Oh, the weather outside is thorny.

But the fire in me is horny.

And since I’ve drunken tons of rum.

Make me cum! Make me cum! Make me cum!

Your manhood shows no signs of stopping.

And I brought my cherry for some popping.

The lights are turned down some.

Make me cum! Make me cum! Make me cum!

When you finally kiss my cunt

How I’ll moan and squeal and grunt

But if you swirl your tongue,

Together, the pair of us will be sprung.

And my horniness is slowly satiated,

And, my love, we still fornicated

But as long as you fuck me so

I want to cum! Want to cum and cum!

When you finally give me a cream pie.

How I’ll masturbate with a sigh.

But if you stick it in deep maybe

I’ll end up next year with a baby.

Oh, my brain is slowly melting

Filled with sex, oh gods, I’m dying.

But as long as you pound me like a drum.

I will cum… I will cum… mmm… I will cum!