You are currently viewing Monthly Newsletter – June 2021

Dear Supporters and Fans,

As always, thank you for your continued support. Last month had some ups and downs, so let’s go through it.


• Naturally, the big announcement is the change from Patreon “links” to entering a code. Given I’ve experienced a seeming max exodus of fans the last two weeks, it seems like there is a subset of people who just hate this (yes, I know many are switching to FFA too, time will tell if they’re equivalent)  . I find this seeming hate to be a bit strange. When I started this thing three years ago, I used to release a password “per chapter”, and you had to manually unlock every locked chapter you read. Ah, those were the days! 😛 This is still the way several authors do it on MachineSlicedBread. 

For those willing to adapt, hopefully, this new system works well enough. As I said before, we’re trying it out. If it really doesn’t work better, I’ll switch back, and I also have someone who will look into improving it, automating the renewal feature, and making the experience better. It’ll just take time. 

• V10 has been reedited. I realize I had a lot of plot holes in it I’m trying to resolve before re-releasing it. I’d also like to get V11 out this month. It didn’t happen last month, but with the next 7 days off, I should have time to work on eBooks. TOAE is still on my list as well.

• I did my big survey last month. Some of these changes are a direct result of it. So… if you didn’t do the survey and aren’t happy with the result… there you go. I will be giving a livestream this Saturday to talk about these things. It is on the 5th, at 2:00 pm EST. That puts UK and such from 7 pm -12 am and stateside 9 am -2 pm. So… that’s the best I can do to be accessible for everyone. I hope to see you there.

• Hiring someone to help me on my site has been a disaster after disaster. I was exceptionally lucky first starting out to find a handful of volunteers who made a lot of things possible, but every time I’ve tried to recruit since it’s been a disaster. To be honest, when I hire someone, I base them on what I’ve gotten from my free volunteers, and they do NOT compare. Yes, the people who work for me for free have outperformed the people I pay time and time again, and not by a small margin. Bless you guys, you really are the best. 

However, I still see the clear and apparent need for help. There are too many things I don’t have the time to do on my own. Perhaps the trick is hiring people who actually care about what they’re doing, so I’ll give hiring among the fanbase one more try, so here we go. I’m in need of three positions to fill. These will pay a small monthly fee, so this is more a part-time gig for the bored college student or the stay-at-home that wants a little extra spending money (although you can have other jobs, as long as you can balance properly). Here are the “positions” I want filled. I tried to find one guy that did it all to hire full time, but I’m realizing that goal was unrealistic. 

1) A digital assistant. You will be tasked with creating eBooks, updating glossaries, entering meta-data, and various other simple but monotonous wordpress-related work tasks. May also help with scribblehub, royalroad, and wikis. 

2) A tech person. Someone who understands website building at the language level, and can help implement fixes to my site and keep it running. If you can’t work on a wordpress plugin, then need not apply. If you’re available in an emergency, that’d be the best. I’m just looking for someone to maintain and upkeep my website, and occasionally hammer out simple tweaks to improve user experience.  

3) A PR Assistant. Someone out their promoting my material, who understands where and how to get stuff out there and can help me do it. Perhaps you can build up my twitter, my reddit community, my goodreads, and find other opportunities for me to gain exposure. 

I’d hire as a monthly contractor. The fee is negotiable based on the ability of the person, but if you’re expecting full-time wages… I’d only consider it for someone who could do everything efficiently. Please don’t apply unless you’re capable of doing the job. This shouldn’t require saying, but perhaps this will show you how bad my experiences have been… if you see yourself disappearing for 2 weeks without sending me a single message of update, and when I call you on it, you declare you were ‘sick’, ‘had a test’, or there was some local ‘holiday’… do not apply. Yes, you can take a week off for a test by informing me, but seriously people… seriously. If you are serious, just send me an email or DM in discord. I don’t need a CV, but I do need you to tell me your experience, your availability, and your job expectations.

June Goals:

I will not be putting out scheduled chapters between the 1st and 7th.

Enslaved: Monday

Apocalypse: Tuesday and Friday

Tales of a Demon Queen: Wednesday

Man of the House: Thursday

My Dungeon Life: Tuesday-Saturday (X3 a day)

Guy on a Spaceship: Saturday

Getting Lucky: Sunday

Rotation: Sunday (RttS 6th, RotMK 13th, LDP 20th, RDL 27th)

Isekai no Monogatari: Friday

9 PM Eastern Standard Time

Public Chapters Currently Releasing…

My Dungeon Life (6-9 a week), NTR Crush (1 a week), Man of the House (1 a week), Guy on a Spaceship (1 every other week)

All Public Chapters release on Sunday Night/ Monday Morning.

*Please allow up to 24 hours for the chapters to release late before messaging me. If a chapter doesn’t go from $5 to $2 tier by the next morning after a release, let me know.

May Recap:

Images: 10

Comic: 4

Apocalypse: 8 (16,000)

GL: 5 (9,000)

GOAS: 5 (15,000)

MDL: 21 (31,500)

MOTH: 4 (8,000)

TOAD: 3 (6,000)

Enslaved: 4 (8,000)

Other: 18 (36,000)

Total Words Released This Month: 129,500 words

But I missed a chapter of Tales of a Demon Queen one week. Least reliable author ever – CONFIRMED.