Dear Fans,

Another month has gone by. Thank you once again for all of your support and comments. I appreciate it. Let’s get to announcements.


*Master and Dragon is almost finished. Three-four chapters tops. I wrote pretty well on my week off, but still have a few chapters left. I will have it done. Then, I Am My Own Grandpa will be released. It’s a shorter story, should only be about 20 chapters.

*MDL V16… I know… it’s hard to dedicate time. One of the things that has held me back is that I never really found a replacement for my previous illustrator. I found someone knew, but they are still in the process of making the first image and are a tad slower than I would have liked. Either way, I will try to work on getting eBooks out again. I need them out as badly as you guys want them.

*As you may know, I started rereleasing Power of Creation on my site. This is a “new version” the story. It’s 1st person PoV past tense like I prefer writing, with new character names, but the story is 95% unchanged. I’m also updating the images that were made with the story.

*I haven’t been able to focus on MDL audio releases. I’m already managing the release of all my content on five sites, something always ends up getting lost. I’m not seeing it get all that much attention anyway, so I’m unsure how much I want to continue with it. Especially as my donations every month keep seemingly shrinking more and more.

*I hope last months public releases went better. Other than MDL which messed a few days, I had everything else scheduled and releasing like clockwork.

*I know I’m a bit behind on Premium polls. Its always because people vote for a premium pole I don’t want to do… look, if I’m two chapters behind in WoW… voting a premium chapter in WoW isn’t going to fix the problem.

December Schedule

Monday: My Dungeon Life

Tuesday: Apocalypse, My Dungeon Life

Wednesday: My Dungeon Life

Thursday: My Dungeon Life, Master and Dragon (I Am My Own Grandpa)

Friday: My Dungeon Life

Saturday: World of Women

Sunday: Getting Lucky, Bacterium

9 PM Eastern Standard Time

Public Chapters Currently Releasing…

Apocalypse – Tuesday

I Reincarnated into the Hero’s Body – Sunday

Enslaved – Wednesday

MDL – Daily

Tales of an Enchantress – Monday

November Recap:

My Dungeon Life – 16 (28,800)

Kindred Paradise –  6 (18,000)

World of Women – 1 (3,000)

Master and Dragon – 9 (18,000)

Apocalypse – 3 (4,500)

Bacterium – 4 (6,000)

Getting Lucky – 3 (5,400)

Women’s Pleasure Dungeon – 11 (22,000)

Other – 7 (7,000)

Total – 112,700 words

I know some of you don’t like my word counts and don’t care about anything I do that isn’t the specific novel you like to read, but that’s still pretty impressive, I think.