Hey Guys,

I’ve reached the end of Kindred Paradise. Tonight, chapter 33 will come up, but I’ve actually written up to chapter 44. I could slowly release it for you once a week, but this is a story that cannot be released on Amazon and cannot be unlocked for free. I will eventually put out an eBook, but I have no clue how long that will be. So, I thought I’d do a bit of a fundraiser.

Anyway, for $40 a chapter, I can put out the last 11 chapters ($440 total). You can buy one chapter, you can buy all of them. This is to have all of the chapters release immediately. I will get every chapter out within 24 hours of payment recieved. (just in case I’m out or whatever, I’ll probably release around 9 pm EST every day).

If noone donates, then the next available chapter will come out next week, and will continue their slow release for the next three months. However, you could have them all out by tomorrow if enough people support.

If you like this story and want to see its conclusion, then please donate. It will also encourage me to write more stories like it. Also, once this story is finished, I will move onto something else. I’m putting a survey below for you to tell me which thing you want that to be.


You can donate with the button below. I will update as/if people order chapters.

Current Chapter to unlock – Chapter 39

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