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Chapter 1136

“M-master, what did you do?”

“Hmm?” I cocked my head. “Ah, well, I found that when a piece of a person is captured by curses, these pieces are naturally drawn to each other. It stood to reason that as soon as the two Xin’s came in contact with each other, they would start merging.”

“Shouldn’t something like that have happened with you when it came to your two forms?” Ruby had walked up beside us now that she saw the fight taking a peculiar direction.

“My two parts were a somewhat unique case. First off, our souls had completely healed, one through the use of a rare medicine, which now that I think about it, probably existed in the Twilight dungeon as a hint to Xin’s true nature. Of course, she had never taken the medicine and instead made it an award. The other piece was healed by absorbing the power for a dungeon. These two parts were diametrically opposed to each other, one being a karma soul and the other being a mana soul.

“Even then, given the right circumstances, our soul did reunite back together after being damaged and freed from our bodies. Once, the giant had absorbed the remaining piece of Xin’s soul I had scavenged from the Twilight dungeon. It stood to reason that something similar would happen here. Although what surprised me was that it was my Xin being pulled into Ost Republic’s Xin instead of the other way around. I would have preferred it the other way.”

“Why?”  Alysia asked. “You have the slave mark on this Xin, so isn’t it better that all of it ends up inside her?”

Ruby chuckled. “You’re not thinking like a man.”

“Wh-what does that mean?” Alysia asked.

“His Xin is both smaller and about twenty years younger. How could he not prefer the more youthful model?”

“M-master…” Alysia’s voice grew weird.

“Th-that’s not true!” I cried out with a cough.

Now that I could see the two Xin’s next to each other, it was true that the Xin who acted as Alysia’s mother did look more motherly and older than her counterpart. If one woman was in her twenties, then the other looked to be in her thirties. However, if we were talking true ages, Xin from the Twilight dungeon was hundreds of years old, having been caught in that loop. However, the body she had ended in was the giant, who was an echo of Xin before she got pregnant. So, this Xin was gaining a few years. That didn’t mean she wasn’t beautiful! It was just now she was a bit more Astria and a bit less Celeste.

As we were talking the last bit of Xin flowed into her.

“What I’m most worried about is that this Xin should be even more powerful than the other two Xin’s. Whether she is your slave or not, are we sure she is friendly? This is a combination of my mother who was gutted out by Aberis and a woman who was brainwashed by Elaya.” Alysia asked worriedly.

“Well, we’re about to find out,” I said as Alysia began to stand up.

I faced her as she turned around to look at me. Her eyes were solid black, but they hadn’t been earlier either. Did that mean she was under the willing control of the dungeon?

I suddenly felt my danger sense tingle. Without saying a word, Xin pulled her sword and attacked.

“I guess she’s not!” I cursed.

Chapter 1137

My hand glowed as I pulled Alysium out. I just managed to block as Xin struck. The strength of her attack wasn’t just sudden, but it was extremely powerful. She didn’t pull her punch at all. Perhaps, she realized that once I gave her commands, she would be bound by my instructs, so she went all out before I could put any restrictions on her. Normally, in the process of laying a slave bond, these kinds of restrictions were placed on the enslaved. As it turned out, using the ability Enslavement did not come with all of these special clauses.

My blessing glowed across my body as I put all of my strength into block Xin’s attack. Her sword was glowing, which told me she had pulled off a skill as well. Usually, skills took at least a few seconds of warning to launch, but Xin had managed to cut the time into milliseconds and executed it in mid-strike. Even if her levels weren’t impressive, this was a skill that couldn’t be gained with anything but the pinnacle of experience.

I finally lost my footing, getting struck by a powerful impact. I flew back twenty feet before I managed to land on my feet again. If I fell to the ground, then her next attack would cause significant damage, thus, with all of my footwork and skill, I managed to just keep it. After I stopped sliding, I took a deep breath and pulled my sword up, ready for her next attack, only to realize she hadn’t moved from the spot where she had attacked me.

The guards had reacted. These were the best Chalm had to offer, after all, so they had managed to pull their swords and surround her with their weapons out, Ruby included in the mix. Xin seemed completely unconcerned with the dozen swords aimed at her from every direction. Instead, her eyes were on me. A small smirk formed on her face as she lifted her sword and sheathed it.

“You’ve improved since the last time we’ve fought.”

I narrowed my eyes suspiciously. “Which Xin are you now?”

She laughed. “I’m Master’s Xin, always.”

I relaxed slightly, but I was still cautious. “Why did you attack me?”

“A lot can be learned by crossing blades with a man. I had to make sure you were the real Deek, and not some doppelganger, naturally.”

“If you wanted to see my blade, you should have just asked,” I growled.

“H-here?” Xin’s face turned red before she spun around. “I-I see you’re still the same lech as always, Master.”

“Geh! That’s not what I meant!”

“Master even has aims on my mother…” Alysia’s despondent voice came through.

“W-wait! It’s not what it looks like!”

“It’s not the first mother and daughter pair that Lord Deek has claimed.” Ruby sighed.

“H-hey! That’s hardly the same situation! Elaya and Eliana aren’t even related!”

“Hmm? I was talking about Astria and Celeste.”


“Deek.” Xin suddenly pointed at me.

“Yes!” I cried out hoarsely.

“You managed to block my blade and not even take any damage. I’d give you all the credit, but I sense that there is something strange and powerful about that blade as well.”

“Ah!” Alysia let out a cry of alarm as Xin suddenly focused on her.

“Y-yes?” I declared, bringing Alysia in front of me, even though the sword tried to move behind me.

“Just what is with your sword!” She demanded.

“Huh? You don’t know?” I raised an eyebrow after the conversation suddenly changed.

“I’m also curious about it too.” Ruby declared. “I didn’t ask anything earlier, but a talking sword is kind of…”

“Oh, um… you see… it’s Alysia?”

Xin stared at me blankly. “Who?”

Chapter 1138

“Alysia… your daughter?” I offered.

“I have no children, not after killing the treacherous son, Aberis.” She declared.

“Oh…” That was all Alysia said, but it was a voice filled with sadness.

I put my hand comfortingly on her hilt. Xin had recombined with her former self, so I had thought that her mind would merge and she’d remember something of the life that she had lived. After all, the other Xin did contain a piece of her soul and the part of her that one could call motherly. However, it seemed like Aberis had done a good job wiping her mind. She may be in an Osterian body, but there was nothing there regarding her time in the Ost Republic the last twenty years.

On one side, it meant that the Xin I knew hadn’t changed all that much. That was something I was happy about. However, I also felt sad that Alysia would never be able to reconnect with her mother.

“Alysia?” I asked.

“It’s okay…”

I nodded and stepped up to Xin. “I don’t know how to say this, but the Xin that you just reformed with was the Xin that went to the Ost Republic. You may not remember, but some time right before Aberis took over your mind, you had cut your soul in half, separating the Demon Lord Aberis from the rest of your babies. From that point onward, there were two of you.

“I… have other children?” Xin’s eyes widened a bit.

I made a face. “You had two children, but… Aberis managed to possess one of them, and the other, well, she died, and her soul was forged.”


I didn’t know what to say. How would she react to learning her only daughter was now being used as a weapon at my convenience. It was one thing finding out you had children you didn’t know about. Knowing that they all had somewhat bad ends was another thing. However, I had already started telling the truth, and I couldn’t stop now.

“Alysia.” I put my sword in front of me. “It’s okay.

The sword glowed and then morphed into Alysia. Standing next to Xin, it was easy to see the resemblance between the two. They didn’t look nearly as close as Astria and Elaya, but there were a few distinct similarities.

“You… you are…” Xin asked with a frown.

“Yes… I’m your daughter, but… I’m also the sword Alysium!

“Master.” Xin glanced at me. “You turned my daughter into a sword?”

“I-it’s not like that.” Alysia cried defensively.

“Yes. I did!” I lowered my head, ready to receive her anger.

“That is… that is… so cool!” Xin’s eyes brightened as she reached out and grabbed Alysia.

“Ah! M-mom!”

“How do you turn on, like this?”

“Ahhhn! What are you touching?”

“That is one way to turn her on, but not into a sword.”

“Turn into a sword!”

“Ahhh… stop shaking me! Okay, I’ll do it!” Alysia who was being manhandled by Xin looked like a helpless kitten.

I had never seen her interact much with her mother, but it had always been clear that in the past, she had always done whatever her mother told her. Thus, the usually strong and proud Alysia was completely at Xin’s whims.

“Eeee! She did it!” Xin exclaimed excitedly, grabbing the handle and pulling her up. “This alloy, I’ve never seen it before. The balance is nearly perfect! Ah… but I prefer to have a handguard…”

“I can do that…” Alysia glowed a moment later a handguard appeared on her handle.

“It changed! This sword is amazing!”

“M-mom! You’re drooling on me!”

“I love you! Please be mother’s forever!”

“Ahhhn, m-mom! I’m Masters”

“So am I, so we can be Master’s together!”

“But I’m his sword!”

“Be my sword!”

“I refuse!”

Perhaps, this Xin had evolved a little bit from combining her forms. It seemed like this Xin was a major sword otaku. She may not remember having and loving a daughter, but she loved swords. Turning her daughter into a sword would be like turning a perverted man into a cute girl’s panties. That was a pretty bad image.

“S-stop licking me!”

Or maybe it was exactly right…

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