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“You’re back already?” Red gave a surprised comment as she walked into the room that was quickly becoming my conference room.

“What’s wrong?” Katarina noticed my current condition better than the others.

I had cleaned up the best I could, but my eyes were red after crying for a bit. I had only cried for a short while. I didn’t have time to wallow in self-pity. However, it had helped. Kiera had seemed to know from an emotional standpoint that I couldn’t continue. As someone who had experienced more emotional turmoil than just about anyone else, except maybe the Fire Ravens, she seemed to understand when I needed to stop and cope. Katarina also noticed that the estranged relationship I had with Kiera had changed, and Kiera was no standing close to me at ready, a look of determination on her face.

I had even told Kiera anything. It just seemed like from the moment I needed her, she didn’t hesitate to be there for me. It gave me a slightly warm feeling and helped me understand how Kiera worked just a bit more.

“I need information on the city.” I immediately jumped right into the meeting. “Especially, I need everything you know about the Cock and Balls and their home base.”

My words flooded over the group like a wave. Katarina, Red, and Raven all exchanged confused glances. I took a deep breath. I didn’t explain myself, but that was on purpose. I didn’t want them to question what I was doing.

“I won’t get into specifics, but Marsh and his group managed to steal something from me of value. I intend to get it back.”

“You plan to go against the Cock and Balls?” Red’s eyes widened.

“Tsk… I hate that name. Couldn’t they have come up with one more appropriate?” Raven frowned.

Red shot her a side look. “Like what, Shaft and nuts?”

“Something that isn’t that!” Raven frowned.

“They picked that name specifically to make their enemies uncomfortable.” Katarina sighed. “The name is intended to put you off. If you can’t even say it with a straight face, then they already won.”

“It doesn’t matter what their name is!” I spoke up angrily. “They won’t even have a name in a week!”

“Are you serious?” Katarina straightened up. “Look, we don’t have the manpower to take on the Cock and Balls.”

“Did you find out they were the ones attacking us?” Red reasoned.

“Yes… no… I don’t know.” I shook my head. “It’s like them. They were probably just trying to distract me while they… look, the wasteland keeps telling the two cheapest things are people and bullets. I have the resources. I don’t care how much, I’ll buy the damn army.”

“Daniel, what is this all about?” Katarina asked with a worried expression on her face.

“It’s… just something important,” I repeated awkwardly. “I need to get it back.”

I didn’t know why I couldn’t tell them it was my sister. Maybe, I was afraid of getting an answer that I wouldn’t like, such as that it was too late for her. I just couldn’t get the words out. All they needed to know was that there was something they took from me, and I intended to get it back no matter what anyone said.

“The problem is still the army.” Red declared. “And the solution is still the same.”

“The slavers.” I finished the thought.

The group nodded, and it was Katarina who leaned forward. “Alright, then we’ll get ready and set out in the morning.”

“No, we’re setting out now.”

“Daniel, it is dangerous to take a trip without preparation. This is the Wasteland. We’re even going to be leaving Argos city. Just to travel, we’ll need supplies and…”

“I don’t need supplies,” I responded.

Red let out a laugh. “How are you planning to buy the slaves, you’re good looks?”

Katarina opened her mouth, but then closed it again. She knew exactly what I meant. I could go back to my world, get a drink of water, and return without an issue. Supplies were plentiful as long as I was around. The only thing we needed was the weapons to protect ourselves. Katarina gave me a sharp look, but she finally dropped her arms, her shoulders relaxing

“Fine… I’m going with you though.” Katarina shot me a glare before I could even say a word. “It’s not negotiable!”

“Fine,” I responded. “

“Fire Ravens are going too!” Raven suddenly announced, causing the men to glare at her. “W-we are!”

“I need you to stay,” I responded sharply.

“What?” Raven flushed. “Why?”

“You need to protect…” My eyes darted to Red. “My assets.”

Red threw her hands up over her head, which brought notice to her breasts. “My… my… I guess even slave collars haven’t afforded us your trust yet? I guess I’ll be the one going with you? It makes sense. I’ve negotiated with slavers before.”  

“You’re volunteering?”

“I understand trust must be earned,” Red responded. “Since all I have is my body, I’ll have to use it to earn your trust.”

“Who asked you too!” Raven snapped angrily.

“It’s fine. Katarina and Red will come with me. I need someone I can trust to keep this place going. That’s you, Raven.”

“T-trust…” Raven looked away. “If you say it like that.”

“I will be by Master’s side too.” An even more surprising voice spoke up.

“Kiera!” Katarina was the one who spoke up.

It was a bit surprising to see Kiera being willful. Her usefulness on the journey would be questionable, after all. I shook my head.

“I’m not bringing you.”

“M-master…” She looked slightly teary-eyed.

“I have another task for you.”


I nodded. “Meet me in my bedroom.”

“What?” Katarina jerked.

“Bedroom!” Raven slapped her hand on the table.

“I-I will!” Kiera’s face was bright red, but she had a look of pure determination on it.

Raven continued to glower, but Katarina recovered more quickly, giving me a suspicious look.

“We have one hour. We will try to leave here without being seen.” I responded.

We ended the meeting as quickly as I had begun it. I gave everyone a few orders on how to conduct themselves. There hadn’t been another attack on our headquarters since I had left. That wasn’t as surprising to me, as it only supported my belief it was Cock and Balls who were doing it. When we were done, I returned to my bedroom. When I opened the door, I found Kiera standing there, wearing a familiar nightie. It was familiar because it was the same one Katarina had worn when she came to my bed.

“Did you girls share?” I couldn’t help but blurt out.

“I-I found this… Katarina borrowed it.” Kiera flushed.

In the wasteland, you would waste things. Two girls wearing each other’s stuff probably wasn’t that weird.

“It’s not important.”

“M-master…” She raised her hand as I took a step forward. “I’m sorry about how I acted earlier. When you… suddenly said such things, it brought back…”

I shook my head. “You should apologize. I should have been more mindful of your past trauma and not moved so aggressively. I was just getting a bit of a big head from something Katarina said earlier that day.”

“I-I see… wh-what did she say?” Kiera asked.

“She said that it was okay if I dated others and that I’d probably end up with you eventually.”

“Oh! I understand.” She nodded to herself. “In that case, I’m ready. Master, do what you wish to me… ah!”

I ignored her and walked up and grabbed her wrist. “I’m not focused on that kind of stuff right now. Rather, Cecelia, are you sure this will work?”

“Yes, according to her 6S, she should be able to survive.”


“I’m sorry, but you’re the only one with a Perco, so you’re the only one with the hardware to do this now.”

“My Perco?” Kiera blinked.

 I stabbed her arm, giving her a dose of Rad Z. Then, I plugged my Perco into her Perco.

“Kiera, what you’re about to see is something I haven’t shown anyone. Katarina knows a bit about my secret, but you’re about to see it first-hand.”

Kiera’s mouth opened, and then closed, and she gave a firm nod. “I will.”


“The Perco 3000 cannot store or run the code itself, but If I combine the code as I deliver it, I should be able to send you both at the same time. It will depend on her sorcery whether she can complete the transfer.”

“S-sorcery?” Kiera’s eyes widened in confusion.

I took a breath and closed my eyes. “Do it.”

I had been considering conducting this test for a week now. Since learning that the dimensional travel was merely a spell created as part of Allco’s sorcery line, I had considered the possibility I could bring people to my world and back. After discussing things with Cecelia, it seemed like the two necessary prerequisites were a Perco and some sorcery power. When it came to the Perco, one would need a sorcery mod. The Perco 9000 had such a feature built into it and could cast spells on its own. However, with Cecelia’s help, I was able to create a crosslink and thus force Kiera’s Perco to activate.

Doing this was a risk, and I had resisted taking that risk for a while. However, I decided I had to give it a try. I needed to prove to myself the Hazel was alive, but I also had other plans too. There was the familiar feeling, and a moment later, I was back in my room.

“Ah!” Two arms wrapped around me, and I felt myself being suddenly hugged by the frightened Kiera.

It had worked. I had brought someone back from the apocalypse.

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