Hey guys, 

Just another quick announcement pointing to the things I’m continually doing to try to improve the web novel experience. 1st things first, 

1) I did finally add a light mode to the site. It doesn’t look pretty, making the banner disappear, but it does change from black background on grey text to grey background on black text. So, for your reading pleasure, that is now an option. 

2) I’ve got a guy who is currently working on making a custom theme for me to handle Whatsawhizzer. This might not mean much to you guys, but it should make things smoother. I’ll have more creative control of a custom theme, which will allow me to do more stuff for you. Many of the issues I’ve been having with agegate and locked chapters I may be able to fix with a custom theme. 

3) I’ve begun releasing ePubs. WoW V1 and NTR Crush V1 have already gotten them. As I promised, all my pdfs will have them by the end of the month. 

4) A reminder, I am moving forward with my plan involving PDFs. I will be deleting ALL PDFs from patreon, and instead you will get a PDF coupon code good for purchase at my sight. It’s good for one use per account. This will also be the only way you’ll be able to get the ePubs. So even you long timers will benefit from it. Please make sure to make an account, as this is the easiest way to redownload the files once you delete them. 

5) I’m less than $25 away from WoW – Bonus Chapter 3. Keep it up. ~$125 more will ensure the pdf will be full to the max with content. I have decided to add one more benefit to make it even better! If $1800 is reached, I will release a WoW – Volume 1 coupon for all Patreon users, $1+. In other words, you won’t need to use next months voucher to buy that WoW pdf which comes out on the 7th. 

6) I also added an update that if $2000 is reached, I’ll put out the next chapter of A Hero’s Vengeance. This is a Patreon Only short story with 8-10k word chapters. It’ll be told in only six parts, and is not part of any official schedule. The first chapter is here.

Thank you for your support. I hope you can tell I’m working a little every day to try to improve the experience.