Yurtdışı Yatırım

Dear Supporters,

Thank you for all the support! Last month went extremely well (I think). Thank you all for being there. I produced a lot of extra content, and I was able to stay on track for almost the entire month. The current schedule has been working well for me, so hopefully, you’re happy with it. Now, let’s get on to announcements.

1) NTR Crush Volume 5 has launched. After asking people what they prefer, I decided that I will put out NTR Crush twice a week and then Getting Lucky once a week. STfD will be postponed until the end of Volume 5. Then it will be picked up between V5 and V6 just like before.

2) I released a comic strip (Isekai No Monogatari). It’s here to stay. I have already made more than 10 comics, and the weekly release will continue for the foreseeable future.

3) My release of images will probably decrease for the next few months. I had to do taxes, and I finally saw the damage from being self-employed. It’s uh… not pretty. So, While I’m trying to get my finances in order, I’m only going to order images I absolutely have to. People can still commission images through me if you want, but the comic books, the audiobook, the erotic images through MDL…at least from my private money, all postponed for at least the next three months.

4) I opened up my new “Sponsor” page now where people can sponsor chapters of novels currently not on my schedule. It’s been a resounding success, but it’s also led to some confusion and complaints. (Seems like the more I give people, the more grief they give me ?).

5) Anyway, Man of the House and The Last Dreadpirate were both sponsored. That’s why there have been so many chapters out for both of them. A few people who wanted to see these novels picked up and do well donated money in the hopes that they would swell in popularity.

As to why I don’t work on them and worked on other things… it’s because surveyors voted for other things. You didn’t want those books. You wanted what had more chapters or what was more familiar to you. If I had my choice, I would have been working on The Last Dreadpirate ages ago. But you wanted Getting Lucky and STfD. If you don’t believe me, you can see the survey results yourself in my 2-hour rant post. So, this isn’t a deliberate ploy for me to get money out of you guys, this is what the majority of those who bother to do the survey told me you wanted.

So, I’m sure the question you’re wondering is what about the future of those two books. Well, you guys have convinced me that some people want to see them written. However, just adding work on top of work might be problematic.

So, I will set a goal on my Patreon. If the goal is reached, I will put BOTH books into my schedule. They will be written once a week each. The “Wildcard” will be removed, but otherwise, I won’t touch any other novels release schedule. That amount won’t be cheap, though. It’s adding to a workload I said is good the way it is. If it does become too much to handle, well, I’ll discuss that with you when the time comes.

6) You do have a bonus chapter or two this month for meeting Patreon goals. Please note when I offer the bonus chapters, these are based on the amount that comes out on the 2nd, not the amount promised to me. I have upwards for 40+ people every month who end up dropping come the 1st through failed payments and the such. They do not get factored into whether a bonus chapter is given or not. Last month, even though the goals were met on the 31st… my take-home was actually less than the previous month because of failed payments.

7) For those infuriated I locked MOTH behind a paywall, leveling personal attacks because I did something they didn’t like…

            A) You got 11 free chapters this month, far higher than the usual once per week.

            B) I plan to release one MOTH to public every week along with everything else until it is completely free. This is because my editor went to the effort of editing all of the chapters for you guys, so as promised, I will release the edits. You should probably thank him.

March Goals:

Enslaved: Monday

NTR Crush: Tuesday and Friday

Getting Lucky: Sunday

Hawtness: Saturday

My Dungeon Life: Monday-Friday (3 a day)

TOAE: Wednesday

Man of the House: Thursday (Only if Patreon goal is reached)

The Last Dreadpirate: Saturday (Only if Patreon goal is reached)

Nothing much to say here. If you’re wondering why I’m able to pump out so many chapters of TLDP and MOTH while Enslaved struggles to get one a week, I’d say I’ve always made it clear I don’t enjoy writing Enslaved very much. It’s a hard story to write, and it doesn’t excite me very much. I really like LDP and wanted to write it for a while. As for MOTH, it can be fun and interesting at times, and it’s also got shorter chapters which are easier for me to handle.

If you are wondering, I do still have one chapter of LDP left to write, and 8 more chapters of MOTH before the sponsorship money runs dry.

February Recap: 

Images: 6

eBooks Released: 5

Comic: 4

GL: 4 (7,200)

STFD: 7 (11,200)

MDL: 55 (33,000)

Enslaved: 4 (12,000)

Hawtness: 5 (10,000)

DPL: 9 (27,000)

MOTH: 12 (24,000)

Other: 13 (32,500)

TOAE: 4 (8,000)

Total Words Released this Month: 164,900 words