Dear Supporters and Fans,

I’d like to continue to remind everyone that I deeply appreciate your help. I may come off in the comments as rude or condescending sometimes, it’s rarely my intention and I want people to know I do appreciate your comments, your time, and your support. I could not be doing any of this without you guys. This site is 100% built on the support of my fans.


• I’ve been going through, editing, and rereleasing the NTR Crush novels. I’m up to V5 on Amazon and all 7 are released on my website. V4 and V5 recently got reedited, so a new version should be available soon. To the best of my knowledge, you don’t need to rebuy the novel. Just go to downloads and redownload, and the new version will be available.

• I’ve been trying out a new way of doing sponsored chapters. 99% of people donate the full amount rather than partial, and given the broken nature of the plugin I was using, I just switched to full amounts. If you feel your chapter has not been released within a week of payment, please CONTACT ME! There is a chance it slipped through the cracks and I missed the notification.  Just don’t want anyone to pay and get nothing.

• My next goal is MDL V10 being redone, followed shortly by V11 and V12. I hope to get them out to you soon. I’m also looking for an editor to handle Tales of an Enchantress so I can finally get that story into an eBook.

• I will be putting out a survey this month. I put out a big survey every six months, and this will help me make decisions on future writing. I will try to make as useful of a survey as possible. I’ll probably have two surveys, one for nonmembers and one for members as normal.

• My programmer got a job, and it turned out to demand more than originally expected, so he hasn’t been available. The updates that are supposed to happen have been postponed. I did get someone in to fix some of the little glitches, but the RCP stuff I promised has been unfortunately postponed.

• Apocalypse V2 will finish this month, probably next week. I’ve decided just to continue straight onto V3. I’m going to change things up a bit, and if the new volume isn’t better received, I might put Apocalypse on the shelf in exchange for something else. You’ll have a chance to see a couple of the new chapters and see the direction it’s going to answer on the survey.

• I have several other projects that may or may not turn into something in the future. I still have my card game sitting. I also have been in talks about a visual novel. Lately, I’ve been pretty much at my production max. We’ll see if there is a time I have the energy and creative drive to do more.

• I am toying with a new thing, Amazon’s Vella. It’s a web novel style story system they have in beta, which releases books per chapter and uses tokens like Web Novel. I don’t like the new system. Frankly, I think it’s a scam, but that’s the way the market is going. I’m giving it a shot with Automatic Girlfriend. We’ll see if anything comes from it. Just letting you know I’ve removed the story from my site and might be releasing new chapters periodically on Amazon, full transparency.

May Goals:

Enslaved: Monday

Apocalypse: Tuesday and Friday

Tales of a Demon Queen: Wednesday

Man of the House: Thursday

My Dungeon Life: Tuesday-Saturday (X3 a day)

Guy on a Spaceship: Saturday

Getting Lucky: Sunday

Rotation: Sunday (RDL 2nd, RttS 9th, RotMK 16th, LDP 23rd, RDL 30th)

Isekai no Monogatari: Friday

9 PM Eastern Standard Time

Public Chapters Currently Releasing…

My Dungeon Life (6-9 a week), NTR Crush (1 a week), Man of the House (1 a week), Guy on a Spaceship (1 every other week)

All Public Chapters release on Sunday Night/ Monday Morning.

*Please allow up to 24 hours for the chapters to release late before messaging me. If a chapter doesn’t go from $5 to $2 tier by the next morning after a release, let me know.

April Recap:

Images: 5

Comic: 4

Apocalypse: 7 (10,500)

GL: 3 (5,400)

GOAS: 4 (8,000)

MDL: 17 (30,600)

MOTH: 4 (8,000)

TOAD: 3 (6,000)

Enslaved: 4 (12,000)

Other: 8 (16,000)

Total Words Released This Month: 96,500

I didn’t meet 100,000 words this month! Noooo!