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Dear Supporters and Fans,

Thank you for another month of support. Things have seemingly started to settled regarding the memberships and the otherwise function of the site. If someone is still having issues, please feel free to contact me. I may not be the best PR, but I do want to help. Please note that I have almost all of this stuff already marked in the Q+A. I’ve made videos, I’ve written tutorials, and honestly, a lot of the time I can’t fix stupid. If you’ve ever used a shopping cart online, you should be able to figure out the basics of renewing memberships and buying eBooks (two different things in two different shops).

Anyway, this month wasn’t one of my greatest months for producing content. I mean… I still produced metric tons. I feel almost like apologizing is just going to incentivize people to be even more entitled to my work. I do generally try to keep up with my schedule. I might miss a chapter or two a month, but I consider that a pretty good month. This month… I was short 9 chapters. I plan to make them up during my week off next week, so don’t worry. You’re getting them, and me? I’m not getting a break. Again. Ah well, here’s hoping I can have a break in 2022.


  • As I said, I know what I’m missing some chapters. I will try to release these next week: TOAD, MOTH, 3 Enslaved, 2 LDP, and 1 GL chapter plus an Incest on an Island. The Premium chapter will still release next week too. If you feel something else was supposed to be written and subsequently skipped, let me know. If I do not get to everything next week… I’m calling mulligan on it, plain and simple.
  • As I explained in a previous post, Guy on a Spaceship is currently on hiatus. I’m giving it a break. I’ll be turning what I have now into volume 1, and coming up with a v2. In the meantime, I’ll release STD, which is what I did this month. I should have just taken a break at the beginning of the month, but I didn’t. Anyway, GOAS will likely be getting a new cover for V1, edits, and maybe eventually some bonus chapters.
  • For those wondering about where eBooks are at… TOAE is in production, but the edits require a fudgeton of work, and so it’ll still be a while. I’d like to work on Apocalypse V2 next, and then WOW V4. This leads me to my next issue.
  • I do not have a final editor for my manuscripts. The guy I hired was expecting more work from me than I could provide, and we ended up parting ways. If you are an experienced editor, and feel like you can handle the FINAL DRAFT, please contact me. I need someone thorough with grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. I will pay $$$. My rate is really bad or really good, depending on where you live. XD. You can make $100-$300 a month. If you really were ungodly thorough and good, I could probably pay more. Let me know if anyone is interested.

October Goals:

I will be off of my schedule from October 1st-7th.

Enslaved: Monday

Apocalypse: Tuesday and Friday

Tales of a Demon Queen: Wednesday

Man of the House: Thursday

My Dungeon Life: Tuesday-Saturday (X3 a day)

STD: Saturday

Getting Lucky: Sunday

All Gods Must Die: The 10th

Rise of the Midnight King: The 17th

Last Dread Pirate: The 24th

Reincarnated Demon Lord: The 31st

Isekai no Monogatari: Friday

9 PM Eastern Standard Time

Public Chapters Currently Releasing…

My Dungeon Life (6-9 a week), NTR Crush (Scribblehub Only), Man of the House (1 a week), Guy on a Spaceship (1 every other week)

All Public Chapters release on Sunday Night/ Monday Morning.

*Please allow up to 24 hours for the chapters to release late before messaging me. If a chapter doesn’t go from $5 to $2 tier by the next morning after a release, let me know.

September Recap:

Images: 5

GL: 4 (7,200)

STD: 4 (5,200)

MDL: 24 (39,600)

MOTH: 4 (8,000)

Apocalypse: 8 (12,000)

TOAD: 5 (10,000)

Enslaved: 3 (9,000)

Rise of the Midnight King: 2 (6,000)

Last Dread Pirate: 0

Reincarnated Demon Lord: 1 (2,000)

All Gods Must Die: 1 (3,000)

Other: 2 (3,000)

Total Words Released This Month: 105,000 words

Thanks again for your support. As always, I’m only able to do this thanks to your generous donations.