You are currently viewing Monthly Newsletter – January 2022

Dear Supporters and Fans,

Happy new year to all of you. It’s 2022 now. My first post ever was in 2016. I’ve been writing now for five-six years (although my Patreon (and my first ero novel) only began in 2017 and Patreon didn’t take off to 2018). To think how far we’ve come in six years.  


  • The “new” editor I hired went AWOL. This is why I didn’t get MDL V14 out this month. I’m back to square one looking for an editor of enough talent. I hope to get the volume out this month.
  • Sorry my releases started to get backed up near the end there. I hope you can understand its Christmas break, my kids are home, ect… Considering the site didn’t crash and end up down for 7 days like happened both last year AND the year before… I consider this a win.
  • Apocalypse V2 was released. I’ll be moving on to V3 as an eBook when I can.
  • I should have the Apocalypse pictures out in a week or so.
  • The card game is almost finished with illustrations, and I’ve also dabbled in doing an Audio series for My Dungeon Life. I hope to be able to put together a youtube video. If someone with video editing experience wants to help, this would be a great volunteer opportunity. I’d give FREE membership.
  • I started releasing Apocalypse as a public release. Hopefully, that generates more buzz and excitement for it.
  • I know I say this every month, so I just won’t say it. I’ll do my best to release all of my chapters, and if I don’t succeed, I don’t succeed. I won’t promise anything. It likely won’t be until next month before I can make another attempt at getting ahead with writing. I think I might have to talk about taking a vacation one of these months. As an FYI… the seven days I don’t take off every two months because I still release chapters and do eBooks and work on my site and with my illustrators is NOT my vacation time. It’s the equivalent of the time I don’t get from weekends. Instead of getting weekends, which are 16-20 days every two months, I take 7 days off in a row once every two months. So, you know, for the last three years, I’ve consistently been working 7 days a week, 7 weeks at a time.

January Goals:

These are goals. Goals are not a 100% guarantee.

Enslaved: Monday

Apocalypse: Tuesday and Saturday

Tales of a Demon Queen: Wednesday

Man of the House: Thursday

My Dungeon Life: Tuesday-Saturday (X3 a day)

Guy on a Spaceship: Friday

Getting Lucky: Sunday

All Gods Must Die: The 2nd

Rise of the Midnight King: The 9th

Last Dread Pirate: The 16th

Reincarnated Demon Lord: The 23rd

Automatic Girlfriend: The 30th

Isekai no Monogatari: Friday

9 PM Eastern Standard Time

Public Chapters Currently Releasing…

My Dungeon Life (6-9 a week), NTR Crush (Scribblehub Only), Man of the House (1 a week), Guy on a Spaceship (1 every other week), Apocalypse (1 a week)

All Public Chapters release on Sunday Night/ Monday Morning.

*Please allow up to 24 hours for the chapters to release late before messaging me. If a chapter doesn’t go from $5 to $2 tier by the next morning after a release, let me know.

December Recap:

GL: 3 (5,400)

MDL: 21 (37,800)

MOTH: 2 (4,000)

Apocalypse: 6 (9,000)

TOAD: 2 (4,000)

Enslaved: 3 (9,000)

Incest: 2 (6,000)

Rise of the Midnight King: 1 (3,000)

Last Dread Pirate: 1 (3,000)

Reincarnated Demon Lord: 1 (2,000)

Guy on a Spaceship: 3 (9,000)

Other: 3 (6,000)

Total Words Released This Month: 98,200