You have the option to sign up to my membership either through Patreon or Full Frontal Access. Either one will give you the same amount of access on my site, but which you pick will change how you sign in.

FFA Membership

If you want to sign up through FFA, just click on “Join Full Frontal Access” and then fill the information. Please make sure you do not already have a membership. If you do, whether it is free of at a different tier, you’ll need to login and then change your existing membership.

If you are having issues with an account you’re signed in as, first check your membership. Does it say active? Is your tier correct? Next, check your payments. Did you pay within the last month?

It says “You do not have any memberships.

You are not signed up as a member. You are signed up as a user. You’re either signed into the wrong account, or you’ve yet to create a membership account. Sign in. Go to the register page. Register while signed in. If you are currently paying money, do NOT set up a new account. Contact me instead.

My money wasn’t taken out and it says I don’t have a membership and/or it’s expired/cancelled.

If you have a membership, change it to the tier you want. If you can’t sign in, then create a new membership.

My money was taken out, but it says I don’t have a membership or it expired/cancelled.

First off, if you have money being taken out… do NOT attempt to start a new membership. This has been an ongoing issue we’re trying to fix. Just send me your Paypal email and your FFA username through my contact us form, and I will get you active again ASAP.

The easiest fix right now would be to cancel your current membership, and then become a new member. Whatever connections between paypal and old members isn’t working at 100%. A change of tier would probably be enough to resolve the issue.

I paid but my membership claims it is “pending”.

With a small subset of users, your membership doesn’t confirm automatically and I need to confirm the payment manually. Just contact me. Make sure to tell me your paypal email, username, and that you’re FFA and I’ll fix it within a day or two.

Patreon Membership

If you want to sign in through Patreon, just click on “Sign Up With Patreon.” Go to their website and then sign up through them. Then, return to my website, click login, and go to “Log in with Patreon”.

To sign into my site, you must be signed into Patreon. Then click “Log in with Patreon”, and allow access. This will sign you in. You’ll need to repeat this every time you sign into my site.

My membership says I don’t have an account.

You are connected through Patreon. Unless you had a preexisting account, it should say nothing. Try a locked chapter. If you get access, then you’re good. We are working on changing this so it can be clearer you are signed in.

I click login, fill out the information, and it says that I already have an account. When I sign into that account, it takes me back to the homepage, and I don’t have access.

Sign in to your account, go to “Edit Your Profile”, and then click Connect Your Patreon. Then, allow Patreon access. This will bypass the sign-in loop problem.

From then on, always sign in with Patreon in the login screen!

Other Solutions:

Some other things you can try if you’re having issues connecting to Patreon…

  • Try clearing cache. If desktop, click ctrl + f5 to clear cache. If you’re on the phone, look up how to clear cache.
  • If you phone keeps opening the Patreon app when you try to sign in or click refresh, uninstall the Patreon app and only sign in through phone browser.
  • Clear browser history and cookies.
  • Reset browser settings to default.
  • Try a different browser. Please note that if your using another computer and it signs up to the browsers and syncs settings, then you’re importing the same settings to the other computer you have with this computer.
  • Try a different device.
  • On a phone? Try to look at the page with desktop view.
  • Try contacting Patreon.
  • Give it 24 hours and see if the problem is temporary.

That didn’t work.

If that’s not working, then contact me. My only other solution for you is to delete your user account so that you can create a new one. This causes you to lose your purchase download library. If you kept the download link emailed to you, you should still be able to download the book.

I can restore this library upon request. You must make a new purchase in my store (using a voucher for free is fine) to reestablish yourself as a customer, and then I can fix it. Just send me a message in contact us if you need your library restored.