I wrote this a while ago for Wattpad. Didn’t put it on Whatsawhizzer because it’s not really aimed at most of my readers. I put it up just to add to concepts chapter.

My name is Kiki Orion. I’d like to think I’m a normal girl. I go to Lightport High school. I have a best friend named Leela who is always there for me. I’m attractive, on some days, especially on the days I haven’t visited a buffet. I get okay grades, but nothing to write home about. I’m on the school’s track and field. I do the high jump and occasionally I get roped into doing a relay or two. I’d like to think I’m pretty athletic too, although I’ve never gotten an award.

It’d also be track and field where I ran into the boy of my dreams. His name is Simon. He’s a slim attractive guy who does hurdles and short distance sprints. He’s got long legs, a strong chin, and a great butt. I actually think it’s his butt that I like the most. The way his tail darts back and forth as he runs, it really makes my ears twitch.

“Kiki, you’re doing it again…”

“Nya… I’m not…” I responded defensively, stretching out on the mat.

The mat was sitting right where the sun leaked through the window at this time of day. These mats with thick and black, and absorbed heat, causing the entire mat to feel like a heating pad. I absolutely loved to laze around on it in between jumps. While I was doing this, my eyes must have been lingering on Simon. I wiped the spit running from my lips and gave Leela an innocent, toothy glare.

“You’re too obvious. You’re gonna cause people to start spreading rumors.” Leela sighed helplessly, moving her foot up to her ear in a pose that looked really painful.

I glanced over at Leela watching her stretch. She often would lie with me, but whereas I would spread out on the surface to soak up as much heat as possible, she’d always contort herself into strange shapes. She loved sleeping with her head hanging off the end of the bed or her foot lying somewhere near her ears. She was a tall girl with rounded ears on top of her head that barely came out of her short, white and brown striped hair. Her eyes were dark and beady, and her nose always twitched when she thought about something deeply. In the right shadows, she looked like she wore a mask on her face, giving her a mysterious feeling like a thief in the night.

However, despite being skinny and flexible, she was also very beautiful, and her dark eyes only added to a mystique that seemed to attract many boys to her. She was as flexible with boys as she was with her body, as she seemed to have another guy every week. She never moved far with them though. She always told me that none had managed to catch her attention. The only part of Leela that wasn’t flexible was her tail, a small thing that could barely even wag. I lashed my tail out, sending the long black thing waving back and force behind me furiously, as if to say that I too had flexibility when I wanted it.

“Stop looking at me like you’re going to pounce. I’m not a fish or a birdkin!” Leela cutely wined.

I leaped at her anyway, and she let out a little squeal as the both of us collapsed down on the mat. No sooner did I get her pinned when a whistle blew causing me to leap off of her. Truth was, Leela had already weaseled her way out of my grip and by the time I had my arms around her I could only get my claws into her ankles anyway.

“Girls! No roughhousing!” the teacher, Mrs. Rio snorted, stroking a long majestic horn sticking out her head.

“Y-yes, ma’am!” I quickly said, standing up and bowing down.

Leela was only a second behind me. “Sorry, Mrs. Rio!”

However, after she said this, she elbowed me hard and then ran off into a lap before I could scratch her. I sighed as my ears twitched and my tail lashed, but I followed behind her without retorting. Mrs. Rio watched us for a few moments, but when she was satisfied we were doing as we were told, she crossed her arms and turned somewhere to deal with another student, her long-haired tail lashing like a whip.

I wasn’t really scared of Mrs. Rio. Despite being a bulky woman, she was actually pretty kind. However, I would be mortified if I made a scene in front of Simon. I realized by the time I reached Leela that Simon was also doing laps at the moment. I stiffened, running awkwardly beside her as I saw him slowly coming around and getting closer. In a few moments, he was going to pass us. I wanted to kick Leela in the shin! She must have known when she chose to take a lap that he was also running. Now, he was going to pass right by! This was all that ferret’s fault!

“Excuse me!” the expected voice smoothly announced his arrival from behind in a velvety noise that caused my heart to skip a beat.

I almost lost a step as he ran around us. For a brief moment, I got a sight of my crush and sniff of his rugged body. He had golden hair with brown spots on it. His tail was similar to mine, a long thing covered in short hair. Mine was a boring black where-as he had such cool spots. I bet his tail was as flexible as mine. As soon as the thought of tails entered my mind, I imagined us wrapping our tails around each other as we snuggled. My face started growing hot. That imagery was way too enticing for a teenage girl!

“Hey, you’re doing it again!” Leela snorted.

I gave her a hiss, but then closed my eyes and pawed my ears three times. By the time I opened them, he had already passed. That was too dangerous. My like for Simon went a bit beyond a harmless crush. It was more of an animalistic desire if you get my drift. Every time I got close to him, especially when he was wearing those track shorts and no shirt on, just watching the sweat drip down his body… I started growing hotter and hotter.

It wasn’t like I’d never done anything about it. I was fifteen when I discovered an alternative use to my shower’s adjustable faucet. One moment, I was just looking to clean myself, and the next moment, I was leaving it down there longer and longer as tingling sensations shot through my body. It took me a year to realize I could change the setting from “shower” to “jet” and thus achieved my first orgasm. After that, I’d like to say I developed as a healthy young girl.

However, I turned eighteen last month, and I am now a senior in high school now. Ever since I reached the age of legal consent, the idea of having sex has become more and more intense. And, there were three guys I seemed to fantasize about the most. Hey! Don’t judge me! The first two were naturally off the table and purely a fantasy. One of them was a teacher and the other was… unavailable. That left the tall, radiant, fast, sexy, beautiful, godly Simon, my track and field classroom crush.

“Stop hitting me with your tail!” Leela cried, trying to lunge for my black weapon.

I laughed and took off running, my tail sliding right through her fingers. She gave a cry and chased after me. Fortunately, between the two of us, I had much more endurance. Leela was always more flexible than she was fast. In the end, the two of us tired ourselves out. The pair of us collapsed back on the mat after a few laps, breathing hard.

After a moment, the question that had been running through my mind came out. “You’ve never… thought about it?”

“Thought about what?” Leela asked, glancing over at me.

“You know… it. With your… one of your… you know, boyfriends.” I asked, rolling onto my side and watching her out of the corner of my eyes.

Leela was lying so that her stomach was exposed, her arms hanging off the edge of the mat. “Have I thought about having sex? Yeah… I mean, I kissed guys a few times and it sometimes gets intense… I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about one day just to keep going all the way…”

“Why haven’t you?” I inquired quietly, still not quite meeting her eye.

Leela shrugged. “I haven’t found the right guy. Mom says she wants me dating someone from the same tribe.”

“A ferretkin?”


“Are there even any ferretkin boys at this school?”

“A couple. None I dated. Kinda skinny for my tastes.” Leela spoke with a frown. “What about you? 

My face changed to a slight pink as I sat up. “Wh-what about me? I’ve never even had a boyfriend. None of the guys have asked!”

Leela let out a chuckle. “Calm down. I didn’t mean to put you on the spot.”

I blushed again and relaxed my shoulder, my ears twitching slightly. “I’m part of the cat tribe. It should be easy. We’re compatible with so many… Lions, Ocelots, Tigers… Cheetahs…”

The both of us unconsciously turned to Simon who was laughing and joking with a pair of monkey tribe weight lifters who were his friends. He tended to get along with anyone from any tribe. This was really the norm these days. 

It was considered very antiquated to only date someone within your tribe, but it did make some things easier. Similar tribes likely had similar interests. The feline tribes, the canine tribes, the murine tribes, the weasel tribes, everyone had their own cultures and mannerisms. Of course, nowadays it could almost be considered taboo to intentionally avoid dating outside your tribe, even though most people dated their own kind anyway.

“Would you do it with Simon?” Leela suddenly asked.

I let out a yowl, nearly gagging as I tried to understand just what she had asked. Do it? With Simon? I had just been having such naughty thoughts a short while earlier, so having her come too close to my naughty inner desires left me flustered.

“Nya! Leela, that…”

Leela let out a chuckle. “I’m just asking… if tomorrow, Simon said he was totally into you, and wanted to have sex, would you be… you know… down to F-“

She mouthed the remaining letters slowly while grinning. Meanwhile, I started to glow red. Given my pale skin and black hair, red was not very becoming! When I became embarrassed or flustered, I was a girl who absolutely couldn’t hide it. I hated that about myself! That was perhaps one of the reasons I never had a boyfriend. I couldn’t ask or be asked without painting a giant sign that said that was what we were talking about. Only Leela seemed to not care that her best friend wore a giant sign that went off every time we talked about naughty stuff.

“I… I don’t know…” I finally admitted in a squeaky voice.

Leela sighed but knew to back off. Any more torment and I might scratch her from agitation. As a friend, she understood that much. I continued to bake in the sun while Leela laid in a contorted state nearby until the afterschool end of activities bell rang. With that, we headed off to the showers. I cooled myself with a shower. Yeah, I like showers, don’t believe every stereotype you hear!

After getting dressed in a flower-decorated blouse, a pair of shorts with pockets, and a black leather purse I had gotten for my birthday, I checked the mirror to make sure my appearance was perfect. 

“Are you coming?” Leela called. “If I let you, you’ll preen yourself all day!”

“I’ll meet you at the bikes, okay?” I called back, continuing to comb my hair in three different ways.

After deciding to split down the middle didn’t make my forehead look too big, I finished packing and headed out. Just as I left the locker room, I ran straight into someone. My claws instinctively came out and I grabbed onto them, digging my fingers into their sides and clinging to them. A really manly scent came from his body, and before my conscious mind could work, I found myself looking up at Simon’s face.

He was smiling down at me, and my heart immediately tightened to the point where I couldn’t breathe. Was I dreaming? I was totally holding Simon right now. My arms were wrapped around his body. He was clean and freshly showered, and so was I. My lips opened slightly, I couldn’t hear anything but the pounding in my ears. This lasted for ten seconds before I realized his lips were moving in what seemed to be words.

“Um… you’re actually really hurting me now, can you please let go?” He said.

His face was flushed now, and he seemed to be breathing somewhat ragged. “Eh?”

He gave a smile, which looked like he was half in tears. “Your digging into my sides with your claws… can you…”

“Eh!” I immediately let go, my tail swishing wildly. “I s-s-scratched you!”

He let out a laugh. “Ah… maybe you’re a bit of a sadist, huh, Kiki?”

Kiki? Simon knows my name? He said my name? No, wait… sadist? What’s a sadist? Isn’t that a bad person?

“W-wait, sadist…” my eyes grew slightly panicked.

“My rides here, actually. Sorry, I need to go.” Simon spoke up while touching his side where I had gripped him with an odd expression on his face. “We should talk… some time… I mean… when we have time…”

I stared at him, unable to say anything. Finally, I managed to nod just before the silence became strange. He smiled back and turned and left. I watched his long cheetah tail switch, and his graceful butt prance away. It was only after he had left the building that the redness returned.

Damn it! Could I have been any more of a spaz? I grabbed his stomach and even scratched him. I stared at him like an idiot! What was I going to do? He thinks I’m a sadist! That’s horrible! Black cats have the worst of luck! It’s the truth! That’s a stereotype you can absolutely trust me on! Feeling worse than I had felt in ages, I took a step forward and ended up stepping on something under my feet.

“Eh? Simon dropped something.” I leaned over and picked it up.

As soon as my eyes landed on the cover, I gasped and dropped it. On the cover was a woman with a gag in her mouth. Furthermore, she was wearing something really revealing made of leather. The image was quite graphic. I looked down and read the cover.

“BDSM for beginners…” I frowned. “Is this… Simon’s interests?”

I looked around, and when I didn’t see anyone nearby, I leaned down and grabbed the book, quickly stuffing it in my purse. There, I took it. I didn’t even know if it was Simon’s book for certain. What is it? What is BDSM? Is it a lifestyle? A type of sex? A hobby?

Little did I know that my pursuit of those answers would change the rest of my life.