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Dear Supporters!

Another month, another thank you! Thanks for all of your support. I have gotten a lot of new members this month, and also lost a ton of people. Whether you came just to get one thing, or are here to stay, thank you for supporting me.  

· Tales of an Enchantress finished like I said it would. Hawtness Volume 4 also finished. Hawtness, Volume 5 will begin to release next month. As for my Wednesday release slot, I’m using that time to write something experimental. This is a novella I plan to release on Amazon. Like TOAE, it’s aimed for women. It’s short, and shouldn’t take more than a month or two. Then, I will start Tales of A Demonqueen. This will be the final book in the ‘Tales’ trilogy. I have had this ending worked out for a while now, so I hope you enjoy the ride. As for what happens to Min, that is actually reserved for the bonus chapter. I was debating putting it between Min’s Story and TOAE. Min’s Story will be released sooner, but it feels more suiting to be in TOAE. I don’t know. We’ll see. 

· Enslaved has finished. I will work on V2. You “might” get the eBook next month. We’ll see. Min’s Story eBook will release after I’m done releasing the stories in the Wildcard slot. Only two chapters left, so it’s coming soon. MDL V7 eBook is also in the works. 

· My erotic illustrator for MDL’s scenes quit on me. I’m trying a new artist for V4, but the art will differ, and I can’t promise the same quality.

· For those of you accusing me of holding back $1 tier chapters to deliberately get money out of you, just so you know, as soon as someone reported I had forgotten to release a chapter of Enslaved/TOAE, I immediately went and released that chapter. As of the 30th, every chapter of TOAE was released to $1 tier and all but three chapters for enslaved. However, if you’re still not convinced, I wanted to let you know you’re right. It was deliberate. I did it specifically to spite you. I wanted your $1 so effing bad, that I intentionally played with release schedules JUST to get that $1 out of you. Not even $1, half that money goes to paypal. It’s actually around $0.60. Mmm… I love me my change. That half a can of pepsi ain’t going to pay for itself! So, I’ll keep exploiting dollar after dollar out of you Master Baiters until all your bucks are mine! Muhahahahahaha…haha….ha…

· On an unrelated note, I’m thinking of increasing the donation of Master Baiters to $3. I’ve been talking about this for a while. Because of the cost of just doing a transaction, I get almost nothing from the $1 tier… which kind of sucks. The $5 tier would then be $7, and the $10 tier would be combined with $15. This is, once again, not me threatening people, this is me being transparent in my thoughts. Many Patreons think I charge way too little for the amount I give, others complain about giving $1 like it’s highway robbery. If people put up a big stink about it, I won’t do it. When am I thinking about doing this? Probably July. There would be one extra caveat. If you’re a $5 or $10 donator, you’d be grandfathered into your current position. So, as long as you keep donating, this won’t affect you at all. No, grandfathering is not for $1 tier. This is really about eliminating the $1 tier in the first place. I should add that out of every original author on machineslicedbread… only one other even has a $1 tier, and they only offer two chapters in advance on one novel for it… so… my $1 tier appears to be an abnormality among webnovel authors. Feel free to let me know your thoughts on the matter. That’s why I’m putting it out here. Also… to be clear, I can keep a $1 tier, but it won’t offer any rewards. It’d just be supporting me as an author, perish the thought.   

· On the other hand, I am aware that I’ve done my Master Baiters dirty, not providing you guys with reliable releases when you expect them. I put most of my focus on releasing new chapters, and I simply forget to unlock $1 chapters sometimes. And that’s when the wordpress doesn’t decide to screw me in some way and doesn’t save it even when I do it right. In that respect, next month, I will be purchasing the Patreon Plus membership. Why do you care? You care because I can set a schedule, and have tiers automatically change, a feature I have to pay a yearly fee for. The table of contents will not always match, but I can make the change from Chronic Master Baiter to Master Baiter work like clockwork. I will do my best. 

· The goal for MOTH and The Last Dreadpirate failed to be reached again. It appears, sadly, that neither story is sufficient to gather new donators/readers. At this point, leaving them as a goal is just asking myself to do more work. Will I hit the mark eventually? Probably. But it won’t be because of either of those two novels. They will remain as sponsor-only stories. I have at least one $50 donator pushing out LDP once a month, and I still have a surplus of MOTH and LDP chapters, with people even expressing interest in buying more. I guess that’s the way these novels will be released. I did end up spending money on a series cover for both of them, so in my mind, I’d like them both to continue, but it is what it is. I will probably return to the “Bonus Chapter” goals of the past. 

· I released My Dungeon Life: Volume 1 on Amazon! This is the Kindle Book AND the Paperback. I priced them so that my “profits” was the same as buying it through my own store. As you can see, Amazon adds quite a bit of fees on their own. Still cheapest to buy it through me, and you also get the erotic images that were cut out of the book… but… if you want a paperback version, want it on kindle, or simple want to throw me a review so it gets more noticed (yes, please), then be my guest. It’s actually selling a lot better than I originally thought it would, so I will be releasing more of my books on Amazon in the near future. 

May Goals:

Enslaved: Finish Public Release, Possible Bonus Chapter

World of Women : Monday

NTR Crush: Tuesday and Friday until volume finishes, then STFD

Getting Lucky: Sunday

My Dungeon Life: Tuesday-Saturday (X3 a day)

Hawtness: Saturday

Screwed By My Boss: Wednesday

Min’s Story: Thursday Until Finished, Then Wildcard

Isekai no Monogatari: Friday

April Recap: 

Images: 9

eBooks Released: 1

Podcast: 1

Comic: 5

GL: 4 (7,200)

MDL: 22 (44,000)

Enslaved: 5 (15,000)

LDP: 3 (9,000)

MOTH: 5 (10,000)

NTR Crush: 9 (18,000)

TOAE and Min’s: 8 (16,000)

WOW: 3 (12,000)

Other: 3 (7,500)

Total Words Released this Month: 138,700 words