Summary: A side tale from the Tales of a Seductress series. Although Aria has had an interesting adventure, Min had her own story. This follows Min from her origins through TOAS and parts of TOAE.

Tags: Fantasy, Dark-fantasy, Female-lead, Master-slave, Rape, Relationship, Mature, Smut, Adult, R18, Elves, Fantasy-creatures, Fantasy-world, Fast-learner, Gender-bender, Group-intercourse, Masturbation, Level-system, Masochists, Anal, Attempted-rape, Captive, Dark, Dungeon/s, Fiction, First-time-intercourse, Forced-into-a-relationship, Goblins, Hidden-talents, Large number of skills, Magic shop, Magic spells, Male-yandere, Marriage, Medieval, RPG, Seduction, Knights, Supernatural

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