t noticed at all. Sally had known and had been keeping it secret all along. She wasn’t just eating for herself, but for a little one as well. I realized in the forest when I had assaulted her from behind, she had lied. She hadn’t been bent over that tree because she saw the tent. There was nothing shiny on that tent to catch her interest.

I caught her like that because she was throwing up. She had seen the other stuff only because I had kept her in that position forcefully. I hadn’t even noticed anything was up. I felt like a complete asshole.

“S-Sally, this is wonderful.” Mom got up and walked to her and hugged her. “It really is.”

Sally didn’t meet her eyes. “How can it be? What if… we’re still on the island when the baby comes? What if I don’t get enough nutrients and the baby dies?”

Callie still wore a scowl, but she had stopped fighting with Sally. If she did keep yelling at her, she’d only earn Mom’s ire now. Sally had waited and revealed it at the perfect time. It was manipulative, but that didn’t make it any less meaningful. Whether it was the berries, the best blanket, or more food, a pregnant lady being given priority is not something anyone else would complain about.

After Sally revealed such a thing, Callie went to the corner and didn’t speak to anyone, an angry expression still on her face. Valerie and I continued to fish while Mom started to not just fret over Cara and Lana, but Sally as well. Of course, Sally was delighted at being the center of attention again. Sally received a whole coconut from Cassie, and things finally settled down.

Although I had just fished to keep my mind off of what I was going to have to do that night, as the sun fell low on the horizon, I finally caught my first fish. After hours of waiting and doing nothing, I was completely off guard when the bobber suddenly dipped below the waterline. It took the feel of the pole being yanked before I realized what was happening.

“I caught one!” I cried out excitedly, starting to pull back on the line as I quickly got to my feet.

“Ahhh! Wh-what do we do?” Val asked, standing up and then freezing as she realized she had no clue what to do.

“Grab those holey blankets. We’ll use them like a net.” I declared.

Val nodded and raced to grab the blankets while I started to reel the line in. The fish fought violently; the string being pulled side to side. I was afraid the line would break, but I kept at it until a fish came out of the water, flapping. Cassie let out a noise of excitement as she saw the fish while Val came holding out the blanket. It splashed water wildly, and Val let out a cry, nearly dropping the blanket as I tried to put the fish on it.

It fought wildly, but I did manage to finally get a hold of it using the blanket so that it didn’t slip away. I removed the hook, and then we brought it away from the water, still struggling to flap. Mom looked at us struggling with it, reached out and grabbed the tail, and then smacked the fish against a rock. It stopped moving after that.

I blushed. “Oh, right.”

Val looked slightly more horrified. She had been excited to catch the fish, but she must have forgotten this wasn’t the old world where we’d let it go. We caught it to eat it, and it needed to be dead for that.

“I’ll get this ready to cook,” Mom declared in a matter-of-fact voice. “How about you guys see if you can catch any more.”

I nodded and grabbed the teary-eyed Valerie. She recovered quickly enough and insisted on continuing to fish, even though she knew what would happen to them after. It was only another ten minutes when my line began bobbing a second time. Perhaps the fish only came out during a certain time of day. The fact everyone was being quiet didn’t hurt either. I went from not catching anything in hours to catching several fish back-to-back.

Val was deeply excited to finally catch one, although she dropped her fishing pole, and it took an extremely quick lunge from me to keep it from being pulled into the depths. Her catch ended up being on the small side, but it was still large enough to eat. By the time the light was waning, we had caught five fish. The first one was still the largest, but it was a small feast considering what we had eaten the last few days. We brought them over to the pit, and Mom had found some sticks which she impaled them lengthwise with.

The smell of fish cooking over the fire was enough that everyone in the camp came over to the fireplace and watched them sizzle while licking their lips. The food from the cooler hadn’t lasted particularly long, and coconuts, although plentiful, had already overstayed their welcome. This was the first freshly cooked food we’d get to enjoy in a week. There were no spices, but the aroma was still extremely mouthwatering. Although the big one took longer to cook, it had also been the first to be put on the fire and thus was finished first.

“We should split this one,” Callie spoke up first, reaching for and grabbing the stick with the fish on it.

“It should go to me!” Sally cut in. “I’m pregnant, after all…”

“So, you say…” Callie shot her a suspicious glare.

Sally was a lot of things, but I didn’t think she was someone who would lie about such a thing. I was pretty sure she was pregnant. The thing that left me questioning was whether she was pregnant with her husband’s child or Jaiden’s. It wasn’t mine, since I had only slept with her the previous night. I didn’t know how her relationship with Jaiden fit into her relationship with her husband. I assumed they were still having a sexual relationship since she had complained about her sex life with her husband after consuming too much alcohol during the holidays. That would mean they were both cheating on their spouses. Whether he was the father of this kid too, I wanted to ask, but I didn’t know how.

“What was that?” Sally responded as Mom was raising her hand to stop her.

I snatched the stick from Callie’s hand and then handed it to Sally. “She’s eating for two.”

Both women’s eyes went wide. Callie gave me a hurt look, while Sally suddenly gave a knowing smile. She reached out and took the stick, but her hand caressed mine as she did. It was a gesture I hoped no one else noticed. I looked around, and Mom was at an angle she couldn’t see it, while the younger kids were all focused on the next batch. When I glanced in Callie’s direction, she had already turned away completely, her back to me. I felt an icy feeling from her like she was angry, but I decided not to dwell on it any longer.

The remaining four fish were divided for the rest of us. I once again made sure to eat my portion so I didn’t pass out again. It was delicious enough that it put a tear in my eye. It was weird how the taste of things changed when you were malnourished.

As Sally finished, she stood up, and as she walked by me, she put her hand on my shoulder and lowered her head to my ears. “Since you’ve been a good boy, I’ll let you cum tonight if you want. Just share my blanket.”

She ended it with that, walking away as she found a comfortable grassy spot and lay down with the blanket on her. I shivered as I watched her leave. I had no interest in gratifying myself with her. I had only given her that fish because of a feeling of guilt after I took advantage of her before. Besides, the incest goddess asked for a virgin, and Sally was the farthest thing from it.

That left me with an uncomfortable realization that if Sally had met the conditions, I absolutely would have joined her. Everyone finished eating as night set in, and they each found their spot.

“Auntie, you can share with me.” Cassie declared as she looked at Callie once again finding a place in a cold corner.

Callie hesitated, throwing me a look. I gave a wave of my hand, and then she nodded and slipped into the covers next to Cassie. I tended the fire until it was low burn. I threw a few extra logs so that it would make it through the night. Even if I had a fire starter, I preferred not to have to start it from scratch every day. When it was already deep in the night, I looked around at each sleeping figure.

Sally already had her eyes closed and was breathing regularly in sleep. If I slipped into her blanket, I couldn’t guess if she’d be annoyed and say I should have come sooner, or receptive. Either way, I ignored her and kept looking. I didn’t see Val anywhere close to the fire at all.

“B-Brother… would you like to join me?” I nearly jumped when I heard Val speak out quietly.

I squinted into the darkness to realize she had picked a spot on the other side of the yard, behind the coconut tree and closer to the pool with the fish. There was no warmth from the fire that far out, and there were also roots that made the ground a bit more uncomfortable. I didn’t know why she had picked that spot, but I did realize it was the most conspicuous spot there. If I was going to make my move, this was the best chance.

I licked my lips and then walked over. Val lifted her blanket from the top, and then I slipped in next to her. Once I was lying down, she put her hand on my chest and rest her head on my shoulder. I was a little taken aback but her suddenly grabbing onto me. I had planned to make a move on her, but wasn’t this a bit too easy? That’s what I thought until I found her free hand reach down and grab my hand. She pulled it awkwardly, and I didn’t understand what she was doing until she pressed my hand between her legs. I felt hair and skin.

She wasn’t wearing her pants or underwear. They were both pulled down, leaving that area completely bare. She wasn’t smooth-shaven like Sally, but she wasn’t particularly hairy either. She had just enough growth for a girl who was just starting to reach womanhood. As the realization struck my mind, I tried to pull away. Her hand tightened on my wrist, and her other hand squeezed my chest.

“Please…” She whispered, her breath slightly disordered. “I want this.”

As she said that, I could see her lifting her knee and spreading herself open for me. I had been worrying about how I was going to force myself on Val, but I had it all wrong. She was already opening herself for me. As a confused teenager, I must have caused her to awaken a few nights prior. I also knew that if I didn’t go through with it, three women I cared about could potentially die. There was no turning back now.

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