Dear Fans,

Sorry this Newsletter came a bit late this month. I’ve just been going through it. It’s been a rough couple of weeks. Our AC broke and I have NO money to fix it. I spent $5000 last winter so I could have heat, only for the AC to now not work. On top of that my riding lawn mower’s engine exploded, no money for that. My car engine light went on, no money for that. On top of that, I’m planning a road trip in two weeks, first vacation in nearly 5 years. Ah well, let’s get to announcements.


*The link button seems to be working for anyone who doesn’t get confused easily. I’ve been changing the explanations in the FAQ to match the new link. Hopefully, you’re figuring it out. It appears that at the end of every month you’ll need to unlink and relink 1-2 times before it will connect properly. It is what it is. I will probably auto kick everyone next month so you just have to link, not unlink. The programmer is still promising he’s working on it, but he got his money so here’s hoping he honors his word. Anyone signing up to a full year, the link doesn’t work. Contact me and I’ll just extend you a year long membership manually.

*I’m not going to release for a week. Back in the day, I took off a week every two months. If you’ve noticed, I haven’t been doing that lately. I’ve been holding off because I’m going on vacation. Thus 24th to the 31st I will probably not release anything. I will bring my laptop, but for the most part if you have issues, you’ll need to wait a week. I’ll also have one or two guys I know who may be able to address issues if needed.

*I think out of work things are going good. I’m totally overwhelmed working on the farm, especially without AC, but I have been releasing chapters reliably. Yes, I know, not at exactly 9 pm, and some are even 24 hours late, but I think I’ve only missed one release last month and none this month so far. Whenever my next week off is that isn’t a vacation, I will use that time to try to get ahead in releases. Plus, I’ve been releasing some extra content. Let’s talk about that next.

*I need to get new eBooks released. I have an editor working for me again. That’s been one of the issues, not having any good editors I can trust with the final edit. Apocalypse V3 is in the works, and then the next MDL volume. (15 ot 16?).

*Tales of a Demon Queen will be done in a few weeks. I’m down to the last 3-4 chapters. Tales of a Sex Goddess will be the last book. I will probably start it after a break. What will I write instead? I might ask in my July survey.

*Yes, I didn’t get me survey out. Sorry. It’s 90% done, I just never released. It’ll have to be a July survey instead.

*You’re probably aware of this, but Premium has picked back up again. I’m going to be slowly writing extra to reestablish the Early Access $5 tier. Premium will allow you to select one extra chapter every week. The last one went out last week. Must be in the $10 tier to vote. Any series can only win once a month, so at least 4 series can be voted in. I also noticed with this last one nearly 3 books were all tied, and the one that won won by one vote… so at this point, your vote probably really does count.

July Schedule

Monday: My Dungeon Life

Tuesday: Apocalypse

Wednesday: My Dungeon Life

Thursday: World of Women

Friday: My Dungeon Life

Saturday: Tales of a Demon Queen

Sunday: Getting Lucky

9 PM Eastern Standard Time

Public Chapters Currently Releasing…

Apocalypse – Once a Week (TBA)

MDL – Daily

MOTH – Once a Week (Sunday)

Tales of an Enchantress – Once a Week (TBA)

I will start word counting again… eventually. Maybe I’ll ask on the survey if people even want that. Plenty seemed to just find it annoying.