I’m offering sponsor chapters for $20 right now. That’s any concept chapter, releasing novel, or hiatus novel. Want to see a dead story picked up or a concept chapter fleshed out? This is your last chance today!

As for what chapters have been ordered in case you’re hoping for someone else to donate so you don’t have to… sure, I can give you that. This is my current list not including chapters I’ve already released.

11 X Rise of the Midnight King

7 X Oops, I Banged my Bully’s Mom

5 X Please, Help Me (this will probably take that story to the end)

3 X Women’s Pleasure Dungeon

2 X Friend Zone

1 X Girl in the Streets, Ghost in the Sheets

1 X I Reincarnated into the Hero’s Former Body

1 X It’s Not Easy Making Money in the Apocalypse

1 X Guy on a Spaceship

1 X My Dungeon Life

I will get as many of these out by the 7th as I can. The Rise chapters might release weekly or something until finished. Anyway, last chance to order a few more. I noticed noone has gone for NTR Isekai (I know a large group of people wanting that done), Also no more Automatic Girlfriends )although someone did order 2 I wrote) or Last Dread Pirates. I will say what gets donations will probably influence what people want. So many Rise is telling me I might need to pick it up on my schedule. Meanwhile, Guy on a Spaceship has gotten nothing telling me most people are done with it. Of course, the survey will be release soon an I’ll use that to make my decisions as well… just pointing out that, especially in the case of none releasing stories… the ones people pay for are the ones worth writing… from a business point of view.