Yurtdışı Yatırım

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when up in the house

was a waifu named Wawchan, wearing not even a blouse.

Her stockings were knee-high outlining her spread legs so bare

in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would put himself between there.

She played with her cunt all snug in her bed,

while dreaming of giving his fat cock some head,

and kissing his lips, her hips grinding his tent flap;

She wanted to fuck his brains out while he gave her an ass slap

when out of her cunt, arose such a splatter.

She jumped out of bed, to clean up the dirty matter.

Then, out of her eye, she noticed a flash,

And opened up her fireplace, hoping to smash.

There he appeared in front of her, like new-fallen snow

landing right in the family room like he was giving a show.

In her wondering eyes did his robust body appear

with a red-covered suit, a hat, and great cheer.

Filled with horniness, and a libido lively and quick,

She knew that she had finally caught her own St. Nick.

More rapid than a pervert, she wanted to cum.

She pushed him down, ready to get some.

“Now, Fuck me. Yes, Fuck me. I want your fat cock.”

“Oh, ho ho. Oh, uh, oh… maybe we should talk!”

To the top of his cock! On the top of her bits.

Now slid it in, slid it in! Slid it all the way in!

As her lotus spread like a tarnished flower,

she didn’t resist as she mounted his magnificent tower.

Up and down her tits did bounce.

With a cunt full of cock of a St. Nicholas screw-

And then, in a twinkling, she heard a moan.

Santa was writhing, and thrusting, pounding her with his giant bone.

Wawchan kissed his lips and stroked his great white beard.

It wasn’t as ticklish as she might have feared.

His cock was big and hard and it felt oh so warm.

And deep in Wawchan’s womb, she could feel the brewing of a storm.

Their clothing was scattered as they continued to fuck.

She wasn’t on birth control pills, she should probably finish with a suck.

His eyes – how they widened! His cheeks, how they blushed.

He gasped quite pleasantly; she didn’t want it rushed.

He sucked on her nipples, causing her juices to flow,

Santa squeezed her and massaged her ass just like it was dough.

She started to climax over the feeling of his cock.

He became really rough, in the morning she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to walk.

He grabbed her hips with two hands and started to pump,

and fucked her pussy silly with a resounding thump, thump.

He caressed her tits, sensitive and round,

never once slowing down from his rhythmic pound.

Despite herself, she forgot to pull out.

Her legs wrapped around him as she started to shout.

Her pussy climaxed, starting to explode.

It suctioned St. Nick’s dick hard, waiting for him to deliver his load.

With a wink and a smirk, he shoved his dick in her like a steed.

And filled her womb up with his hot steamy seed.

He spoke no more words as he came for what felt like hours.

She was drenched with so much cum, she’d need several showers.

Once he was done, he got dressed and touched his nose.

And with nothing else but a nod, up the chimney he rose.

Waw-chan laid in a pile of lust on the floor convulsing.

Her wet little pussy tightening, squirting and pulsing.

She rubbed her belly while anticipating next year.

When daddy would come and see her new baby and call her dear.

The last thing she heard before she took a nap-

“Happy Christmas, Waw-fans, and to all a good fap!”