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Chapter 1010

“How have the talks gone?” I asked in a tight voice, trying to calmly pull this woman… ahem… this man off of me.

“Not good at all!” He pursed his lips. “They were quite upset that no one from the noble family came for the wedding. Just convincing them we weren’t insulting them was the best I could do.”

“That’s right.” I perked up. “I heard a bit about that. We did bring Eliana with us.”

“Hopefully, it’s not too late.” He brightened, although he was still clinging uncomfortably close to me. “My, you’re very muscular. Would you consider being mine?”


“I just want you to serve under me. Of course… I’m always on top.”

“Dad!” Octius grabbed my other arm and pulled him to me. “Stop trying to recruit my men. I went to great effort to gain his… muscles… ahem… I mean his friendship!”

I found myself being pulled between two men. If there was a difference between them, it was that Octius was an extremely pretty boy. It was difficult to tell if he was a man or a woman, but there was just enough off about him that you could determine it was a man. As for his father, there was no indication at all. Calling him a pretty boy would be describing him short. It was a woman, other than that I had to assume the part between their legs was male. He was a woman who happened to have a penis, I had no other way of describing him. Even the penis was something I’d have to take their word for.

This event was causing a bit of commotion. An attractive, muscular soldier of a man seemingly was being pulled and fought over by a beautiful man that would cause women to sigh and a beautiful woman who was just as abnormally attractive. Actually, why was Otto so ugly considering how beautiful his brother and father appeared! I looked at his muscle-bound sister who seemed to be finding this amusing and instantly understood. Wait, what does the mom look like! I seem to remember them saying that the daughter took after her mom while the two of them took after their dad!

“Dad! Brother. He’s a noble too high a rank to join either of you now. Remember, he’ll be going through the ceremony soon.”

“Ah… that’s right!” the general lifted his finger excitedly. “You’re upper nobility now. Soon, you might even be on top of me!”

“That will never happen!” I coughed. “A-anyway… shouldn’t we be getting into the church now?”

I tried to bring the conversation back around. The pair of them finally let go of me, but I already felt like taking a shower. Why did they smell so good?

“D-Deek!” Eliana cried out as I grabbed her.



I grabbed all of the girls and held them while I rubbed myself against them to feel normal again. After holding the mothers of my children as well as a busty maid, I felt much better after such an event. When I pulled away, I had been expecting the girls to blush a bit, but I hadn’t been expecting to get so many hateful looks around me. We weren’t exactly at the doors to the wedding yet and were still near the public crowd. After having a man and a woman fight over me, I then grabbed three other beautiful women and snuggled with them openly in public. Somehow, this had earned glares from both the men and the women.

So much for laying low. I grabbed Eliana and the group of us followed the general. Thankfully, we wouldn’t be entering the church from the front but could slip in the back where we wouldn’t go noticed. Hopefully.

Chapter 1011

“What is that doing here?” A voice cried out as soon as we tried to enter the church.

It seemed like entering the church without making a commotion was impossible for me no matter what I did. A group of three women suddenly approached. I recognized the clothing they were wearing. They were the robes of the church. They resembled the robes from the capital’s church, but they were a different color. Those robes were red, while these were clear blue.

The lead woman had blond hair and a slim physique. She was attractive, but the expression on her face was one filled with open disgust. The two girls behind her seemed to echo these looks. There was something off about them though. They just didn’t seem like the other priestesses I had met, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

As for ‘that’, I thought they had finally called out the Tibults. I mean, as to which one, it was hard to say, because they were all questionable. However, as her finger jutted out, it was pointing at Faeyna of all girls. I was extremely shocked.

“M-me?” Faeyna cried out.

“Yes, you…” Her eyes narrowed hatefully. “Your kind aren’t allowed in here.”

“My kind?”

The general seemed just as surprised as me. This was the first time he had ever encountered such a thing. The only good thing was that we went in the back way and there weren’t very many people around who noticed these sudden issues.

I was shocked, and my mouth fell open as we were met with hostility. Were elves hated in these parts? I expected a bit of xenophobia in parts of Aberis, but I had thought the Ost Republic was extremely welcoming. I tried to think back if anyone else had shot Faeyna any ugly looks. I did recall a certain old woman looking at her with distaste, but I hadn’t thought anything of it at the time.

“Just who do you think you are?” I demanded.

“They’re the E.D.B.D.T.D,” Octin spoke up.

“The E…D… what?”

“They’re the disciplinary committee of the official church of the Ost Republic.”

“Oh. Do they have something against Faeyna?” I asked.

“How could we not?” The woman sneered. “Look at those ugly things!”

“We haven’t had any trouble before,” Octin spoke with a slightly worried frown on his face.

“You never brought someone like her before!” She snapped. “She’s not welcome here!”

“If you want to keep her from coming, then we have a problem.” I stepped forward menacingly.

She glanced at me undisturbed, and then there was a flash of recognition. “It’s you… yes… I’ve heard of you.”

“What?” I blinked, not sure where that came from.

“You’re that one that fraternizes with that unholy spawn from the north who calls themselves a church! They’ve warned us you were coming to fill our heads with lies. Rumor says that you love women of all types! It seems like it was all talk! Looking at the women at your side, it is clear that you enjoy women of a certain persuasion.” Her eyes were landing on a certain aspect of the women behind me. “It’s all just fat anyway!”

“W-wait!” Realization suddenly struck me as I realized what was off about them. “You all have flat chests!”

“Blasphemy!” She cried out. “Pointing out a woman’s chest size in the house of the daughter. As a member of the E.D.B.D.T.D. committee… you’re under arrest!”

Chapter 1012

“Under arrest? For what?” I cried out.

“Hmph! Bringing such a fat ugly cow into our midst, how could that not be provocation! Our spies have already well documented your association with the church of the mother. As for the talk that you’re the great unifier… who asked you to unify anyone!”

In Aberis, there was the church that was responsible for managing the priests and paladins. At some point, the church had broken up. The church of the mother and the daughter became the church of the mother and the church of the daughter. Somehow, large breasts had signified the mother, while small or nonexistent breasts signified the daughter. Thankfully, it didn’t seem like age played into it. It would have been uncomfortable if it was a church of lolis.

Mary, the archbishop of the church of the mother had asked me to help them create peace with the church of the daughter. She claimed that simply by surrounding myself with women of different endowments while accomplishing great deeds, I was already helping remove the negative stigmatism of the church.

The paladins and priests that had come with me to battle the demon lord had all been impressed by my women and a few had even grudgingly admitted that Garnet’s work was pretty exceptional and that Terra and Miki were powerful assets. They were especially interested in Miki’s spiritual abilities, with complemented their priests well. They wanted to know how she had earned such a job. I told them you had to surround yourself with death, become sickly for a long time, die, and then become a ghost. None of them were eager to do what was necessary to reach those goals.

However, while the church of the mother, while filled with prejudice, had some desire to make amends and reunite, the flat-chested women were much pricklier, it seemed. I did not have time to worry about them and had focused on my own problems with Alerith. Mary hadn’t given me a timeline, and I hadn’t been in this world all that long anyway. I hadn’t realized that the church of the daughter was located in the Ost Republic, although now I realized it made too much sense.

Since both countries were so vehemently opposed to each other, why wouldn’t their churches also be opposed to each other? Now that I thought about it, there seemed to be a lot more flat-chested women on the streets in the capital. Most Osterian women had rather small breasts, although Alysia was an exception. I wondered if she had trouble getting married in the church given her chest-size.

As for me unifying anyone, that must have spread from Mary. She was trying to make things happen and had spread that I was some kind of religious symbol. My harem of women was becoming the source of reform in the church. I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry.

“M-my breasts aren’t that big… although they have been getting bigger recently…” Raissa blushed.

“St-stupid pregnancy…” Eliana added, feeling her breasts which have also gotten a bit bigger.

“Hmph… two mothers and a big-tittied elf! You don’t want to start a fight! You want war!” The woman cried out accusingly.

“That’s not true!” I fought back. “I’ve said before, I like women of all sizes! It’s just a coincidence these women happen to be pregnant and large-chested.”

“Then, prove it!”


“I see two flat-chest women by your side!”

“Huh? Where?”

“Ai, ai… I keep telling them I’m a man, but they don’t believe me.” Octin sighed.

“Is he the reason you feel the need to talk down to yourself, sister? The girl demanded.

“Sister?” Octius cocked her head.

The church leader grabbed each of their hands. “You shouldn’t be made ashamed of having flat chests! You need not call yourselves men just because you don’t have those mounds of fat!”

“Oh my…” Octin had an awkward smile, looking slightly exasperated like he’s had this conversation before while Octius just looked dumbfounded.

“And this man!” She whipped her hand at me. “If he could call himself a man he would make you both feel like the women you deserve to be!”

“Um… but they really are…” I tried to explain.

“Silence! If you truly are this so-called lover of all women, then give these women proper affection, or… or… I’ll sentence you and your three boob bimbos to death!”

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