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Chapter 1082

{Name: Eliana Aberis

Title: Princess of Aberis, Slave of Deek

Race: Half-human/ Half-fey

Class: Mediator

Job: Adept Magician – 12

Available Jobs: Nobility – 32, Novice Magician – 50, Apprentice Spirit Magician – 25, Adept Spirit Magician – 12}

“I was looking to marry her, you dumb loli!” I snapped as the text danced in my vision.

Wait… Spirit Magician? Third Tier? Eliana had some pretty amazing abilities, didn’t she? What was a Spirit Magician? I had never even heard of such a job. On top of that, she was only half-human? She was a fey? King Aberis was human, but her mother wasn’t? I had heard she was just a servant that he banged. Did she know the truth about herself?

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to think about such things. My words had enraged the idiot who had accidentally made her my slave.

“Wh-who are you calling loli! I am the arch priestess of the church of the daughter! You dare!” She snapped.

“Arch priestess? Not Archbishop?”

The church of the mother was run by Archbishop Mary in Aberis. The church of the daughter was seemingly run by this girl. As soon as I asked this, she puffed out her chest, or lack thereof, and glared at me. Most of the priestesses I had seen were flat-chested, but this girl, in particular, was also very short and had a child-like face. That’s what prompted me to call her a loli.

“You’re that supposed champion the melon church has been talking about, aren’t you! Hmm… pretending that size doesn’t matter! You blasphemed fool!”

This conversation began in front of the church after she enslaved Eliana to me.

“Perhaps this shouldn’t be the focus of discussion right now.” A man spoke up.

This would be the councilman who had escorted Eliana up the aisle. He had an uneasy expression on his face as he looked at the two of us.

“Right… of course…” The arch priestess shook her head and then threw a finger at me. “You are under arrest!”

“Ohhh?” I shifted the blade and stabbed it into the ground in front of me. “What for?”

“Naturally, for killing the pr- ahh…” She looked at the sword hesitantly. “Insurrection!”

She ended her line by changing what she was saying.

I smiled. “Oh, then you better arrest me then.”

She frowned, taking a step back. “R-right… a-arrest him!”

At this point, numerous guards began to enter the church. The majority of them were humans, as the Osterians were being used as a show of force up north. Eliana grabbed my arm, a look of worry on her face. I gave her a gentle smile and pulled her toward me, then I turned to the guards, lifting the sword back on my shoulder. With my free hand, I gestured for them to come. The guards all hesitated, staring at each other.

“S-so you’ll be arrested willingly?” The man asked in a worried voice.

“I will not.”

“Wh-what are you saying? Why did you say we should arrest you then?” The loli behind me cried out.

“That’s your prerogative. If you wish to detain me, that’s your choice. As for me allowing it, that’s my choice. Any man here who stands in my way will die by my sword. If you think you have the power to stop me, then be my guest.”

No one moved.

Chapter 1083

“Deek…” Eliana breathed.

“I’m tired of being bullied. I’m tired of being ordered. I’m tired of your political maneuvering.” I continued. “Most of all, I’m tired of that damned Demon Lord Aberis! Your supposed king was possessed by the Demon Lord a long time ago. His mind was warped and his personality destroyed. General Nova here knows it’s true.”

My words caused the murmuring of the crowds to explode. A few people turned to General Nova, who had managed to finally return to his knees, but under the look of so many, he turned his head shamefully. It was all the proof they needed. The councilman in front was just as shocked as all of them. While this news was known among many Osterians, the humans would never allow themselves to submit under the demon lord again.

General Nova, who was loved by humans had even known. Well, he denied it because it was convenient, but I had told him the truth and deep down he likely had his suspicions. He had never told any of the humans this though because they wouldn’t react like the Osterians who favored strength over even species. So, what if he was the demon lord? If he had the power to lead them to victory, then it didn’t matter. It was a complete betrayal of the human’s trust. A few of the girls from his harem looked at him with shocked disbelief, like their loved one had just revealed he was a monster.

“W-we can’t be certain this is true.” The councilman said.

“It’s true.” A female voice sounded out through the crowd, causing even more shifting.

“Ah… L-lady… Alysia?”

The sword in my hand shimmered, and I put it down, causing it to turn into Alysia once more. “The day I died, it was to thwart him from regaining his prior power. My mother is nothing but a puppet now, and my brother is the demon lord. This is something I’ve had to come to accept. It was Deek here who conquered the ancient sword and freed my soul.”

Each word was like a thunderstrike to the people listening, but those last words caused gasps and cries of alarm. Conquered… the ancient sword? The councilman looked around in confusion. At that moment, a man standing in the back shouted.

“The ancient sword in the courtyard is gone!”

Several people looked back at him to see a beaten-up guard. He was an Osterian man, so he stood above most of the other guards and was easy to identify. He was one of those I had taken care of in the plaza after they had greeted me outside the seamstress. His words were like a wildfire, causing even more murmurs. The councilman raised his hand, eventually getting quiet.

“Even if this is all true, there is little we can do about it at this point. We will need to discuss…”

“I don’t care about your discussions.” I broke in, causing the man to stiffen. “What you choose to do is your problem. This is not my country, and you are not my people. The only thing that matters to me is what is mine. This woman is mine, and Aberis is mine. Right now, your country is threatening what is mine. Do you know what that makes you?”

“A, ah… an enemy…” He shook.


Chapter 1084

“Eliana, where is Faeyna and Raissa.” I asked.

She looked away. “I don’t know. Y-you can’t sense them?”

I clenched my teeth in frustration. The slave bonds had not been restored. It was like I had never had a slave at all. Eliana and Alysia, the two princesses, were the only bonds I could feel at the moment. It felt extremely empty and alone. Furthermore, two months had passed. Any number of things could have happened since then. I tried to keep my cool though. I would find them.

“Deek, we are both reasonable men, perhaps an agreement can be reached. I received a report just ten minutes ago. Right now, both armies are lined up on the border, ready for battle. With a word, the two armies will attack, and there will be untold loss of life on both sides. We can come up with some kind of-”

“Eliana.” I cut the man off and turned to her.

She seemed to know what I wanted and merely nodded. “Go, my love. I’ll be safe here. I promise.”

I made a face at that, but the councilman straightened. “No harm would come to Eliana here, ever!”

“Your king planned to kill Eliana, turning my child into an incubator he could use to regain his power,” I responded scornfully. “What protection could you possibly offer?”

Eliana gasped, covering her stomach, clearly shocked by my revelation. Even hearing that the Demon Lord Aberis was the king had barely phased her, but this left her scared.

“He… he did what?” That angry cry came from Draven, who had managed to find some clothing and got back on his feet.

As soon as he moved too much though, he grimaced and grabbed his side where he was still injured.

“Did you ever think the demon lord cared about Osterians? Did you think that because he possessed one, he would have any more love for you or your people? He was using you all. Heh, he still is.”

Draven lowered his head, but there was a fury in his eyes, and it wasn’t directed at me. The councilman was also shaking his head.

“We will… we will strip him of his power.”

“That won’t be necessary. I’ll be taking my leave.”

The man blinked. “Wh-what are you doing? Where are you going?”

“I’m going to the border. I have a demon lord to kill.”

“K-kill him? You’ll kill the king?”

“You still want him alive after what I’ve said?” I raised an eyebrow.

“How can that be true?” It was the arch priestess who spoke up. “We oppose the demon lord vehemently! If the king even contains a fraction of his malice, then we will oppose him!”

Her words as the leader of the church held nearly as much power. It sealed the deal for everyone present. The king must be stopped.

“W-we… can help.” The councilman said after coming to a decision. “We’ll send messages to the border immediately. We’ll stop this disaster!”

“I already said… you do what you want. I’ve already decided what I’m doing.” I raised my hand and began to open a portal.

I didn’t know the exact location, but I had a good idea.

“D-Deek! He’s surrounded by an army! What do you think you can do?”

I grinned. “Alysia? Are you ready for some payback?”

Alysia smiled. “I will travel with Master anywhere.”

She turned into light and disappeared within my hand. It was still a strange enough scene that many people had to look twice.

“Watch after Eliana. The future of your country relies on it. It’d also be in the best interest of your country to find the other girls of mine you took.” I ordered.

“Y-you dare!” The loli girl snapped.

I walked up to her, towering over her small form. Her eyes widened and she fell back on her butt, shaking.

“I do, now, do you dare defy me?”

I didn’t wait for an answer. I turned and then jumped through the forming blue portal. It disappeared shortly after I entered, leaving an after shadow as the blue light dissipated.

“Th-that guy… is too overbearing…” The councilmen muttered.

Eliana smiled, the first genuine smile she had in months. It was a smile that glowed and caused all the people present to stare in wonder. A princess dressed for marriage, her hair done up, her eyes wet with tears, smiling happily. It was quite the sight.

“That man… is my master,” she declared.

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