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Chapter 1073

“Big sister, I’ll help you become the greatest weapon this world has ever known.” The little girl smiled up at Alysia.

“B-big sister!” Alysia grew flustered.

The little girl was sitting on Alysia’s lap while he father worked the forge. It had a feeling of familiarity between the two. This was likely how she had spent many nights before she had been lured into the dungeon and had her world destroyed. This was the alleged dungeon master and the person who had been trying to destroy us for the last few days. We had been in a bloody fight to the death with her not two hours prior.

Yet, now, that little girl sat in Alysia’s lap and even called her big sister. The conflict that Alysia used to have seemed to be disappearing. She had lived her life despising dungeons and destroying them at any cost. Now, a dungeon was about to help us, and the same beings she had once thought were evil turned out to be so normal.

“It’s too bad my assistant’s soul wasn’t sucked in here.” The man sighed.

“You need help?” I asked, standing up and walking into the forge with just a bit of familiarity.

“Sorry, no offense, unless you have a blacksmith job, you should stay out of the forge.” The man held up his hand.

“No offense taken.” I chuckled, setting my job to Apprentice Blacksmith. “I’m an Apprentice Blacksmith. Oh… level 7? I must have gone up when I put my sigil on Alysia.”

I had naturally used the job during that time, but I had passed out shortly after finishing the job. Besides, I was in far too much pain to notice some announcement appearing in front of me.

“You’re an Apprentice Blacksmith?” The man cried out.

This was loud enough to be heard by Alysia and the little girl.

“Deek is an Apprentice Blacksmith?” Alysia repeated out loud. “I thought you were a White Mage with True Dungeon Diver.”

“I-I am…” I laughed awkwardly.

“I think I recall you mentioning Dark Priest.”

“Don’t forget Dungeon Master.” The little girl piped up.

Well, technically I was a Dungeon Builder.

“You’re also a Hero, right?” Alysia frowned. “and a Slave Master. Deek, just how many jobs do you have?”

“Haha… Let’s not get into that right now.” I redirected the conversation. “I can help you with the blacksmithing.”

“Well, level 7 is better than nothing, I guess.” He muttered and then nodded to an apron.

I grabbed it and then took over the forge. After getting the fire up to the temperature he wanted, I began to work swiftly and quickly. It wasn’t as smooth as it had been with Garnet. In her case, we were bound together and I could read her wants and needs. However, I did a good enough job since I was supplementing with my Cook ability, which offered me excellent fire control and temperature gauging.

“Not bad,” he said after watching me work for a while. “Since you will be the one to wield her, then being part of her creation is ideal, I think.”

He quickly loosened up and began to trust me with larger tasks. I fell into the work, not entirely sure how long we did so. He hammered, and I fetched him supplies and kept the forges hot. Time passed, and before we knew it, there was a finished blade. It looked much like the blade she had originally appeared as. However, the metal had a slight red tinge to it, and it somehow was more imposing than before.

“Time for step two.”

Chapter 1074

“Deek, I must warn you. I’m not sure what will happen. This sword was forged in my dungeon, and it is ultimately touched with Miasma. I had once thought my daughter was free of miasma, but it slowly cursed her. As for your Alysia, the same may be true in the end.”

“We can only do our best.”

I was confident in my ability to remove that infection. Even if a bit of miasma ended up left inside her and it started to invade her soul, I’d be able to purify it again and again. Once I reconnected with Miki, she’d likely be able to help. I was sure Elaya and Astria could figure out something as well.  Either way, I had a lot of resources to pull from, so even if things went bad, I was confident that we could figure it out.

“Alright, then let’s begin.” He turned to Alysia. “If you will…”

I wasn’t sure what he meant as he held his hand out, but the little girl got off of Alysia, and then she flashed, turning back into a blade. That blade flew toward the blacksmith who caught it in his hand. He now had two swords, one in each hand. One of them was a real blade forged by metal, the other was a soul blade formed by Alysia’s soul. Once they were combined, it would create a magic sword unlike anything ever seen.

Some magic weapons in this world were powered by a soul, but it was usually the soul of a monster. The most common blades include the souls of wolves, while one might even be lucky to find a dragon blade. This sword was going to contain the soul of a human. To some, this kind of action might be seen as evil, but I didn’t know much about such things. All I knew is that I needed the power to defeat my enemies and that Alysia wanted to try this path, which would keep this dungeon from wasting away.

“This is the part that will hurt.” He explained.

I reached out and grabbed the table, my hand squeezing it as I readied myself. Yes, I still planned to accept the pain on my own. He shoved the two blades into the fire. At this point, they were being merged at a spiritual and physical level. This wouldn’t be possible to do in a real forge without a great deal of magic and preparation. However, because this was a dungeon, he was able to do something unique.

I clenched my teeth as the searing feeling shot through me. The blacksmith looked down at Alysia, a slightly confused expression on his face. He then looked at me, the pained expression on my face and the red cheeks, and he nodded to himself.

“Deek… I can handle it.” Alysia spoke up through our reestablished Slave Communication.

“I-it’s okay…”

“Please… don’t do this all by yourself.”

The pain was growing worse. The little girl who was sitting by herself watching us work looked at me and finally realized just what had happened. She gasped.

“H-he’s…” She pointed at me accusingly.

“Had I known… I would have done the same.” Her father said calmly.

“O-oh…” She blushed, looking down at her hands awkwardly.

“This…” The blacksmith suddenly grew alert as Alysia’s blade started to shift. He grabbed the handle, but it started to struggled.

“What are you doing?” I demanded.

“Deek! I won’t let you experience all of the pain on your own!”

“If she keeps this up, the sword will fail.”

“It’s okay… I’m doing…” I wasn’t able to finish that sentence as the pain became too much.

“Deek… we’re in this together, remember? We need to do this… together.”

I looked up at the sword glowing red in the forge, and I shakily nodded. “Okay… I think I can… select how much…”

I decided to stop talking and just do it. I begin to send some of the pain her way, lightening the load on myself. It felt relieving as I gave her some.

“Th-this…” her voice came through shakily. “You’ve been… holding back.”

“That was… only 10%…”


“I began to share more and more with her as the pain increased. However, when I reached 50%, the amount of pain was still increasing. The burning and searing grew more and more, but I refused to give her more than 50%.”

Chapter 1075

“It’s time for the final part!” The man announced after what felt like forever. “Deek, I will send miasma your way. You must purify it and send it into the blade.”

Through the pain, I opened my eyes and could see that the two blades were now superimposed together. It looked like when Alysia went to cut souls or mana. It was a translucent glowing sword that looked slightly out of sync with the physical blade.

Since I had declared myself a dungeon master, I was able to pull in and tame the miasma from this dungeon. Since the other dungeon masters wouldn’t be fighting me, then it flowed quite easily. I could still feel the pain with Alysia. It was nearly unbearable, but I had to remain lucid. If I couldn’t, then Alysia would end up cursed. With a roar, I began to send purified mana into her.

The flow of energy moved from the dungeon into her. At first, it started as a trickle, but it grew more and more, flooding through me and into her like a sieve. Between the pain of the forge and the stress of the miasma, I felt like I was breaking. I was shaking defiantly as I tried to manage everything by myself. Time passed, and the flow kept coming. After I thought plenty of time passed, I turned to the blacksmith, who was holding his daughter peacefully as he watched us.

“H-how much more… until she’s done?” I demanded.

He raised an eyebrow. “Oh, I didn’t say? All of it.”

“Wh-what? What do you mean?”

The little girl looked up at him, and he smiled at her, patting her head. “I said, we were going to pass on our power to Alysia. The power of our ancient blades, and all the souls taken by us. All of it, the entire dungeon… is a massive reserve of power, and all of that power will flood into you.”

As if to make this point, the dungeon suddenly shook, and I could hear cracking sounds. My eyes began to widen. He had said as much, but I had never realized what he truly meant. He planned to destroy the dungeon, to distill it’s entire being into pure essence, and give that power to Alysia.

When I took a blessing, that was essentially what happened. The dungeon would give up all of its miasma, convert it to mana, and then give it to me. However, this was happening differently. He was breaking down everything in the dungeon, converting it into mana using me, and then putting that into my sword. In a normal dungeon, there would be some stuff surviving that would collapse and decay. In this dungeon, since it was a soul world, all would be converted into energy.

I continued to pull on the energy, losing focus on the man and his daughter as more and more power flowed through. The ground began to shake regularly, and even the room seemed to be shrinking. Suddenly, the forge crumpled, collapsing in on itself and being sucked into an epicenter like a black hole. At this point, the flow of energy quadrupled. The pain didn’t lessen at all, and the flow became too much. Miasma started to flow into the sword from the surrounding dungeon.

I couldn’t even see the sword anymore. All I could see was a glowing light that sucked in all of the darkness. I tried to feed that light mana, but the faster it sucked in this world, the more minuscule my converted mana became. I had failed to create a blessed sword.

“You will know what to do next.” A voice came from my ear.

I turned to see the man standing there, smiling. He reached out and handed me a crystal.

“This is the crystallized soul of my daughter. Please find some way to make use of her. Are you a father, Deek?”

Something about the man’s peaceful look gave me a moment of clarity. “I have… two babies on the way.”

He smiled. “Take care of them with everything you have.”

“I will!”

“Then, with this, I am content, and my story is complete. Goodbye, Hero.”

His body shimmered and turned to light, floating up into the sky and then getting consumed into the swirling vortex.

The world around me was black now, just above everything that existed getting sucked into the vortex. It was just me and the vortex, floating in a void of infinite nothingness. The flow of energy slowed and then stopped. The pain I had been feeling dissipated.

Floating in the void was a spinning orb, a dungeon lore. Except, it didn’t look like any dungeon lore I had ever claimed before. It was a mixture of black and white. The orb was 50% of each, blended seamlessly together.

“A… god soul…” I breathed.

The orb began to shoot toward me. I had expected this though. I didn’t turn away. I didn’t run. I didn’t curse my luck. Instead, I held out my hand and grabbed the orb as it slammed into me. It entered into my body. I didn’t writhe in pain. This level of pain was nothing compared to what I just experienced. Instead, I closed my eyes and did something I had never done before. I absorbed it all willingly.

{Congratulations, you have completed the Illusory Sword Realm.}

{True Dungeon Diver had increased by ten levels.}

{For completing the lore, you have gained 10 dungeon points.}

{The Sword lore is now a part of you. You have gained the Illusory Sword’s Blessing.}

{You have gained the God Sword Alysium.}

{You have an increased affinity with magic swords. You can call your sword from anywhere. Defeating dungeons and absorbing blessings increases your sword’s power.}

{Magic Swordsman has increased by ten levels.}

{Apprentice Blacksmith has increased by ten levels.}

{You have become one with the sword. You have unlocked the job: Master Swordsman.}

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