Yurtdışı Yatırım

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Chapter 136

A few hours passed and I finally put on my clothing. “Ahem… Miki is probably panicking right now!”

Lydia blushed, quickly dressing too. “S-sorry, I was selfish and took too much of Master’s time.”

“I think when you guys reach the fifteenth level, I’ll have to teleport up and give Miki a reward for her time.”

Lydia nodded. “She will definitely pull pranks on me after she finds out.”

“Ah… we could say a monster attacked or something.”

Lydia shook her head sadly. “She’ll smell Master on me. She’ll know the second she returns.”

“Ah… it seems I did something thoughtlessly.”

I was repenting. Pervert was a very dangerous ability. I lost complete control. On the one hand, I was able to keep up with the tigress for most of it, on the other, I felt a bit like a pervert. It seriously emboldened me and I even did things to her I normally wouldn’t.

“M-master… during… it… did I do something bad?” Lydia asked nervously.

“N-no, not at all!” I defended.

Lydia nodded. “Ah… it’s just… Master kept spanking me.”

“I’m sorry!” I immediately lowered my head, repenting instantly. “That was just… I won’t do it again.”

“N-no!” Lydia protested. “Actually… I… I liked it. I learned during training that men might hit during sex… I just didn’t expect it to feel so… good.”

“Hah… I need to go.”

When she said things like that and looked shy, it was more effective for me than when she was openly horny. Even without pervert, I was thinking of pushing her down again.

“Master?” Lydia asked, cocking her head.

“What is it?”

“Once you reach level 19 and us 15, wouldn’t it be possible to switch with your switch position ability, and then teleport back. That way, you could bring us all with you. In fact, shouldn’t we have just done that to get to level 15 from 9?”



“Well… we didn’t do that because… um…” Why didn’t I just do that? “Ah… training… that’s right, the monsters are tough, and I want you both to level until you’re strong enough. You’re only level 30. I admit I’m only 20, but also have the support of many jobs, some high tier, and also some dungeon point skills, so I’m more capable.”

Lydia nodded and smiled, and I let out a breath that she bought it. If she knew the reason was simply that I hadn’t thought of it, she definitely would look down on me. Well, I wasn’t wrong about feeling they should level. Admittedly, they might be able to level faster if they joined me, the levels after 15 were dangerous and I wasn’t certain I could keep them safe while helping them level. There was also one major reason I wasn’t eager to bring them down with me. That was Celeste.

She was a bit fragile, and I was a little worried she’d react negatively to more guests in her Mansion. I wanted to meet with her first and give her time to adjust to the idea before I introduced her to the other two girls. I remembered how violently she had reacted the first time I had shocked her. She had nearly killed me. She was technically my slave now, but if I used an order she didn’t follow and hurt her… well, I didn’t want the other girls to see that. Simply put, I wanted to mediate the situation.

With those thoughts, I finally returned to my camp. There, written on some parchment, was the slopping writing of Miki. She had left me stuff to read. I smiled and equipped my Scribe skill. I still didn’t have enough experience with reading to pick up the language skill without scribe set. Working my way through the note, I smiled.

Dear Master, I am so happy to be your slave. You have done so much for me. You are the greatest.

The first part was full of praise and compliments. She clearly was being very affectionate, and her love was being transmitted through her note. However, new parts were written. Each time a little messier, more frantic, and more heavily pressed on the page.

We haven’t switched back yet. What’s going on? Is Master all right? I’m so worried!

There were even a few tears on the page. I really had worried her. This made me feel bad. Then, I reached the bottom. The page had numerous rips and it looked like it had been crumpled up at some point.

You’re fucking her, aren’t you! I hate you! You send me into a dark dungeon, and then you have sex with her! I’ll never forgive you! Master is the worst! Master is-

My brow furrowed as the note grew more and more violent until even I had trouble reading it. Then it suddenly stopped. I was sweating just looking at the message full of angst. I seriously messed up. It was then that I noticed a single line on the back of the note. I turned it over and read.

I’m sorry I peed on your bedroll.

Wait, what? I looked over to see the bedroll did indeed have a giant wet stain on it! What was she doing? How did she being angry over another woman lead to her peeing on my bed! Is this the so-called marking her territory?

I sighed. Somehow, I felt like I deserved this. After washing the bedroll, I left it hanging to dry and then slept on the cold, hard, rocky ground. I would definitely make it up to Miki later.

Chapter 137

I continued to fight my way down to the 19th floor. Once I met up with Celeste and settled things down below, we’d find the 19th level library and then then I’d teleport up to the 15th to meet up with the girls. At that point, I could help them get the rest of the way down to the 19th floor.

Their appearance had been sudden at first, and my concern over Celeste had overtaken my common sense, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized it’d be better to meet back up and fight as a group. Although I recalled the Adventurers telling me that experience didn’t get split when you were separated, so they gained more experience on their own as did I.

Part of the reason I hadn’t been leveling very fast either was my lack of 2X experience and the fact I was in a party with someone who was much higher than me. Simply put, once we all got together, our leveling potential would slow to a crawl. Double experience only worked on me, so even being able to drop my cheat skills and my usefulness in battle wouldn’t help the party by very much.

Still, when it came to safety, I think fighting as a group was best. Although the girls had plenty of healing waters of life, they had no form of combat heal. Their current level should be able to get them down to level 15 though without me. Especially since they now have my party status up and Lydia gained my slave status up. Both girls should be much stronger now, because of that. Does party status work at a distance? Ah, well, I’ll ask Lydia tomorrow night. What was important now was keeping my head and finding Celeste.

It was nearing night when I found the stairway leading to the 19th floor. I really hoped that Celeste was alright. In the past, she was still set to a slave of the dungeon’s boss, so the mobs all left her alone. Now that she was my slave instead, she was truly alone and could seriously get hurt. I wanted to go down, but I felt really exhausted. Instead, I decided to create a fire and camp out here for the night.

As I was cooking my meal, I saw something coming up the stairs. I immediately recognized it as Celeste. She was sniffing as she approached the stairs carefully. Why was it always food that caused this girl to come out of her shell? She was such a glutton if she kept eating like this… no… even in my imagination, I can’t see a fat fairy.

“Celeste!” I cried out excitedly.

Celeste looked at me with lightless eyes, but as soon as they locked on me, a fire exploded and she flew at me like a bullet.

“Master!” She screamed as her form ran into my chest.

She may be a fairy, but fairies in this world were still about a foot and a half. This was easily enough to cause me to stumble back onto my butt.

“Master… master…” she started crying. “You came back. I thought you left but you came back!”

“Haha… s-sorry. I stepped on a trap, it seems.”

I held her close. I felt relieved now. Suddenly, all that stress and worry, even leaving the other girls behind, didn’t seem to matter. We had all the time in the world. Why was I worrying about leveling the fastest? Safety was much more important. As soon as we found the 19th-floor library, I’d return to the 15th floor and reunite with the girls.

While I was thinking those kinds of thoughts, Celeste pulled back. She was staring at me with eyes that suddenly felt a little scary. I was a bit confused, so I raised an eyebrow.

“Celeste? What is it?” I asked.

“I smell a woman on you.” Her voice said, completely devoid of expression.

Chapter 138

“Huh?” I said, sniffing my own shirt.

I mean, I hadn’t really cleaned thoroughly since I slept with Lydia, but it couldn’t be that bad.

“You’ve… been with another woman…” She said, her voice still flat and her eyes staring at me unblinkingly.

“Ah… yeah?” I smiled to break the tension. “I ended up teleporting back up to the boss on the 10th floor. After I defeated him, I ran into my friends. Isn’t that great?”

“Friends?” Her eyes narrowed suspiciously, and then she sniffed again.

“Animalgirl… slave… Master… how could you?” Her eyes suddenly welled up with tears.

I let out a noise of alarm. “Wh-what are you talking about? I mean… yes, they’re animalgirls and slaves, they were my party before I ended up in this dungeon.”

“Wh-what dungeon?” She said. “You—you brought me to your mansion! And then you after everything, you fall for another woman!?”

“What? Celeste?”

“You bastard!” She cried. “After everything I’ve done for you! I gave you all of the waters of life. I’ve even given you my virginity! How could you fall for someone else!”

“What are you talking about? Are you okay?”

I was seriously worried. What was she even talking about? I knew she got confused, but this was a bit strange. It was almost like she saw me as…

“Celeste, who am I?”

“Y-you’re a cheater!” She cried out. “Those slave girls… always trying to free them! I knew it was bad news. I knew that you would eventually betray me! How dare you! How dare you fall in love with another, Karr!”

My brow furrowed, “I’m not Karr. I’m not the man you seem to think I am. I’m Deek. Remember? Deek?”

She jerked looking around as if she was confused. “D-deek…?”

I shook my head. “Are you okay? Is that what happened to you? Wait… are you the bat-winged dark fairy?”

This time Celeste’s stomped her foot as her focus completely returned. “Who are you calling a dark fairy? Dark fairies only come from about when they fall in complete despair! How could that be me? There is no coming back from that.”

“Celeste…” I reached out, but she backed away.

She looked uncertain for a second as she saw the hurt look on my face. “You have other slaves?”

“I wasn’t hiding it from you. Lydia and Miki are two very important people in my life. They came here to find me. We’ll meet up with them shortly. I’m sure they’ll like you.”

“You… love them?” Her expression fell as she said this.

I paused for a second but then nodded. “I do. I love them. I won’t pretend I don’t. However, I also care about you, that’s why I didn’t bring them down right away. I wanted to speak to you first, and introduce them on your terms.”

Celeste sighed and then landed next to the bowl of soup, scooping a bowl for herself. “Master… I’m tired. Can we discuss this tomorrow?”

My brow was furrowed, but I nodded. “Okay.”

I remained up until Celeste finally floated to her bed and fell asleep. The entire time, I watched her, a worried feeling in my gut. Something in this dungeon was happening. The last dungeon seemed desperate to complete its lore. This one feels similar. Karr must have built this mansion and then moved the Fairy Queen to live with him. Then, he started freeing slaves in old Chalm. Perhaps he fell in love with a slave and slept with her. The pure Fairy Queen fell into despair and then destroyed the entire mansion and city. However, what did the Fairy Queen have to do with Celeste? She said it herself, there was no going back.

It took some time before I could settle myself and fall asleep. By the time I woke up, Celeste was missing once again.

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