Dear Fans,

Hey Guys. Thanks for your continued support. I need as much supports as possible at the moment.


*My editor I hired last month ended up falling through, so I’m back to square one.

*That includes MDL V16. I will work on getting it out this month. I hope.

*MDL Youtube did not end up getting released last month. It has been released starting later today. I might start 3 chapters a week just so I don’t run out of episodes.

*Bacterium is still releasing weekly. I will start announcing it more regularly, but please check it out.

October Schedule

Monday: My Dungeon Life

Tuesday: Apocalypse

Wednesday: My Dungeon Life

Thursday: World of Women

Friday: My Dungeon Life

Saturday: Kindred Paradise

Sunday: Getting Lucky

9 PM Eastern Standard Time

Public Chapters Currently Releasing…

Apocalypse – Once a Week (Friday)

MDL – Daily

Tales of an Enchantress – Once a Week (Friday)

September Recap:

My Dungeon Life – 10 (16,000)

Kindred Paradise –  4 (12,000)

World of Women – 2 (6,000)

Master and Dragon – 2 (4,000)

Apocalypse – 3 (4,500)

Bacterium – 4 (8,000)

Getting Lucky – 3 (5,400)

Total – 55,600 words

This is with a week off. I do wish to pick up more writing though. We’ll see.