Don’t you hate it when you post so many chapters that you can’t even keep an announcement on the recent posts? Lol, I’m just bringing back up. Still would like to get more answers.

Hey Supporters and Fans!

For those of you who are new, I do a survey every six months to find out where I’m standing with content, and what you guys want in the future. I think I’m getting better at making these surveys, so please click and do them.

I usually only get back a couple hundred responses despite having over 1500 members. The more you give me feedback, the better I can work on content that you want. I’ll also do a live stream in June (hence why this is the June survey), where I will go through questions and answers and we can talk about my decisions proceeding forward.

You guys are the ones that support me and keep me writing, so please let me know how I’m doing! Please use the members if you’re a member of FFA or Patreon and Nonmembers if you are a public reader.

Thanks again.