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Chapter 1118

As it turned out, Chalm had been overtaken by Elaya. It would be nice to blame her entirely, but I had already made that mistake with Astria and I wasn’t going to jump to conclusions again. When all of my bonds were cut, that was all of my bonds. That included my existence as the Dungeon Master to my dungeon. It made sense that all of my tamed monsters would be freed, and the calm miasma that had once served my populace would run amok.

I decided to stay the night with the fairies. We returned to the old town of Chalm, where I brought back all of the children and volunteer workers and then made an announcement.

“Those who wish to work on completing the palace will be paid handsomely,” I announced out loud. “I will also be officially naming this town Chalm’s Crossing. You will become the bridge between Aberis and western Aberis.”

Technically, because of the shape of the wilderness, Chalm’s Crossing was farther east than Deeksville. It was technically on the very border of the area given to me by Prince Aberis as part of my promotion. That was because it was on the border of Aberis. Technically, the wilderness wasn’t claimed by Aberis, and old Chalm had been built distinctly outside the border of Aberis.

By giving me the wilderness, Prince Aberis had done nothing except offer the support of Aberis should Dioshin on the opposite side pose a problem once we started settling the west. In truth, the land given by Aberis was only a small sliver in the southwest. Even the area north in Alerith, where Lord Reign was still in charge, wasn’t mine yet. That was another threat that had been delayed two months. I’d deal with it when I had time.

After making my announcements, the people only clapped weakly. Many of them had been drained of lifeforce by the fairies for the last few months, and those were the ones that weren’t forced to work around the clock on the palace. They were a beaten people who lived in fear. After Astria apologized to them personally, it still was a bit much.

That was until I broke out my Cook job and began to make food. Food was a good pick me up in this world too. Since I was pulling out spices from my world, the food was even better. We had meat, potatoes, and vegetables. It was probably the most luxurious meal the people that had lived out here had ever seen. Chalm had slowly begun to adopt a more sophisticated diet under my influence, but Chalm’s Crossing was still too isolated.

After eating, the people grew more relaxed and even began talking with me and the fairies. While listening in on their conversations, I learned that their plight wasn’t all bad. The Nymphs had been sucking people dry of mana, but they were Nymphs. They pulled out mana from humans while they were asleep. This ended up giving the people vivid erotic dreams. I finally learned that their suffering wasn’t from exhaustion but embarrassment. Relationships were ruined as the men and women no longer could satisfy each other.

They were sexually exhausted from night after night of sex dreams! They were too embarrassed to hang out with those they had likely fantasized about during such dreams. Even with the fairies promising not to do it to anyone unwillingly anymore, many of them volunteered to continue to be harvested with bright excited eyes. I wanted my righteous anger back.

Chapter 1119

I ended up staying at a familiar inn that I had first started sleeping at when I came to this world. This time, I had Astria and Celeste with me. We didn’t do anything. Until the other girls were found, we vowed that we wouldn’t do anything like that. I asked the girls if they knew anything else regarding Chalm, but they didn’t.

“Are you going to be going alone?” Celeste asked.

“I want you to go and get any news you can on the other girls,” I spoke to Celeste.

“I could come…” Astria said stubbornly.

“You’re too weak. You gave up most of your energy to your daughter, and the fight we had probably didn’t do you any favors. You’re to stay at the palace and recover.” I explained again to Astria.

The two fairies still looked at me worriedly.

“You know, I can summon up an army of fairies. They didn’t all become nymphs. I also have a few wisps, dryads, salamanders, and gnomes.

“So many types of fairies!”

“Mm… I didn’t know about their evolutions either. It wasn’t until I pushed them that they started to evolve. Of the two hundred I have, thirty have become higher fairies. They could help you. You’re best as a leader. With that much firepower…”

I shook my head. “I need to see things for myself. Besides, if I bring an army, I might end up starting a war. I hope that none of the citizens get hurt, and I won’t be able to guarantee that with fairies running around.”

“That’s true…” She seemed uncertain.

“Besides, I have Alysia with me. She’ll keep me safe.”

She shot a glare at the sword sitting in the corner of the room. “That sword is making me jealous again!”

“I-I’m not doing anything?” Alysia cried out defensively.

“Nevermind that,” Celeste spoke up. “I’m used to Master bringing other women home. However, there is something else that Master has been putting off.”

“Hmm?” I blinked, giving an innocent smile. “What is that? I think we’ve resolved everything. Tomorrow, I’ll be going to Chalm. Astria will be resting. You will go searching for Miki and then meet me back at Chalm. It sounds like a perfect plan.”

“Where is the part where I’m your slave again?” She demanded, making an upset face that still looked adorable on the cute fairy.

“Huh?” I asked, looking away. “The slave bond between us was removed.”

“Exactly! So, why haven’t you made me a slave already? I’ve been waiting all night! You already enslaved mother.”

I coughed. “I mean, I enslaved your mother because she was out of control. I needed to put a leash on her.”

“Mm! Mm! Mother is bad, mother must be punished by Master, so he’ll put reins on her and then ride her like an animal!”

“I didn’t say that…”

“It’s no punishment at all!” Celeste cried out. “I want to be a slave again!”

“Celeste… you’re strong now,” I said awkwardly. “You don’t need that power. As far as being close, I’m happy to be as close to you as you want to be. This is a chance for us to start anew, and to be as equa- ahh!”

Celeste leaped on me her expression filled with seriousness. “Make me your slave, Now!”


{Celeste has become your slave.}

{Name: Celeste

Class: Elemental

Job: Master Wind Magician (LVL 85), Novice Magician (LVL 100), Magic Singer (LVL 44)

Unlocked Jobs: Adept Wind Magician (LVL 50), Apprentice Magician (LVL 80), Singer (LVL 28), Enchanter (LVL 20), Tinker (LVL 3)

Race: Aeolus}

That bond formed instantly, snapping into place before I even finished the spell without any resistance. I let out a sigh, but Celeste snuggled up to me humming peacefully to herself. Her mother gave me apologetic looks as if to say that it couldn’t be helped. I supposed it was settled. One way or another, I’d end up with a slave harem.

Chapter 1120

The next morning, I woke up bright and earlier. It was just like the old times, when we would wake up early, fight in a dungeon until evening, and then rest around the mansion. Except for this time, I was sending Celeste away and going on my own.

“You don’t need to worry,” Alysia reassured me. “It’s probably not that bad.”

I had been able to cure that man of the karmic infection he had received. Furthermore, I wasn’t going to hide my appearance with Elaya. Once she saw my face, she would likely fall over herself trying to get an apology for everything she had done. I relocated Xin to the unfinished palace and tasked Astria’s fairies with taking care of her. They would keep her asleep for the moment.

Until I could reconnect with my Xin, it was best if she didn’t suddenly become coherent again. I still worried that I had missed something and Demon Lord Aberis had left some kind of piece of himself inside her so that he could once again return. That demon was a cockroach.

After seeing Celeste fly off, I opened a Portal just outside of Chalm. As soon as I looked down on the city, I let out a hiss.

“What is this?” Alysia asked in an alarmed voice.

Looking down into the city, it was completely blocked by a giant purple dome. It resembled the dome that the priests had put over the city back when Karr’s dungeon had taken over. Now, it was my dungeon that had caused all of this harm. It gave me a complicated feeling as I thought about it. Dungeons inherently hurt the world they existed in. They were cancerous sores, taking in the world’s mana and then corrupting it. Trying to control one and use it for your own gains came with risks.

I had thought to control such a dungeon. I had convinced myself that it was tame because it was mine. However, that tameness had been dependent on me. When I died, that miasma flowed out of control and consumed Elaya and the city. Astria had barely managed to escape. Even if I hadn’t died, I was someone who took risks every day. I entered other dungeons and fought people. What about the future?

I was only human. Astria, Celeste, and many of the other girls would long outlive me. Inevitably, even in the best of circumstances, I would die. Was dealing with a dungeon simply too much risk? Was it always going to end in such a bad way? Even if I could undo the damage this time, what about the next time? What about when I grew old and died? I didn’t want my legacy to end with my city being wiped out by my own creation.

“You have that look on your face again,” Alysia said.

“You can’t see my face.”

“I can feel it. You’re thinking you made a mistake with dungeons.” Alysia was starting to understand me more and more the longer our souls were bound like this.

“Did I?” I asked wistfully.

“For the longest time, I only thought dungeons could be destroyed. You taught me that dungeons could serve a purpose, that the curses could be turned into blessings.” Alysia spoke. “This dungeon may be a curse now, but I have a feeling that as long as Master is involved, it will one day become a blessing.”

I took a deep breath and nodded. “Then, let’s make another happy ending.”

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