Dear Fans,

We reached 2024! Happy New Year to all of my fans, both new and old. Lets get into it.


*Master and Dragon finished as I promised last month. I Am My Own Grandpa has been put in its place. This didn’t get any rush releases or anything because it was already a paid for story. It is not a long story. Should be around twenty chapters. Plain and simple, should be finished before summer, and then I will be picking up one of my older stories.

*Along the same vein of this summer, World of Women should be finishing then too, in which case Enslaved will be picked back up. This is the final volume for that novel, to anyone who hasn’t grasped it by the tone of the novel by now.

*”When will I start releasing eBooks?” You ask. The reason V16 isn’t out is because I sent it to someone who ghosted me… again. I hired a new editor, and they promise it will be done by the end of this week. At that point, I will release. I’m also working on MOTH on the side. Made some progress with that. MOTH is actually going through quite a bit of a rewrite. Some of the characterization is going to be changed, with the potential for added chapters or scenes. At the moment though, most of my focus will be going into the 40+ rush chapters I promised.

*Speaking of which, thank you all who participated in the Christmas sale. My water heater broke shortly after… so all that extra money will… put me right back where I started… yay! In the meantime, I’ll be trying to catch up. I’ve had issues with my wisdom teeth last few days. I might need to get them taken out. Can’t do anything during holidays, so I’ll be making that call tomorrow. That’s why my releases dried up last 2-3 days. Rest assured, I will release everything I promised, although it might take all month, with a few stories just releasing weekly like Rise and Oops that have 10 plus chapters. I’ll let you know when the chapters run out.

*The survey is finished. I will release it shortly after this newsletter. Please do the survey. I’d appreciate it.

*This is a warning… I’m considering changing how my membership is done. I’ve increased the price once three years ago when I went from $1 to $2. As you all know… economy ain’t great, and the amount of content I offer has only increased. I’m thinking of changing up the tiers again. There will be a question about it in the survey, which is all the more reason I’d appreciate if you did it.

In short, the $2 tier will be removed and replaced with a “book specific” tier. Your $2 will only grant you access to whatever series you pick, up to the Early Access, which will be the $10 tier. Premium will likely become $15. So $15 if you want to vote or read everything (unchanged), $10 for Early access stuff unlocked by $15 tier, $5 gets you most everything except the extra/rushed chapters and then $2 is only one series. Monthly eBooks will probably move up a tier too. Too few people understand how to get more than one eBook, so I’ll probably remove that option. So, if you’re $15 tier or higher, almost nothing changes, if you’re $10, you’ll lose polls, if you’re $5, you’ll lose eBooks and early access, and if you’re $2, you’ll actually gain early access if you only care about one novel, and can even pay to unlock two novels and still pay less than $5. I haven’t made this change yet, but I will probably announce it for Feb depending on how well it goes in the survey.

January Schedule

Monday: My Dungeon Life

Tuesday: Apocalypse, My Dungeon Life

Wednesday: My Dungeon Life

Thursday: My Dungeon Life, I Am My Own Grandpa

Friday: My Dungeon Life

Saturday: World of Women

Sunday: Getting Lucky, Bacterium

9 PM Eastern Standard Time

Public Chapters Currently Releasing…

Apocalypse – Tuesday

I Reincarnated into the Hero’s Body – Sunday

Enslaved – Wednesday

MDL – Daily

Tales of an Enchantress – Monday

December Recap:

My Dungeon Life – 21 (37,800)

Master and Dragon – 6 (12,000)

World of Women – 3 (9,000)

I Am My Own Grandpa – 4 (12,000)

Apocalypse – 6 (9,000)

Bacterium – 3 (6,000)

Getting Lucky – 4 (7,200)

Women’s Pleasure Dungeon – 6 (18,000)

Other – 16 (16,000)

Total – 127,000 words