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Chapter 115

 “ROOOOOARR!” The monster cried out, sending out a wave that took my breath away.

We encountered the mid-tier boss on the way down to the next floor.

“Holy circle!” I threw out my protective barrier.

The spectral monster looked like it could barely fit in the small hallway. Under its name, it identified as a Raging Wither. However, this one seemed to have a spectral body like a giant troll. Well, who was I to try to classify this monster? Rather, I just wanted it dead.

It lifted an arm and hit my barrier. It shattered with ease. I let out a noise and stumbled back. It was uncomfortable having a magic barrier destroyed like that. Before the monster could move further, wind slashes flew over my head at the monster. It let out a roar of anger.

“I thought these guys stayed away from you!”  I shot at Celeste.

She let out a helpless cry. “I don’t know… they usually don’t bother me, even if they’re always cranky!”

Of course, I already expected I knew the reason. She was a slave of the Master of this dungeon. As soon as she was taken as my slave, she lost her protection in this dungeon. Now, the monsters attacked her just as much as they attacked me. Unfortunately, even she wasn’t strong enough to one-shot a ghost boss. It didn’t feel quite as dangerous as fighting the eldritch, but the Raging Wither still could kill me if I wasn’t careful. Worse, I only had one life in this dungeon.

“Sanctify Land!” I declared, and then backed up a few steps. “I really need to learn some magic! You’re just not strong enough.”

“Hmph!” Celeste snorted. “You’re looking down on me! In that case, I’ll show you real magic! Stall him for a second!”

“Gah! A second?” I drew Ghostbane and lunged at the monster, as soon as I struck, I used Create Cushion.

When he attacked back, his hand moved like it was moving through molasses. That gave me enough time to run away. That was enough time, as Celeste’s summoning seemed to finish. Suddenly a massive whirlwind shot through the hallway. I backed into a corner as it exploded past me. The force was enough that the hallway seemed to creak as if it was being stretched. I could feel the pressure hammering on my back.

I glanced up after it passed me and watched as a tornado-like whirlwind struck the Raging Wither. It immediately bellowed. It looked like it was being cut all over with hundreds of blades. It was like one her whirlwind slashes, but there were hundreds of them swirling around. It really was a terrifying spell. The monster couldn’t face it for very long. It ended up being torn apart. As I realized it was dying, I swapped back to True Dungeon Diver for more experience.

{True Dungeon Diver has increased to level 5.}

{Basic Item Identify has been unlocked.}

The monster finally collapsed. Sitting in the spot where it disappeared was a pair of boots. I picked them up and looked at them. I immediately used Identify on them.

{Boots of Quickness – Increase Speed, Defense; Reduced Foot Fungus and improved smell.}

“What has ma- what have you found?” The fairy came over, landing on my shoulder.

“Ahem… some boots.” I said simply, casually slipping off my old boots and immediately getting into these.

They fit very well. I left my old boots behind. It was time to head to level 6. The day was just getting started.

Chapter 116

Level six contained monsters called Devilish Spooks and a second monster called Ensnaring Vixen. The Ensnaring Vixen, in particular, were very attractive women who made very suggestive gestures to you once they saw you. They were barely wearing any clothing, it made Lydia’s hole-filled short slave outfit seemed like a winter covering. The worst part though was that every time they died, they let out a really perverted noise.

“Ahhhhhn!” She cried out, her hands moving up and down her sensuous body before she disappeared with smoke.

“Wh-what are you doing?” I cried out as Celeste suddenly moved directly in front of my vision.

“You, c-can’t see these ones.”

As it were, I had a very close view of her buttocks, which, while tiny, was nice and round. Her legs were really long. I mean, they were barely a foot long, but they seemed long in proportion to her body. What? A pornographic image only shows a girl about 1 foot tall at max, and that can still be arousing, it’s the same thing. Except, this fairy could move and be touched. Ahem… that wasn’t the point.

“I can’t fight if you’re wagging your but- ahem… I mean I can’t fight when you’re in my way.”

The fairy turned around, stomping her foot on thin air as she glared at me. “You can’t look at those lewd things.”

“Eh? Isn’t this your Master’s mansion? Why does he have those lewd things, to begin with?”

Celeste froze for a second. This was clearly a question that caught her off guard. It was actually pretty easy to constantly poke holes in her narrative. I was hoping to finally get her to accept that this was a dungeon. Even now, she seemed intent on treating this like it was still her Master’s Mansion. As for the mobs that ran around on each floor, she called them cranky guests, servants, and habitants. Since they always respawn, even if she killed one, she didn’t even see the act as killing but simply putting them in time out.

However, every time I pushed my luck and tried to get her to see the truth, it always led to the same thing.

“F-fine! If you want to look and lewd ghosts, then I won’t stop you! Pervert!” She flew a few feet away and then turned the corner, disappearing from my sight.

I let out a sigh. Every time she got like this, she’d stop helping and leave for a few hours. However, she’d always find me again and then act like nothing ever happened. It was mind-boggling how immature Celeste acted sometimes. It was hard to believe that she was over twenty years old. She could be significantly older, for all I knew.

“If my map is right, then the stairway down should be around this corner,” I mumbled to myself, trying to ignore thoughts of Celeste.

I turned and then stopped frozen as I notice three Ensnaring Vixens. They hadn’t been on the map. That was because I had been jimmying my jobs around to try to level, and after being distracted by Celeste’s last tantrum, I didn’t realize I didn’t have a job with life sense equipped. It was an honest mistake anyone could make, but a fatal one when you were all on your own.

I couldn’t even open my mouth to shout before their beauty filled my vision. Three beautiful women beckoned me forward, their almost naked bodies on display. By their actions, it was clear they didn’t mind if I touched at all. With a dumb smile on my lips, I let them lead me on into their nest.

Chapter 117

Can you touch an Ensnaring Vixen? Apparently, the answer was yes. My hands wandered over all three of their bodies. They were both warm and cold. Their skin felt warm to the touch, but after touching them, there was a bone-chilling coldness deep inside. I ended up instinctively casting Weak Heal. When that wasn’t enough, I started casting Moderate Heal.

I kissed one girl, then the next girl. I slid inside them and had sex, but no sooner had we finished than one of the other girls jumped in from behind. These little mischievous spirits had no limit, so I had them all. I danced with them naked, and time began to pass.

I couldn’t keep track of time. It all became a blur. The girls were vivacious and always hungry, and so I kept giving it to them more and more. I felt like a champion. As soon as I was ready to quit, they seemed able to spawn me for one more go.

Finally, after an incredible experience, I collapsed on the bedding. Their nest was a massive circlet of pillows that filled a small side room. No other ghosts seemed to bother these three who had their own place. The spiritual girls collapsed next to me.

As I panted, stroking one girl’s shoulder and hugging a second, I shook my head. “Ladies… I need a break.”

“No…” one ensnaring vixen moaned. “Me next!”

“I need more.” The other cried.

“Me… do me next!” The third cried. “No one else can fill us like you can.”

A thought suddenly occurred to me. Whenever we were in the middle of it, I always needed to heal. Didn’t that mean that these ladies consumed lifeforce? If that was the case…

“Group Heal!” I declared, creating a barrier over everyone.

“Ahn…” The three girls began to writhe in pleasure.

“Oh, hoh… so that’s what you girls want?” I asked, my eyes narrowing, “Then… I guess it will be your first! Moderate Heal!”

I began to fill the girls with mana. I equipped hero to help recover my own, but I managed to keep up with the vixens. When I cast healing spells directly on them, they went crazy with lust. It was really incredible. More time passed, and this time the three vixens collapsed on the ground.

“N-no more… so full…” One moaned.

“M-marry us… we love you…”

“Our body feels like it’s vibrating with energy!”

“Hehe…” I stood up, my dick at full-mast, “Let’s start round fifty!”

“Y-you monster!”

At that moment, a door burst open, and a certain fairy shot inside. “You’re bad guests! Die!”

She shot out wind attacks at the three women. They may have been filled to the brim with life energy, but they were also so full they couldn’t even move. The barely even let out a shout before their forms were cut to pieces. I stared down in shock, my mouth open. That’s when the charming effect suddenly wore off.

Celeste spun to me after the monsters were dead, tears on her face. “W-what happened? You left me! I thought you were going to leave me forever. I’ve been looking for two days. You scared Celeste, you big me- hey, what’s that!”

She pointed down at my erect penis, as I was still very much standing there naked.

“Ah! Th-this isn’t what it looks like!” I grabbed a pillow, covering my groin area.”

The fairies entire body turned bright red. “P-p-p-p-p…”

“Now… it’s a mistake, I’m not a-“


“I’m not…” I reached out to her while covering myself with the other pillow.

{Due to extreme sexual deviance, you have unlocked the job: Pervert.}

Huh? I guess I am.

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