Just thought I’d make a small announcement. I had it behind paywalls like some of my stories, but it was always a leaky boat. Even the discord announcer would proceed to show the image of the comic, even when it was patreon locked. I decided to just make it free. Read it, comment, upvote.

At this point, your verbal support is what will keep this comic going. It is something I do pay to have made. I do it because I always wanted to do a comic but have no artistic ability of my own. It’s not a deep, complex manga. It’s just a joke comic panel of the week with simple art and a vaguely continuous story.

Some people like it for what it is, some seem to hate it for what it isn’t. It’d be nice if it got more popular. Feel free to share it. If one of the comics didn’t get changed to free, let me know.