I actually did this a month ago when I released V9 of MDL on Amazon. I decided it was probably worth announcing.

I changed out two My Dungeon Life chapters. This isn’t a retcon, because it doesn’t technically change the story, just how new readers would perceive it.

This was actually how I originally intended the story to go. I changed it giving a more revealing ending with the hopes that people would have time to ease into where V11 was going to be. Instead, I had a ton of people who got super angry about it and fretted over it all of V10, and V9 turned into a volume where a bunch of fans rage quit.

I won’t spoil it for people who’ve not read it, but those who have probably can guess what controversial decision I’m talking about.

Anyway, just in the name of full transparency, I had rewritten the sex scene and a bonus chapter for this volume. I announced it in text, but I realized most of you who have already read this probably never went back and noticed it. It basically replaces the threesome with a scene with Raissa from early in the book, (which the erotica for is being drawn now). This change has already been in the eBook for a while now.

Erotica Scene

Bonus Chapter 1

It’s not a big change… but it would radically change how you experienced V10 and V11 without having a heads up.

Just amazes me how much of a tantrum some threw over this story beat, convinced the story was ruined forever… even though volume 12-15 are, in my opinion, really effing good (and I thought V11 was pretty good too). Ah well… it is what it is.

Hope that helps. Have a good one.