Dear Fans,

Thank you for your support. This has felt like a good month to me. Feel like a good month to you? Let’s see.


*I finished Kindred Paradise. I only got about 50 responses from my survey, but the takeaway seemed to be majority of people wanted My Dungeon Life moved up to 5X a week. I got to tell you, MDL is not “near finished”. I know someone told me they wanted to rush it to the end. That’s… not gonna happen. This story still has a LOT left I haven’t written. It will continue to be released for years, even with a few extra releases a week

*If you’re bumed out about nothing new being picked up, I am working on finishing Dragon and Master. I’d like to finish it soon. It is near the end. Soon, as in during my week off, I’d like to finish it. I don’t want to promise I will though, because every time I do I either get sick or have some event that kills all my time. So, cautiously, I plan to get it finished, and then I Am My Own Grandpa will be picked up.

*MDL V16… next week. It’s planned. After that, I plan to work on MOTH’s eBooks. TOAE… yeah… it’s there…I’m at edit 139436 of 2783937 or something. I’ll eventually get back to it.

*WoW potrait gallery was recently finished. I’ll be honest, money’s tight right now, so I’ve been pulling back on a lot of that content. That’s why I haven’t done any more comic books, and the comic strip hasn’t released any more in a while either.

*I keep putting back the release of the MDL audio story. I will try to schedule that today.

*Public releases have not been reliable. I have a guy whose doing them, I have NOT been looking over his shoulder… I know he’s been forgetting and then rando-releasing and stuff… I’m going to try to pick back up the public releases and get them organized again. I was trying to pass off the work to someone else, but I think I need to get back into managing everything again.

*I will be off November 1st-7th. That is my “week off” that I take every two weeks. As I said, I’ll try to get my eBook out and Master and Dragon finished. Those are my goals. Not saying I’ll reach them. I could spend the week sleeping, who knows.

*For those of you wondering where Premium Polls 11/29 is… I don’t do Premium Polls over my week off. It made more sense not to do that Poll, so I will put up the next Poll on Sunday the 5th even though it’s my “week off”.

*Any chapters I didn’t do last month… I won’t do. Sorry, I’m not doing makeups anymore. It’s too exhausting, and most people don’t even appreciate it. The exception is Premiums. I’ll try to get I reincarnated out soon, I’m just not sure what to write. Really, stories between volumes are not supposed to be on there for this exact reason. It’s weird Reincarnated wins all the polls for an extra chapter every month, but never the polls to actually pick it up as a story.

*Finally, I… am considering… picking up something else. I might need to get through “I Am My Own Grandpa” before that happens though. I’d like to at least get a concept chapter out for that dungeon core story in my mind, and of course, there is a small but hopeful fanbase for Oops… Bully’s Mom. I have created a ToC and it is now in the menu under Releasing Stories… Please don’t get confused. It is NOT releasing at the moment, although I may write some in my free time if I’m in the mood.

November Schedule

Monday: My Dungeon Life

Tuesday: Apocalypse, My Dungeon Life

Wednesday: My Dungeon Life

Thursday: My Dungeon Life, Master and Dragon(I Am My Own Grandpa)

Friday: My Dungeon Life

Saturday: World of Women

Sunday: Getting Lucky, Bacterium

9 PM Eastern Standard Time

Public Chapters Currently Releasing…

Apocalypse – Once a Week (Friday)

MDL – Daily

Tales of an Enchantress – Once a Week (Friday)

October Recap:

My Dungeon Life – 14 (25,200)

Kindred Paradise –  10 (30,000)

World of Women – 2 (6,000)

Master and Dragon – 6 (12,000)

Apocalypse – 5 (7,500)

Bacterium – 5 (10,000)

Getting Lucky – 6 (10,800)

Other – 3 (6,000)

Total – 107,500 words

Look at that, back in the 100k club. I told you I’d be able to build it back up.