Dear Supporters, 

Thank you for continuing to support me for all of this time. It’s been so great to continue to write for all of you. I know this month has been rough. On the 22nd, my site was suddenly dragged down by my host without provocation. Then, after a tense few days or struggle over Christmas, I was finally able to get the site back up and running by the 27th.

To anyone counting chapters with your clicker ready to leap down my throat for missing my quota… um… enjoy the holidays? I know I spent the entire time with a cold. Ah, and thank the man who helped me put it all back together. If you’re on discord, you know who. Without him, I wouldn’t have been able to bring it back as quickly or in as a completed state.

Clearly, the website has been redone. The biggest fix other than to streamline everything is FFA and Patreon have been integrated. You no longer need to use the “-2” for an FFA member. Also, I’m keeping copy/right-click permission off my site, even though I’m sure I’ll regret it later.

That said, let’s talk shop:

-Erotic Fiction Contest: I got no submissions as of now, 2020. If over the night, I get a bunch of late submissions, then I might extend the due date. Otherwise, it will be canceled. If you were sitting on it and just totally forgot to submit it, this is really the last chance to save this competition from cancellation.

-January, I’m planning to get MDL V3, PoC V7, and WOW V3 out as eBooks. I’m mostly just leaning on Ryunakama now to do the editing, so it’s between him and me how quickly they are released now.

-The Survey: I never did get my Livestream up. I actually recorded myself going over the results, but after doing a 2-hour recording complete with rants, I decided it wasn’t something I wanted to send you guys. So… I might just do a discord thing this weekend. We’ll see.

-I will be bringing the podcast back too. We sort of canceled it for a bit, but it will return.

-I did push forward with Hawtness V4. I’m still not sure how much “writing” I’m going to do. At least, I’ll release it in its original state.

January Goals:

Enslaved: Monday and Thursday

STFD: Tuesday and Friday

Getting Lucky: Sunday

Hawtness: Saturday

NTR Crush: Start V5

My Dungeon Life: Monday-Friday (3 a day)

TOAE: Wednesday

Once again, please note these are “goals”. These are not absolutes. As you can tell from this month, sometimes things happen and my original goals aren’t reached.  

December Recap: 

Images: 16

GL: 2 (3200)

STFD: 9 (14400)

MDL: 57 (34200)

RTTS: 1 (2000)

NTR Crush: 8 (16000)

Enslaved: 4 (12000)

Other: 4 (4000)

TOAE: 4 (8000)

Total Words Released this Month: 93,800

Well, I hope you see the site fixes as a part of the low return this month. Thank you for continuing to support me this month despite the issues. I’ll definitely work on paying it back for you.