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Dear Supporters and Fans,

Thank you all for your continued generosity. I’m happy to see so much support. I hope I was able to deliver content this month in a satisfactory amount and quality.

  • NTR Crush will be finished in the next 1-2 chapters. You will then get STFD this month. For how long? Depends on how long of a break I feel I need for NTR. Next volume is the last volume which concludes the series.
  • If anyone is wondering about MOTH and its goals. This will be a full story, but just one novel (not a volume). So, I will be working on “finishing” this story, which gives it about another 40 chapters.
  • My Dungeon Life V8 will be released next month. I will also be working on revisions of V3 and V5. V4 was released in stores (I forgot V3, oops). Revisions are including even more editing, and also the erotic images. These do not show up in the Amazon releases, btw.
  • My Dungeon Life V1, V2, V3, V4 are all on Amazon, as is Enslaved V1 and Hawtness V1, and Apocalypse. You can find them here. Wow will not end up on Amazon, shouldn’t need to explain why.
  • The $1 tier was dropped on Patreon. Looks like $2 tier was picked up okay. I’m sure there are places on my website that still sat $1… and there are still posts set to $1. Just deal with it.
  • I said this before, I’ll say this again, please do not sponsor more than one chapter at a time, nor sponsor chapters already passed the thermometer with consulting me! This is how I end up with 20+ bonus chapters to write. I can put out 1-2 a week, that’s about it. At the moment, I still have 5 LDP and 5 MOTH chapters to release (on top of those in the goals below).
  • My Dungeon Lie says 3X a day, however, if I write a large 1500+ word chapter for certain reasons, I will only release that chapter. No, you’re not being deprived of 2 chapters, I just wrote something I didn’t think it made sense to break up into 3 chapters.
  • TOAS, TOAE, and WOW V1 have all been released on my website. They used to be on MSB only. That has now been “fixed”. PoC will not be ported over, as it was always written as a MSB exclusive.

July Goals

World of Women : Monday Release

NTR Crush: Tuesday and Friday until volume finishes, then STFD 

STFD: Tuesday and Friday once NTR V5 Ends…

Screwed By My Boss: Wednesday (Coming close to end)

Man of the House: Thursday

My Dungeon Life: Tuesday-Saturday (X3 a day)

Hawtness: Saturday

Getting Lucky: Sunday

Rotation: Sunday (MDL Special 5th, RttS 12th, RotMK 19th, LDP 26th)

Isekai no Monogatari: Friday

***All $5 releases are at 9 pm est that day. $2 releases will follow within 1-5 hours. Public releases are Sunday night – Monday morning. I hope the new schedule is working for you all. 

June Recap

Images: 7

eBooks Released: 1

Podcast: 1

Comic: 4

Apocalypse: 26 (52,000)

GL: 4 (8,000)

MDL: 21 (42,000)

LDP: 2 (6,000)

MOTH: 6 (12,000)

NTR Crush: 9 (18,000)

WOW: 5 (20,000)

Hawtness: 4 (8,000)

Other: 10 (20,000)

Total Words Released This Month: 186,000

And I still had people complaining…