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Chapter 1157

I was no longer in a corridor, so that was nice. However, now I was following Elaya as she led me in a specific direction. On-the-rails dungeons were the worst. At least, the dungeon can give me the illusion of choice by making it a maze with multiple paths. Then again, I supposed it was better than a giant open location like the Twilight Dungeon, where you had to repeat the same task fifty times and it was mostly filled with large empty fields.

I shook my head. For a second there, I was mistaking this life for a video game. Although, I did gain levels, go on quests, and defeat monsters. I also had gotten here by slipping into a video game. The choices I made were ultimately what I had when I appeared here. However, I refused to believe this world was just some elaborate game. I had experienced far too much to believe that.

Thankfully, Elaya’s lesson didn’t appear to be anything like we were living in a simulation. If that was suggested, I didn’t know if I could cope. Instead, she took me to a nearby lake that was adjacent to the mansion. She took a step to the side and then gestured to me to continue. I had a feeling the second I turned my back on her, she’d disappear on me again. Still, I decided to humor her and keep walking. I approached the shore of the lake, curious what she was trying to show me.

That’s when I started to hear singing. It was a gentle, haunting song that seemed to echo across the lake like a sound in a cave. I scanned the lake until I found a rock that seemed to be jutting out of it. Standing on that rock was a lonely-looking woman. As soon as I recognized her, my eyes popped open. It was the Siren! This was the singer who had been my mid-level boss. Her singing could manipulate others, and even induce the dead to fight for her.

Her song was extremely dangerous. Once someone listened to it, it was already too late. However, the song didn’t seem to be affecting me. I realized that was because the song wasn’t directed in my direction. She was facing away from me and seemed to be beckoning someone from another shore. I looked in that direction to see a dock that must have been part of the mansion. There was a woman wearing nothing but a night dress slowly being lured out to sea.

This was the very essence of a siren. They could call out to people, leading them to their deaths. Their song would cause someone to lose their wits. Sailors would crash their boats along the rocky shores and people would be lured out where they would end up drowning. This exact act seemed to be happening to that woman, and that woman was none other than Fifi. With the dungeon skill Eagle Eyes equipped, it wasn’t difficult to get a vivid view of the scene, despite my distance from them.

Time must have passed again, although it couldn’t have been more than a couple of months. Fifi was halfway down the dock, moving toward the Siren, who was beckoning her. I glanced at the rock outcropping that the Siren was standing on, and I realized I could see bones floating around the water at her feet. The Siren was trying to kill Fifi!

Chapter 1158

“Stop!” I found that the song seemed to have a deafening quality to it, making it so my voice couldn’t be heard.

I accessed my dungeon store and then equipped Booming Voice.

“I said stop!” This time, my voice exploded out, and the air bent in a wave that shot out, wrecking the Siren’s song.

Fifi stopped only a few feet from the edge of the dock. She blinked a few times as if she was surprised, she was there. She looked around a bit, but her eyes weren’t as good as mine, and so she wasn’t able to see me. As for the Siren, she must not have noticed her either, as she simply turned and began running back inside. I let out a breath, feeling that a crisis was averted. That’s what I originally thought, but then I realized that the Siren who had been eyeing Fifi was now staring at me.

I immediately plugged my ears, but they didn’t stop a shrill screech from exploding from the Siren. They caused my eardrums to throb. If I had been any slower blocking my ears, they surely would have burst and I might have even found myself bleeding from them.

The Siren wore a furious expression, and without a word, it leaped off the rock. Instead of sinking into the water, it seemed to bounce off it. It started to run at me, making animalistic leaps. Its mouth was filled with sharp teeth, and it seemed to be on full attack.

Her actions left me somewhat confused. The Siren had always been a support character, just like me. Her strength didn’t lie in her power, and at my current level, I didn’t feel like I would be threatened in a direct flight. For a moment, I had thought it was a trick. She must be sending others to attack me and was using herself as a distraction. Yet, the others did not come.

“Do you know who I am?” I didn’t shout, but I still had Booming Voice equipped and my voice still cut through the air to reach her ears.

These words seemed to incite her rage more. She started to speed up. She’d reach me in only a few moments. Did I have to defeat the Siren? I considered pulling out my sword, but then I remembered what Xin had said. She said that this dungeon wasn’t that kind of dungeon. This wasn’t a dungeon that I should have to fight in. Well, I was probably going to have to fight eventually. She did give me a sword to protect myself, so even she couldn’t predict everything that might happen in here.

Still, there had to be a solution to this that didn’t involve fighting. That’s when I started to truly notice the anger on her face. With Eagle Eyes, I could see the Siren was furious. However, this wasn’t the anger of having her meal stolen. She was specifically angry at me. That’s when I noticed tears falling down her cheeks. She was… crying?

I started to understand what was happening. I had abandoned everyone when I died. That included my tamed monsters. The Siren was abandoned just as much as Elaya. I had barely even thought about her after finding out this dungeon had been reformed. She was the first monster to give her loyalty to me and was the only reason I had Monster Tamer, which in turn had led to me learning how to conquer dungeons. I owed her much, except that I had always just pushed her into a corner to deal with later. 

I had earned her ire. She had every right to be furious with a master who didn’t watch and care for her. The Siren didn’t even have a name. I had the Naming skill, I just had never used it to date.

“That’s right…” I found myself speaking out loud. “I haven’t even given you a name. In that case, I should fix that. Since you have such a beautiful voice, then I suppose I should call you Selena.”

There was a blinding flash of light erupting between her and me. I suddenly felt my mana surging forth and rushing into her. She slammed into me.

{You have tamed the monster, Selena the Siren.}

{Selena has begun to evolve! Selena has evolved into a Sirin!}


Chapter 1159

“Wh-wh-what is this?” Elaya cried out as the dust settled. “B-bird?”

I open my eyes and stared up at Selena looking down at me. Unlike Celeste, her body had drastically changed after her sudden evolution. Although her hands were normal, her arms were covered in feathers and spread out in long, luxurious wings. Her once bluish hair was replaced with a multicolored plume that matched her wings, giving her the feeling of a parrot.

The thighs of her legs were normal, but starting at the knees they turned into scaly legs that ended in vicious-looking claws. As for the rest of her body, it was extremely feminine, and also completely naked. In her evolution, her clothing had seemingly disintegrated. In short, there was a beautiful, naked bird girl sitting on my lap and rubbing against me.

Elaya who I had thought ran off again had suddenly appeared, and by the looks of things, whatever she had intended to show me was not Selena.

“Heh, heh… Master… Master…” She was rubbing up against me with a dumb ecstatic smile on her face.

“You dumb bird! What the heck are you doing to Master!” Elaya cried, grabbing one of Selena’s talons to drag her off of me.

“Nooo! My master!”

“The dungeon was able to change everyone to fit a role except you! You’re not part of this dungeon at all! You’re just a dungeon crasher!”

“Aiii! Aiii! Master! Master!”

The previous Siren had a beautiful singing voice, but she was unable to say a single word. Now, it seemed like after her evolution her vocabulary had increased by exactly one word. She ended up kicking Elaya, sending her flying into the water. Freed from Elaya’s grasp, she leaped on me and starting cooing and nestling my neck.

“Uh… I thought you were mad at me.”

“Tsk! That’s a bird-brain for you. Easily pleased! All you did was give her a name and now she’s eating out of your hand!” Elaya snapped as she stepped out of the water.

I looked at her, and my mouth dropped. Elaya was not wearing clothing that worked well in water. She was already a voluptuous, beautiful woman with an incredible body. It was now on display completely after falling into the water. Her clothing clung to her, and everything was showing through. She wasn’t wearing a bra either. Elaya noticed me staring, and then looked down. Just as I hadn’t been prepared for the sudden erotic appearance and was stunned, the usually bold and insatiable queen wasn’t prepared to be looked at, and also grew shy.

She covered her body shyly. “P-pervert!”

Did my Pervert job suddenly equip? I was feeling like it.

“Oo!” Selena made a noise as she was suddenly poked below, causing her to look down. “Master!”

“Master! Get her off you before she starts laying eggs!” Elaya suddenly did a flying kick, finally sending Selena flapping away.

“S-sorry!” I tried to apologize, but Selena charged Elaya and the two started fighting.

I was pretty sure at this point that the Sirin had absolutely nothing to do with the dungeon or what Elaya had to show me. She just happened to be there, and even after the dungeon was crushed and reforged, she just refused to leave. When she saw me, she immediately threw a tantrum, but thankfully she was as easy to tame this time as she was the previous time. While some things changed, others stayed the same.

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