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Chapter 1046

Before I was willing to continue the trial though, The pair of us remained in the safe room for some time. As for what we were doing, I felt it necessary to run some tests.

“If you are going to be functioning as my sword for this trial, then we need to understand your ability and limits. I hit you against the wall, if that hurts you, then how can I use you as a weapon?”

“That!” Alysia’s voice came out flustered. “When you hit me against the wall earlier, it didn’t hurt, it was more like a shock. I just wasn’t expecting it. However, when you hit the walls, I could feel it and have some awareness of it. I feel like when I strike something, I’m able to see it.

“Well, let’s test that.” I tapped her against a few different items lying around in the safe room.

“That’s a pillar. That’s the dungeon transport panel. That’s you! Ahhh… where are you putting me!”

“Huh? I just tapped my leg.”

“Y-you tapped your thigh right next to… n-n-nevermind!”

“Alright, I’m going to try putting you down.”

“Okay. I’ll trust in-” As soon as I let go of her, her voice cut off; after a pause, I grabbed her again. “-you… huh? What happened?”

“What did it feel like to you?”

“Everything went dark, and then it lightened up again. It only lasted a few seconds.”

“I had let you go for nearly a minute.”

“A m-m-minute?”

“It seems like you’re only aware when we’re very close, almost touching.”

“Are you saying I could go dark, and weeks or months could pass?”

“In theory.”

“Th-that’s scary… the darkness… I don’t like it.”

“How about if I have you on my back but am not holding you…”

After doing that test, we found that she could still sense me as long as I was within about six inches of any part of her, although I could only hear her with close contact. Gloves worked, so it didn’t need to be complete contact, just within an inch or so.

We also tried several strike tests, and Alysia proved to be as resilient as Terra. She said that it didn’t hurt her. We practiced for a while longer, getting her used to being swung around. She could feel herself being moved, but it felt like a breeze, even when I was using quick attacks. Ultimately, she grew a bit more used to the sudden strikes, although I didn’t use my full strength against the dungeon wall.

I started to worry that the guide would get suspicious if we wasted too much more time, so I called our practice quits. We finally left the safe room. I walked down the steps, leading to the first challenge. I entered a room that looked like a boss room. It had a feel like a colosseum, although there were no seats for spectators. It left me feeling slightly confused. We were only on the second floor. Don’t tell me I was against a boss already.

“This is your first trial.” She declared.

The little girl didn’t seem to point out how long I was in the safe room. Perhaps, she had no real grasp on time. I had a feeling like it didn’t matter how long I was in there, whether I remained overnight or just a few moments. She would probably always react the same way. That’s when I remembered my test with Alysia. As soon as I let go of her blade, she also seemed to lose awareness of the world around her. Did that mean this soul world only existed when I was present to observe it? That would certainly save on magical power.

As I was considering such things, an opponent came out of the coliseum. The second I laid eyes on them, my mind went haywire.

“Wh-what is this?” I cried out.

“This is the opponent you must defeat to continue!”

“I won’t do it!” I took a step back.

“Hmph… don’t tell me you’re afraid of killing a woman! Don’t worry! This person died long ago. This is just a creation based on her soul.”

I shook my head. “You…”

“This is your trial! If you don’t kill her, she’ll kill you!” The little guide disappeared with those taunting words.

The woman lunged at me, and I leaped out of the way to avoid her.

“What is it, Deek?” Alysia spoke up. “If you’re afraid of using me to fight, don’t be. We already tested this out.”

“It’s not that…” I grimaced, backing away as the enemy slashed at me over and over again.

“I can’t see! What’s going on!”

“It’s you!” I finally spat out. “The enemy she wants me to kill is you!”

Chapter 1047

“Me? Huh?”

“It’s a doppelganger… or something like it. I’ve had to deal with these things before in another dungeon. It has an independent will, but it possesses every skill that you have.”

“You… really do have a lot of experience with dungeons… don’t you?”

“Yeah, well I’ve found something new every day,” I responded wryly.

Although I didn’t have access to my dungeon points in this dungeon, I wasn’t helpless either. Power in the soul world was passed on the power of the soul. In short, because my soul was a yin-yang soul, I wasn’t helpless. I could pull from two jobs, and my status seemed to still be boosted. Although Alysia was at a higher level than me, I was confident I could defeat this clone. We were evenly matched when we had fought each other on the beach. I had come a long way since then. However, that would involve going all out against her, and I had my doubts.

“Why are you hesitating?” Alysia asked.

“Just because it looks like a doppelganger, what if it’s connected to your soul? If I destroy it, what if I hurt you?”


“I already thought I lost you once, I don’t want to risk it again.”

“I stole your soul, Deek. I helped the demon lord. Why do you want to protect me?”

“I… I just do!”

What else could I say? We had sex and I felt a connection? This was just the person who I was. I gave my heart out easily. Even after coming to another world, that aspect of my personality had never changed. I still felt attachment and connection to everyone I loved.

I tried to pull away again, but suddenly my sword yanked my arm, and I met the blade that Alysia was using.


“Fight me!”

“I won’t!”

I tried to pull away, but as soon as I did the sword jerked again. I had to drop and roll to avoid the sword from striking me.

“You’ll get hurt!” She said in alarm.

“I wouldn’t if you’d stop pulling!”

“Look, this is the trial. If we’re doing it, there has to be a reason, so do it!”

My sword started to slash out wildly. “Stop it!”

It turned out I was fighting Alysia on two fronts. It wasn’t just the Alysia doppelganger, but also the sword Alysia. Both of them seemed to want to fight, and I was the one trying to resist. This doppelganger wasn’t like the one in Widow’s Dungeon. It didn’t seem to have a personality. Rather, it just came at me like a robot, ignoring my spastic and strange movements.

“This is part of the trial.” The guide from earlier suddenly appeared from a safe distance and began speaking. “Your sword may resist this. You must control it, force it to do this. It’s part of the refining process. Oops, I said too much.”

She disappeared as quickly as she appeared, but she left me much to think about. She had said that this was part of the refining process. The sword wasn’t a reward… I was making a sword? That would be that this entire dungeon was a giant soul forge, intended to turn a human soul into a dungeon! However, she had completely misunderstood my spastic movements. Normally, I supposed a sword, realizing it was attacking itself, would resist. I was having the opposite problem. My sword was trying to kill itself!

Chapter 1048

“You heard her, right?” I asked.

“Yeah… I heard.”

“I don’t know how it works, but it seems this dungeon is trying to forge you into a sword.”

“I know…”

“You know? Well, we definitely can’t do it now! If you’re a sword, I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to resurrect you ahhh-” I nearly got my head chopped off, forcing me to dive out of the way again.

In truth, the way I was fighting now should have killed me a dozen times over. However, the Alysia enemy I was fighting didn’t use any skills, and it moved stiffly and robotically. It may have Alysia’s stats and abilities, but it wasn’t using them at all. It was almost like the doppelganger was seeking out its death. I could have defeated it in an instant if I put out my effort. Then again, I guess this was the first trial. It couldn’t be too difficult, right?

“Deek… let’s not talk about this here. Defeat her, and we’ll talk when we get to the next safe room.”

“What if… that first step is already too late?”

“You need to stop hesitating!” Alysia cried out. “Do it!”

“Fine!” I sighed. “But we will be talking about this.”

I lifted the Alysia sword. It felt comfortable in my grip. Now that she stopped fighting me, lifting her felt surprisingly natural. I swung out, exploding forward with a Quick Attack. I used two more attacks, throwing the doppelganger off balance. Then, made a final attack, bisecting her.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” Screaming formed in my ear, causing me to fall off balance.

As I stumbled forward, the dead Alysia had already turned to dust. Just as I recovered my grip the sword was yanked out of my hand. It flew away from me and then landed in the hands of the guide once again. Compared to her, the thing looked massive. She didn’t hold it by the hilt though but laid it across her palms.

“What’s the big idea?” I took a step forward.

“Why, this blade has cut its first blood. I’m not giving it a dungeon blessing! This is a good thing!” She declared, smiling.

She didn’t move or attempt to be aggressive, so I held back. The sword glowed for a few minutes and then it flew back to me. I grabbed the sword.

“Alysia, are you okay?” I asked as soon as my hand touched the hilt.

There was silence for a few moments, causing the anxiety in my heart to grow.

“I’m… okay…” Alysia spoke in a shaky voice.

“Congratulations, you have finished the first trial. Continue to the next trial.” She disappeared once again.

I walked through the doors that opened, finding myself in another safe room, but I barely acknowledged it.

“Alysia, what happened.”

“It… I felt all of it. It felt… just like when I died.”

“Alysia… we have to find a way to get out of this.”

“There… is something else.”

“What is it?”

“When that guide was touching me, she lied. She wasn’t blessing me or anything like that.”

“What? What did she do?”

“She… um… she showed me the fight, from your point of view.”


“I could… feel everything you felt.”


“The pain of dying… it surprised me. I can’t say that I liked the feeling. It wasn’t what bothered me. The feeling in your heart when you cut me down was far worse! I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”

“I should be the one who is sorry.” I sighed. “I’m just being foolish.”

“What… what are we going to do?”

“I… have an idea.”

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