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“Are you sure about this?” I asked.

I felt like a broken record, but I didn’t want Alysia to feel like to had to do this or anything. We had made our way into an inn, but it still felt awkward to me. With most of the previous women I had slept with, they were generally unattached. There was Elaya, but her circumstances were solely unique to herself. She had died, and if you considered that death parted them, then I wouldn’t feel like we had an affair.

“I’m sure…” She said, an insistent gaze in her eyes, like doing this had some kind of extreme importance to her.


She blushed. “It’s just… my family forced me into this relationship with that man, but if I’m not a virgin, then ultimately everything would be fine. Ah! Not saying that I’d be happy to go to him… just that it would be better if it was with you.”


She looked at me and then lowered her head again. “You’ll have to… I don’t know what I’m doing. If it isn’t fighting, I’m not very experienced.”

“R-right.” I coughed. “Then, I guess we can take off our clothing?”

You’d think after all of the women I had been with, that it would make this first time easy. However, a lot of the times I had done this felt different. It wasn’t the woman’s wedding night, for example.

“Right!” She repeated my words, slowly starting to undo her dress.

In the end, she needed my help. I slowly peeled her out of her wedding dress. As I did, I could see a few scars on her back. As much as she felt like it at the moment, she wasn’t an innocent maiden. She had fought for her life in dungeons and was part of an enemy nation whose stance with us still wasn’t known. The last two times we had met, we had fought to the death. I hadn’t forgotten about that either.

I gently touched one of the scars. “You know, I can get rid of these.”

“I don’t want to get rid of them.” She shook her head, not looking back at me. “They are a part of my past. They are part of what defines me.”

“I see…”

“S-sorry…” She lowered her head again. “It’s probably not very lady-like. I just can’t be cute like the girls you travel with.”

I chuckle. “You’re plenty cute, and my girls aren’t so soft as you might think.”

Compared to Eliana, Alysia was definitely rougher and more rugged. Her wild red hair, her tanned skin, her finely toned body, all spoke of a woman who had done as much as possible to keep herself from being defined as a princess. However, she was still undeniably beautiful. She had the beauty of a warrior, and it was a beauty I wasn’t unaccustomed to with my girls.

I finished unfastening the back of her dress, and it fell to her ankles. This world didn’t have traditional underwear, but more like something people might have worn historically. Female bras were strips of fabric that held up the breasts but didn’t cup them. Down below, both wore something akin to shorts or boxers. I had a seamstress create underwear for me and the girls, and it seemed to have exploded with popularity in both Chalm and the Capital. Of course, since going back to my world, I bought plenty of underwear in all sizes for all of the girls. That was an awkward shopping trip.  Eliana had told me the idea was becoming a hot new trend. It’s too bad I didn’t capitalize on it when I had the chance.

Alysia was wearing the more typical version of underwear for this world, so it looked like it hadn’t reached the Ost Republic yet. It was a shame too because I thought her body would have looked incredible in some lingerie. Even though she was larger, I was confident I could find clothing that would fit an Osterian. I wrapped my arms around her from behind, and she shuttered under my touch.

“Deek…” She breathed out, turning around in my arms so she faced me.

Since my soul recombined, my body had changed, and as much as the girls talked about it, it wasn’t so drastic. My hair was longer. My skin was smoother. I was taller. However, I was still fundamentally Deek. I had muscles, but that had been earned from before, through hard work in dungeons. They weren’t bulky, but slim. My figure was tall and graceful, just short of being lanky. As for my height, I was originally around 5’8’’, so the height increase of nearly a foot was manageable. There were men in my world who were even seven feet tall, so I wasn’t to the point of being freakish. 

It left me facing her eye to eye and left every other girl a head shorter. Her body was curvy and full, but I didn’t feel intimidated by it. Truthfully, I had never felt intimidated, but now I could more easily appreciate her cuteness.

The pair of us didn’t say another word. We didn’t need to. We embraced and kissed. Gradually, I brought her to the bed and then began to take off my clothing. Lying down, she was as alluring as any woman could be. Bare skin began to press against bare skin. My lips pressed against hers. Then, I kissed her cheek. I sucked her neck. My lips worked their way to her breasts. These were beautiful large breasts that were probably blasphemy to that church, or were Osterian exempt?

“Deek!” She gasped again, growing more excited as I continued to attack her with my tongue. “Please… I need it.”

I slid my cock into her. Just because she was a larger woman didn’t make her pussy any less tight. I slowly eased it in, making it a few centimeters at a time. Alysia was the kind of woman who was used to strenuous training and could tolerate a high level of pain, but I still took her as gently as I could. I listened to the expressions on her face as she squeezed her eyes as gasped to make sure I wasn’t hurting her.

When I was finally inside, her, she opened her eyes and looked up at me with her light blue eyes. “We’re one now.”

Looking down at her, I began to realize I had made a mistake. I didn’t regret taking her virginity. Quite the opposite, I began to realize that I wasn’t the kind of guy who could just sleep and run. We had gotten this far because she had asked, and I had obliged and spoiled her, but now that it was this far, there was no way I was just going to hand her to that general. How did this world handle the ‘until death do us part’ when you could resurrect someone? Well, I wouldn’t let her die anyway, even to get out of a marriage.

As my hips began to move, pushing in and out of her, my brow wrinkled. I hoped she just thought I was concentrating on sex, or that this was the face I normally made. In reality, I was thinking deeply about what we would do after. Would I steal her to Aberis and start a war? Wait, didn’t the King suggest if I won the will of the people, we could throw the wedding away? That was a possibility.

“Ahhh… Deek… Ahhh…” She was breathing hard as I thrust into her.


“I-I’m yours…” She smiled happily. “You finally got me.”


But for how long? Until we finished? How could that be enough? The pair of us continued to move together. Her movements were subtle, slight adjustments as she wrapped her legs around me and accepted everything I delivered. As for my side, I was very experienced, and I knew how to satisfy her, so she quickly came under my care. I might have slipped in a little healing magic so that losing her virginity didn’t hurt at all. It was nearly instinctual at this point. If a girl wasn’t healthier after sleeping with me than before, then I wasn’t a White Mage.

“Yes… yes…”

I had been meaning to slow down, to draw things out, but I felt almost compelled to move faster and faster. I started thrusting into her rougher and rougher, making things more and more aggressive.

“Deek… yes… yes…” She didn’t seem to mind at all, but I felt myself being sucked into it.

I had sex many times, and because of Pervert, I had a distinctly high threshold of control. Countless times losing control under Pervert had finally taught me out to maintain my control. So, as I started to feel myself slipping, even though I hadn’t equipped Pervert, I started to realize something was wrong. The virgin Alysia was clueless, and for all she knew, this was how sex felt. She was right, but also, there was something subtly wrong.

I shouldn’t have been overwhelmed. I shouldn’t be going faster. I shouldn’t feel like I was losing myself. It all turned into a blur. There was a strange feeling like I was losing something. It was like Alysia was absorbing something from me. It felt like the absorbing skill was being used, but instead of feeling weaker, I was feeling more and more aggressive.

“Ahhhn! Ahhhh!” She moaned wildly as she rocked against my thrusting, steady hips.

My mind was filled with confusion and shock, but I couldn’t stop it. I started to cum, and as I did so, I started to lose something else as well.

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