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Disclaimer: Upon sending payment, you should get an email to register your username and password. Please use the same information you’d use for your WordPress account. Also, make sure to check your spam folder. If you can’t find this email, contact me directly and include your information and I can provide a link.

Don’t like Patreon? Then support me directly. My Full Frontal Access club gives you access to the same content as Patreon, but you can do it directly through WordPress. Why did I set this up?

Three reasons:

  1. Patreon polices content, and has already threatened to pull my account once and may do it again in the future.
  2. Patreon has shown some political bias and poor decision making that has caused a lot of people to dislike it.
  3. At higher tiers, more of the money you donate goes to me. Where Patreon takes out an additional allotment of money based on the total, donating through paypal only costs the base financial charge.

Should you leave Patreon and join my full frontal club? That depends on how you feel about Patreon. Overall, Patreon still gives me more analytical information. As a general rule, I keep more money from Patreon’s $1 donations, but above $5 I keep more through paypal.

As far as spending goes, I typically use paypal money directly towards images and other projects, while I lean on Patreon for paying the bills.

Pick from the same tiers available on Patreon. They will give you the same access. You must use the same email you use for your wordpress account.

If you’d like to change tiers, you must first cancel your recurring payment through paypal. Ideally, allow a work day to pass before signing up to new tier, or you may find your account inactive. If you plan to change tiers\cancel a lot, Patreon would be a better option, as it’s build for it.

Master Baiter

Access to most Patreon-locked chapters, a single eBook upon joining (and one per year), and all illustrations in color with their best resolution.

Chronic Master Baiter

Access to special discord roles with bonus content channels. Access to all illustrations and all Patreon-locked chapters. One free eBook a month.

Power Fapper

Access to everything Chronic Master Baiters have access to. Also will have access to all comics and Wallpaper for free.

Reverse Sage

Access to everything from Power Fapper. You will also get access to all bonus chapters written for the eBooks.


Access to everything a Reverse Sage has. You also gain more weight to requests. You can request illustrations of sex scenes or portraits, and I’ll move them to the top of the list. 

Hand Solo

You’ll have some administrator rights in discord, and you’ll have the power to request a chapter or illustration once a month. This can be a “what-if”, a commissioned or bonus chapter, or simply a rush so an extra chapter comes out that week. You can only “rush” stories I’m actively releasing. You can’t have me rush Volume 3 of WoW before I start writing Volume 3 of WoW. You will have access to all PDFs /ePubs I release for free. At some point, I may get certain volumes printed, in which case you’d get a a free copy.

The One-Eyed Monster

Other than everything in Hand Solo, you can also ask for spoilers, discuss plot points, and even influence the direction a novel can go. Influence is not the same as direct. It’s ultimately up to me what goes down, but I will take suggestions into advisement with a bit of weight. This is the best tier if you want to be involved in the creative process. I’ll also link/advertise your website (if you have one). There is a limited number of these allowed, so if you want to be a VIP on Whatsawhizzer Web Novels, this is how you do it.

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