Yurtdışı Yatırım

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Chapter 124

“M-master…” Celeste breathed out, panting with flushed cheeks.

Even ignoring her glittery wings, Celeste’s naked body at full size was a sight that caused me to space out for a moment. Her erotic expression made it even more stimulating. My mouth fell open and I was at a complete loss about what to do. Blood started swelling to other areas of my body as well. This was completely overwhelming.

“C-Celeste…” I tried to look away. “I’m not your Master.”

Ah… I failed.

“Please… I need it…” She said, her lips quivering, “Please… put it inside me.”

I bit my lip to shake myself out of this. “Wh-what? Right… it must be the fairy dust? It’s some kind of aphrodisiac for fairies, right? Just fight your urges, okay? You don’t need to act on this. How about we just think non-ero thoughts.”

“N-no… Master… I can’t… it’s okay… p-please… just stick it inside me.”

“Hah, hah…” I panted, sweat coming down my brow. “L-like this…”

I reached out toward her, all of my willpower disappearing, however, my hand went right through her head, which was still just a simple illusion. That allowed me to snap out of it for a second.

“Y-you’re a fairy, that’s right! You’re only like 2 feet tall!”

Celeste’s glittery wing folded back and then she lay down, lifting her legs and spreading, giving me a clear view of that. Even her pubic hair had just a hint of sparkle, and her woman parts looked untouched.

“It’s okay…. The illusion is just to make you feel more comfortable.” Celeste panted, reaching down and spreading her lips open. “If you just put it here, it’ll definitely fit.”

“Th-th-th-that’s impossible!” I coughed. “You’re just a little… I mean… I’d tear you in half!”

Celeste shook her head. “Fairies are a creature of mana. Our physical bodies are similarly composed of mana. I am not held together by bone and tissue like you are. My body would easily make room for your size… so… it’s okay if Master has me!”

“I’m really not your Master…”

“Master is Master! I won’t have sex with anyone but Master, so since I’m having sex, you’re definitely Master!”

“F-first… change back to your normal form!” I ordered.

Celeste’s body shrank back down and she was back to the little fairy. She looked far more innocent and delicate as she lay on the floor. I was hoping her shrinking would make the sight of her spreading herself open less dangerous. Strangely enough, it only seemed to enflame my desires to push her down. Strike that, there was no such thing as pushing her down. It’d be like a cat pushing down a mouse. The only choice was to use her as my toy or release!

“Please… if you don’t… my mind will break. Fairies aren’t like humans. When we’re aroused, we must be relieved to remove that arousal. It won’t go away on its own. You must take responsibility for this!”

“What’s with those rules? Wait, can’t you take care of yourself?”

She shook her head. “I… don’t do that…”

“S-seriously! Now is not the time to be picky!”

“That’s why Master must take care of it!”

“You…” I shook my head. “D-do I have to use… you know… it?”


“I’ll certainly break you if I use it.”

“You won’t!”

“S-still… how about if I just use my tongue.”

“Y-your tongue? Down there? B-but it’s dirty!” She said, blushing.

“You… a finger then!”

“F-f-fine… J-just be gentle, this is my first time.”

“Your first time! How does that work?”

“It works when stupid Master puts fairy dust on my head!”

“You didn’t warn me to stop!”

“E-enough… please… I’m going to die. Master…”

“I’m not your Master!”

“Don’t you get it!” She said tearfully. “I said it. Fairies aren’t like humans. We can only have sex with our master, if I have sex with you and you’re not my master, then I might as well kill myself!”

“Hah? Why am I only hearing this now?”

“When has it been relevant before!”

“I don’t really get it, but basically, you’re saying that you can only have sex with me if we are bonded magically?”

Celeste nodded tearfully.

“And once a fairy grows sexually aroused, they must have sex, or they will continue to grow hornier until they collapse and die.”

Celeste nodded again.

I sighed, “Very well. I’m not saying I get it, but do you want to be my slave?”

“Yes, Master!”

“Bond Slave!”

Chapter 125

“My tongue tastes like glitter.” I complained, taking a sip from the waters of life.

A feeling washes through me that sort of feels like Refresh but is a bit more subtle. A pinch of fairy dust and I could literally fill a tub full of the waters of life, so I was really curious as to what it was doing. On the other hand, I had just done things to a fairy and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it.

“Sh-sh-shut up!” Celeste blushed. “You didn’t have to stick your tongue so deep.”

“Eh? Are you giving me pointers on how to lick now?”

Celeste blushed even more and finally flew into my backpack to hide. This was notably different from before, where she would abandon the entire room. I continued to test out the waters of life, while she peeked out from the lid of the backpack, but hid back inside whenever I glanced in her direction. I had only fetched it out of my ring because I didn’t know how to fetch out individual items very well, and it felt more natural to summon the entire backpack and see what was inside.

As for Celeste’s disaster, it seemed to have been averted thanks to some skilled tonguemanship and the tip of a finger. The scene of the fairy writhing on my pinky while… nope… not going to think about that. Even I got to blushing when I thought of such things. It was necessary at the time, fairy biology and whatnot. Now, it was time to concern ourselves with moving on and working our way down the dungeon even farther. Today had been close though, and I didn’t want a repeat. I felt like figuring out what the waters of life could do would be essential for our continued success.

After a few hours of testing things, I finally stood up and brushed off my clothing, “So, waters of life is basically like a dilute elixir.”

Well, every game had elixirs, but usually, the bottle known simply as elixir was one of the strongest healing potions you could get. It’d heal someone to max health, max mana, and max stamina, basically returning you to peak fighting condition no matter how weak you were. The waters of life were like a very diluted form of that. How diluted? Well, as far as recovering mana, it was about 1/4th the ability. When it came to healing, I’d need to drink around 20 oz to replicate a single weak heal spell. When it came to fighting, I’d have to be downing this stuff by the gallon. As for stamina, also around 1/5 to 1/4th.

Perhaps there was some way to concentrate it, or maybe if my status was higher the effects would be higher. Right now, if I just dumped more mana into it, it’ d just make more water, not stronger water. Still, it meant I could convert my mana into a metric buttload of healing supplies. Without needing to worry as much about conserving potions, I could move faster and fight harder!

The fairy dust was a limited property, but I had enough of it that I could fill a lake in life water. When this was all over, I might create my own fairy fountain. Well, I wouldn’t explain those plans to Celeste just yet.

She was my slave again, but we hadn’t really brought it up. It all just kind of happened. She wasn’t fighting me on it though, and she was calling me master. She also gained all of the effects of being my slave. In other words, for the moment, her being my slave was probably for the best. Once we defeated the dungeon, we’d decide if it was appropriate for her. I’ll probably set her free the same as Lydia and Miki.

We just had twenty more levels to go. In twenty levels, I could finally obtain peace.

Chapter 126

I made sure to keep the fairy dust from getting anywhere near Celeste. However, the waters of life I produced as much as I could, filling up every available container and storing them in my storage ring. Once that was done, I began heading down to the eleventh floor.

This floor had elemental sprites and vengeful spirits.  After defeating a swarm of sprites, I noticed a similar glitter-like substance sprinkling down.

“They’re kind of like fairies, huh?”

“Sprites and fairies are the same?” Celeste’s face turned red, “You… that’s not even funny! You might as well say humans are the same as insects!”

“Ah… s-sorry…”

It was my mistake. Sprites were a mana-based creature, but they had no real body. They were just a bright sparkling light that moved around. Fairies had a body and a consciousness. Calling sprites insects was probably very apt.

We moved across the floor quickly. When I needed to recover, I drank life water. Since there was seemingly no limit to the amount I produced, I drank enough that I was starting to feel a bit bloated with water. I heard people who downed too much water could die from water poisoning. As I was downing a gallon of waters of life after every fight, I wasn’t going to face a similar fate, right? That would be a perfect way to die in another world. I died from drinking too much waters of life.

With my support skills taking care of almost everything else, my only concern was food. Celeste didn’t eat as much as Lydia or Miki, but I would run out before I reached the bottom. Thus, I started equipping the Cook job during battles again. I wanted the Collect skill in full effect just in case. I also made no assumption about what creatures happened to drop food. Even though these were ghosts, the Collect skill could potentially cause food to drop from any monster.

Most monsters in this particular dungeon dropped ectoplasm so far. I had more of it than I cared to speak about. I didn’t have to wait for too long. The elemental sprites ended up dropping a hunk of tofu. Even with my cooking ability, I couldn’t make the tofu that appetizing.

“Well, at least I won’t starve,” I muttered to myself.

I continued on fighting monsters throughout the dungeon. Eventually, my job managed to level up.

{Cook has increased to level 6.)

{Preserve Food has been unlocked.}

If I used Purify Food, I could keep bacteria and stuff from growing on it and it lasted a surprisingly long time. A few tests on preserve food seemed to be a more efficient version of this. Since the only fresh food I had was tofu, there was only so much I could do, but it seemed like Preserve Food only needed to be cast once, and it didn’t allow the food to dry out. I found the tofu left out two days looks pretty rancid until I purified it a few times, but even then, it looked dry and not too edible. With Preserve Food, the tofu still looked good after three days.

“Well, Purify Food probably has more to do with cleaning dirty, poisoned, or cursed food.” I reasoned out loud.

I was eager to find more foods in the dungeon. Supposedly, there were mega-dungeons in cities build around them. The dungeons were hundreds of floors deep, and completing the lore was considered illegal because they were necessary for the city’s commerce.

What would it be like to visit a dungeon that had already been mapped out and the monsters already determined? For some reason, the thought of it kind of excited me. After being stuck in dungeons and earning lore, it looked like I was starting to become a dungeon diver junkie. Who knew, maybe after I claimed the mansion and freed my slaves, I might decide to live the dungeon diver life. Looking over at the firepit and the fairy sleeping by my side, I realized I didn’t hate this kind of life at all.

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